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Published by: api-233604231 on Feb 24, 2014
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Std V 2nd Semester GK assignment.Course:-L 23,24,25,26,27,28,29,3,3!,32,33,34,38,39,42,43"a#er St$%e.&' !.(C)*s!&' 2. (at+!&'3.ame tem 4&' 4.u%% /orm o/ 3&'5.0ns te 1ues.4&' 6.rite te names o/ #residents5&' 7.denti/$ te #i+tures4&' !. (.C.)*s!.o man$ s#oes are tere in te Cara o/ our nationa% /%aga36 24 +482.o man$ states and union territories are tere in ndia a28 and 7  2 and 8 + 35 and !3.i+ +o%our in our ationa% /%ag stand /or +ourage and sa+ri/i+eaSa//ron  ite + Green4.o +om#osed te nationa% song Vande (ataram*a;aindranat<agore  ari=ansrai >a++an +>anim Candra Catter?i5.i+ is te nationa% game o/ ndiaaCri+et  >adminton +o+e$6.i+ o/ te /o%%oing /un+tions e%# to ee# te od$ +oo%a ;es#iration  "ers#iration + @rination7. o in=ented te e%e+tri+ %am#
a 0%/red oe%  >en ran%in + <omas 0%=a &dison8. Greenouse e//e+t i%% %ead toa Greater rain/a%%  0n in+rease in te tem#erature + Ae+rease in atmos#eri+ #ressure9. i+ o/ tese #arts #rote+t te rain /rom damagea #e%=is  su%% + s#ine!. <e oBone %a$er #rote+ts us /rom too mu+ o/ a +aron-di-o'ide  u%tra=io%et radiation + tem#erature /%u+tuation!!. i+ one o/ tese is te %igtest gasa $drogen  '$gen + e%ium!2. at is te name o/ te ite %i1uid /rom i+ ruer is madea (i%  Late' + e%ium!3. <e #ro+ess o/ gas +anging into te %i1uid /orm is non asa e=a#oration  sedimentation + +ondensation!4. at is #oisonous +emi+a% /ound in toa++o +a%%eda +o+ine  +annais + ni+otine!5. / $ou %oud%$ +a%% someone*s name on a mountainside,$ou i%% ear tat name again.at is tis sound +a%%eda re/%e+tion  +orus +e+o!6. o on a ronBe meda% /or eigt %i/ting in te $ear 2 %$m#i+sa ".<.@sa  Karnam (a%%esari + Sania (irBa!7. o on a go%d /or sooting in %$m#i+saSusi% Kumar  0ina= >indra + ;.S.;atore!8. i+ +ountr$ on CC or%d +u# 2!!a "aistan  ndia + &ng%and
!9. o as s+ored te ma'imum numer o/ runs in <est +ri+eta >rian Lara  ;i+$ "onting + Sa+in <endu%ar 2. o on te ren+ #en 2!2a ;. ada%  . A?oo=i+ + (aes >u#ati2!.o on te (an o/ te series o/ te 2!! or%d Cu#a Sa+in <endu%ar  (.S Aoni + Du=ra? Sing22 i+ +ountr$ on te Kaadi or%d Cu# 2!2a "aistan  Sri Lana + ndia23 i+ +ri+et #%a$er s+ored a +entur$ o/ +enturies in +ri+et re+ent%$a >rian Lara  Sa+in <endu%ar + Aon >radman24 o on te ime%don men*s sing%e /or 2!2a ;oger ederer  0. (urra$ + ;. ada%25 i+ +ountr$ on te &uro Cu# 2!2a &ng%and  S#ain + German$&'-2 ame <em!Cas+ade ater/a%% is in EEEEEEEEEEE 2iagara ater/a%% is inEEEEEEEEEE3"%unge ater/a%% is in EEEEEEEEE4Fog ater/a%% is in EEEEEEEEE5Catara+t ater/a%% is in EEEEEEEEEEEE 6Vi+toria ater/a%% is in EEEEEEEEEE 7e as one o/ tose $oung re=o%utionaries to %a$ don is %i/e /or te sae o/ is moter %and . e as an im#ortant memer o/ te grou# tat as in=o%=ed in te Kaori train da+oit$.EEEEEEEEEEEEEE 

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