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Minutes October 7 2009

Minutes October 7 2009

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Published by: trancasridersandropers on Oct 10, 2009
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Minutes of TR&R Regular Board Meeting - Wed, October 7 2009Attending:Rod BergenJessica BucholzVictoria FaerberEmma BlackwoodAnne BlackwoodPeg RoutledgeJeff RoutledgeShari BernathHarper BernathGina Merz-McCluskeyplusAmy Krittenden from Malibu City Parks and RecreationCity requires three separate quotes for any work quotes over $5000 (even if the bid isthe same technician under a different company name) So the sooner we get Amy the 3quotes, the sooner the City can draw up a professional services agreement which goesto council for approval. Once that's done the agreement is in place, and the work cancommence. The City will provide a foreman/representative to oversee the progress on adaily basis. Estimates are about one week for work to be completed.It was discussed that there be explored a set of either rules enforced or additionalwaiver of liability mechanisms such as wrist bands, etc, to accomodate the space forspectators and the horses moving from the parking and the trailers up to the East sideof the arena or the upper arena while waiting for entry. This issue may require alsosome financial investment into things such as an improved sound system that enablesthe upper arena riders to better hear when they are being called to their classes, andtemporary barriers such as PVC event rope for keeping marked the designated areas. Itwas also suggested that some consulting be gotten to explore methods of ticketing,wristbands, and other methods to identify those who are waivered or covered for amajor event that includes many spectators and guest horses.Anne suggests a folding awning of some kind added to the side of the judges booth sothat registration tables can easily have a shade from direct sunlight. Amy says this willmost likely need to be paid for by TR&R.It has been communicated that Myesha from the Compton Jr Posse in order to thankTR&R for it's contribution. It was suggested that either they could be assigned thebulletin board near the bathrooms. It was suggested as an alternative would be to
contribute to the judges stand so that both bulletin boards match and the judges boothis in more need of help.It has been brought to our attention that the green bleachers are not up to code, andthey would possibly be removed in the future unless something could be done to bringthem up to code. Amy will look into the specifics and we will attempt to bring thebleachers up to code as they are made of pipe and wood.It was confirmed that the next English show will be November 8th, It was also confirmedthat the TR&R Dressage show will be November 15th.$570 for expenses, $2420 in checks - Anne Blackwood is out of pocket and needs acheck for $824.62. She has emailed Shari Bernath. She has also requested a donationto the MHS Shark fund for the high school equestrian team. Anne is proposing thisdonation in the amount of $750.oo because they supported the Shrimp Show withpersonnel to help run the show. Motion was made to donate $750 to MHS Shark Fund,Victoria seconds, motion passed.Jessica Buchholz has contracted the Dressage Judge - Louis Koch "S" Judge andOlympic Judge for the November 15th dressage show.Victoria makes a motion that TR&R acquire an account at Hodge's for ribbons andawards with the persons using the account having prior approval of the board, Then foreach show, a show manager orders ribbons with an approved limit to expense andShari will handle payment on the account.Jessica made a motion that we appropriate funds for the purchase of ribbons andawards not to exceed $600 with existing inventory taken into account. This is anappropriation prior to the establishing of an account at Hodges. Motion seconded andmotion passed.It was announced that it's time for to create the Nominating committee for the officers for2010. According to the by-laws this must be five members in good standing, but notnecessarily be board members. Nominating committee must present their slate ofcandidates for election for next year's President, Vice=President, Secretary andTreasurer. These slates of nominees mest be presented at the next board meeting inNovember. The Nominating Committee members are Anne, Peg, Victoria, Jessica andSue.C.P.A.Firm has been handling the tax exempt status and filings for TR&R. Firm isSolomon, Winnet and &Rosenfeld with representative Tim Thompson at ext 110.Assistant is Elieen Bice at 310-457-6287, and cell 310-308-6287.

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