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Eng 3

Eng 3

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Published by amberrobins

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Published by: amberrobins on Oct 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 English 3
Ms. Robinsarobins@c-hawks.net217.942.6913available during 4
 Course Description:
Junior English will spend the first semester focusing on the study of American literature
from pre-colonial times until the post-modern period. The second semester will consist of looking at global literature. Throughoutthe year, we will be working on developing our skills as writers, specifically to become better at writing academic prose.Furthermore, junior English will also be centered on preparing for the PSAE. This class is going to be intensive in bothreading and writing
so be prepared!
Classroom Expectations:
In order to create a safe and comfortable environment where everyone can learn, there needto be a few ground rules.
Respect everyone
no rude or inappropriate behaviors towards any of your fellow classmates. Furthermore,racist, sexist, or homophobic comments or suggestions will not be tolerated. Always treat others as you wouldlike to be treated!
Respect school property and the property of others.
Come to class prepared and on time!
Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
No texting or use of cell phones.
Work cooperatively with your classmates and me! What gives literature meaning in society are discussions,debates, and differing interpretations. In this class, you will be expected to participate in a community of learners.
If you see any problems in the classroom that aren't being addressed, please talk to me about them. If you needto talk to me for any reason please feel free to stop by my classroom, and I will be more than willing to help.
Addressing Misbehavior:
The following is my procedure for how to handle incidents in which a student does not meetclassroom or school expectations.
Private discussion with the teacher focusing on the root of the problem (verbal warning)
Lunch detention in which the student reflects on the problem by writing a paper to be read by the teacher,parent/guardian, and possibly the administration
After school detention with the teacher. Student will be expected to write another letter thoroughly explainingthe situation. This time, however, the student must present the letter to her/his parents and personally to theprincipal.
Meeting with the parent/guardian and possibly the administration in to discuss the problem with the student
Any of this is subject to change. This syllabus is a work-in-progress.
Required Materials:
Formal Assessments:
Journal: You are to keep a journal that we will be using daily in class. This journal will consist of responseprompts and writing, daily oral language, and writing strategies that will be done at the beginning of every classperiod.
Literature log: You are also responsible for keeping a literature log, separate from your journal. The lit. log willcontain your responses, summaries, and notes about your self-selected reading (SSR).
Papers and formal writing: You will do at least three papers over the first semester. We will begin with anarrative paper (a paper that explores your own life). Throughout the semester you will also be expected towrite a poetry explication and a literary analysis related to our readings in class.
Double Entry Drafts (DEDs): This is an assignment in which you will respond to something that we are reading inclass.
Quizzes: There will likely be one quiz a week (on Fridays) in this class. These quizzes will not be rotememorization, but will challenge you to actually
! However, during periods of heavy reading, I might givepop quizzes to make sure you are keeping up with the reading.
Tests: I may give tests after we finish a particular writing or literature unit.
Projects: We will likely be doing a few projects related to the literature we are reading.
Portfolio: At the end of every semester, you will be expected to turn in a portfolio containing
revised and re-considered drafts
and a
final draft
of all formal writing done during the semester.
Late Work:
Any work turned in after the intended due date will be marked down a letter grade for each day it is late,unless you have already made previous arrangements with me. Let me know ASAP if you are going to have any issuesturning in an assignment.
This is a rough estimation of how I perceive the grades to be weighted in this class
 Journal, Lit. Log, DEDs, Quizzes, Participation 50%Papers 20%Tests and Projects 20%Portfolio 10%
Grading Scale:
A= 92-100 B= 83-91 C=74-82 D=65-73 F= Below 65

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