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Panti at St. Pat's for All NYC

Panti at St. Pat's for All NYC

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Published by phillymcmahon
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Press release

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Published by: phillymcmahon on Feb 24, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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: Brendan Fay (718) 721-2780Feb 24 Kathleen Walsh DArcy (718) 898-8140
 Mayor Bill de Blasio expected for March 2
 Inclusive St. Pat’s For All Parade.Famous Irish drag ueen and gay activist !Panti Bliss" to perform speech at Irish Arts #enter #oncert. $rand marshals %erry Mc$overn and Sen. %homas &uane honored for their contri'utions to human rights.
(Dbl!n - "#$) "#$
Mayor Bill de Blasio
 !s e%&ected t' arch !n th!s year’s !ncls!e *t+ ,at’s 'r All ,arade 'n *nday. /arch 2
+ $elebrat!'ns c'ence at 1 & !th s!c and rears+ ed by
 3erald *'c!ety
 Pipes and Drums
 ste& ' !s at 2 & and 'll's a r'te r' 47th *treet and *!llan Aene !n *nnys!de t' 8th *treet !n W''ds!de+
Mayor de Blasio
. h' has arched !n the *t+ ,at’s 'r All ,arade 'r any years. !ll be 5'!ned  by /ebers ' $'n6ress $ar'l!ne /al'ney and 'se&h $r'ley *&eaer ' the "e #'r $!ty $'nc!l /el!ssa /ar-!er!t'
,bl!c Ad'cate
 for the City of New or! Letitia "a#es$ New or! City Co#%troller Scott M& Strin'er$ New or! City Co(ncil Me#)ers Daniel Dro##* Costa Constantinides* and
!y an Braer and 'thers+
Cons(l +eneral Noel ,il!enny
 !ll re&resent the r!sh ;'ernent+<h!s year’s &arade !ll eatre an a&&earance by r!sh 6ay act!!st
Rory O-Neill
. als' n'n as
.anti Bliss
+ Bl!ss recently ca6ht the 'rld’s ear !th an !&ass!'ned s&eech 'n h''&h'b!a. 6ay &r!de and h'&e. h!ch she del!ered !n early Febrary at the Abbey <heatre. the "at!'nal <heatre ' reland+ ,ant! !ll re&r!se her s&eech=h!ch has rece!ed 'er a hal !ll!'n h!ts 'n #'<be=at the *t+ ,at’s 'r All $'ncert+ <h!s c'ncert !ll be held at the r!sh Arts $enter 'n Fr!day. Feb 28
+ <he r!sh Arts $enter !s l'cated at > West 1
For f(rther Infor#ation:
 Panti Bliss
"I'm absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to take part in the wonderfully inclusive St Pat's For All parade in the diverse and welcoming borough of Queens in the great city of New York. This colorful and vibrant celebration really is for all - and I'm definitely one of the "all"!" 
*t+ ,at’s 'r All $'-$ha!r
Brendan Fay
“Many thanks to
3%ect!e D!rect'r 
  Aidan Connolly and the
r!sh Arts $enter 
 for bringing Panti Bliss to the 2!" #t Pats For  All parade in Ne$ York City% Panti Bliss has inspired an international &on'ersation on homophobia and hope% ('en the Catholi& Ar&hbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin responded% )e said that *anybody $ho doesn+t sho$ lo'e to$ards gay and lesbian people is insulting ,od% -hey are not .ust homophobi& if they do that / they are a&tually ,odophobi& be&ause ,od lo'es e'ery one of those people%0 
Terry M& Mc+o/ern
New or! State Senator To# D(ane
 hae been ch'sen as th!s year’s ;rand /arshals 'r the!r sterl!n6 c'ntr!bt!'ns t' @an !6hts+ /s+ /c;'ern !s  &erha&s best n'n as the 'nder ' the @ a ,r'5ect+ Dane as the *enates !rst '&enly 6ay and !rst '&enly @-&'s!t!e eber+ B'th Dane and /c;'ern hae '6ht 'r ed!cal.
le6al and ec'n'!c 5st!ce 'r the c!ty’s ;B< c'n!ty. the &''r and &e'&le !th AD*+ "' !n !ts 1
 year. the *t+ ,at’s F'r All ,arade eatres a !de s&ectr ' c!!c 'r6an!Cat!'ns. !!6rant c'n!t!es. and B;< 6r'&s+ <here !ll be bands. &&&ets. ba6&!&ers. 6!rl sc'ts. and st!lt alers+ ;r'&s !ll !nclde: the *hann'n ;aels ;ael!c F''tball $lb. the l'cal *! *tr'n6 F'ndat!'n. Art!sts W!th't Walls. r!sh Arts $enter. r!sh Aer!can Wr!ters and Art!sts. the ’D'n'an 'ssa *'c!ety. the Breh'n a *'c!ety. the 'seary "els'n E ,at F!ncane /e'r!al ;r'&. the r!sh lan6a6e 6r'& -
 An #lua Nua
. and any 're+ Add!t!'nally. the Fr!ars r' the 3&!sc'&al *'c!ety ' *t+ Franc!s !ll carry the banner ' Fr+ /ychal d6e. cha&la!n t' the "e #'r $!ty F!re De&artent. h' d!ed 'n 9-11+ ther &arade banners des!6ned by an hart and 'hn *!6nd h'n'r '6er $aseent. ,atr!c !ce. /'ther 'nes and  &'et &r!est Dan Berr!6an.
Co Clare performer
Brian Fleming
r!sh n!'n *,<’s aes $'nn'lly banner 'r the  &arade as ell as the banner ' G<he *&ectacle ' De!ance and @'&eH 'eent !n Dbl!n+
St Pat’s For All and the cell theatre will present the New York premier of 
Fleming’s show “Have Yis No Homes To Go To” on his visit to Rwanda
on February 27 
Co-Chair Kathleen Walsh D’Arcy
 said: “A theme of St. Pat’s For All is ‘Cherishing all the children of the nation equally,’ which is taken from the Irish Proclamation of 1916. We are thrilled to have so many youth groups and school bands from the local community including Shannon Gaels Gaelic Sports and Music groups and the Swim Strong Foundation.
Co-Chair Brendan Fay
said : “St. Pat’s for All is about extending the warm hand of welcome. Reflecting the best of the New York spirit and of modern Ireland we’re delighted that groups excluded from parades in Boston and Staten Island are making their way to Sunnyside ”.
n a s&ec!al essa6e.
.resident of Ireland Michael D& 0i''ins
 thaned *t+ ,at’s 'r All 'r !ts n!Ie. !ncls!e s&!r!t. and 'r th!s year’s thee ' han r!6hts+ <he &arade !ll be h'n'r!n6 the 10
 ann!ersary ' '6er $aseent (18J4-191J). r!sh nat!'nal!st and early han r!6hts ca&a!6ner+;r'&s can st!ll re6!ster at +st&ats'rall+c'
 Parade begins "1st #t%  #killman A'e at !pm3 #unday Mar&h 2
!s!t +st&ats'rall+c' 'r ea!l Brendanst&ats'rall+c' 

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