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Francois Payasis Desjarlais (1824-1899)

Francois Payasis Desjarlais (1824-1899)

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Chief Payasis Desjarlais of Lac la Biche is profiled.
Chief Payasis Desjarlais of Lac la Biche is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Feb 24, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Francois Payasis (Peeaysis) Desjarlais
(1824-1899)Francois (Peayasis, Peeaysis, or Peayasis) was born at Beaver River in 1824, the son of Joseph a!oce"r !it #es$ar%ais an! Josephte &ar!ina% who was the !a"'hter of Joseph o%!at &ar!ina% an! iette *as+e'on ote that Joseph o%!at &ar!ina%.s fo"rth wife was /sabe%%e &apotvert or *atche0"towFrancois 0arrie! "phrosine "'er in 1843 at ac %a Biche he was the !a"'hter of ntoine "'er an! *arie ipissin' et he 0arrie! *arie &ar!ina% the !a"'hter of 5appi-0ostionos in 1864 at Re! #eer RiverFrancois Peeaysis #es$ar%ais an! "phrosine "'er ha! the fo%%owin' chi%!ren7
n'e%e, b 184, 0arrie! $ohn &ar!ina% the son of Pierre &ar!ina% an! *ar'"erite /si0a+its
"ia"0e :+anis or #es$ar%ais, b 1831, 0arrie! *ar'"erite a"ve
*ar'"erite, bc 183;, 0arrie! Francois &astor
&hristine, c 183, 0arrie! Joseph #escha0ps, then 0arrie! John 5i%%ia0 <Piscon= *"nroe
Joseph, b 1836, 0arrie! >herese "'er
%ia, b 18?, 0arrie! Joseph &ar!ina%, the son of abrie% &ar!ina% an! *arie Piwapis+apaw Br"nea"
@eroniA"e, b 18;, 0arrie! Ben$a0in inc%air
*ary Jane, b 186, 0arrie! n!rew Pr"!en
*iche%, b 189
#e%phine, b 1861, !ie! at 2 0onths&hief
, Franois #es$ar%ais, si'ne! >reaty oin 186Franois #es$ar%ais was invo%ve! in the 1883 Resistance fter he hear! of the fi'ht at #"c+ a+e he trave%%e! to $oin the resistance fi'ht at Batt%e River
Fo%%owin' the Ban!.s invo%ve0ent in the 1883 Resistance their ann"ities were c"t off Ceather #evine notes that in %ate 1883 <*any of the %oca% %ea!ers of the rebe%%ion ha! %on' since f%e! Francois <Peaysis= #es$ar%ais, &hief of the &ree at ac %a Biche, ha! 'one so"th, as ha! 0any of the !issi!ents fro0 Bi' Bear.s ban! i+e 0any others who ha! participate! in the "prisin' Peaysis was s"spicio"s of any a0nesty that was offere!  by the 'overn0ent, partic"%ar%y after the eec"tion of o"is Rie% 5hen he app%ie! for an! receive! scrip years %ater, he fi%e! his affi!avit in &a%'ary, over three h"n!re! 0i%es so"th of ac %a Biche Ce never ret"rne! to %ive in northern %berta, b"t 0ove! east to Batt%efor! instea!, where he !ie! in 1899=
 Francois an! his first wife an! their chi%!ren app%ie! for scrip whi%e %ivin' at *etis &rossin', c%ai0s D 1;; an! 33;
 Ceather #evine,
The People Who Own Themselves
 &a%'ary7 Eniversity of &a%'ary Press, 2?47 166-168
ccor!in' to a cens"s ta+en in 1862 ac a Biche once ha! a %ar'er pop"%ation than !0onton %tho"'h 0ost of the resi!ents of ac %a Biche ha! ta+en treaty "n!er &hief Peeaysis in 186, 0any ban! 0e0bers were re0ove! fro0 the ann"ity %ists as  p"nish0ent for participation in the 1883 *etis Resistance an! 0ost s"bseA"ent%y app%ie! to with!raw fro0 treaty an! ta+e *etis crip#es$ar%ais, Francois a!!ress7 &a%'ary c%ai0 no 1;; born7 1824 at Beaver River father7 Joseph #es$ar%ais (*Gtis) 0other7 Josephte &ar!ina% (*Gtis) 0arrie!7 in 1844 at ac %a Biche to "phrasine "'er (!ecease!) an! in 1864 at Re! #eer River to *arie F%e"ry chi%!ren %ivin'7 1? scrip for H1???#es$ar%ais, Francois for his chi%!ren, as heirs to their 0other "phrasine "'er c%ai0 no 33; a!!ress7 @ictoria ett%e0ent born7 1828 at esser %ave a+e father7 "'"stin "'er (French &ana!ian) 0other7 *arie ipissin' (*Gtis) 0arrie!7 184; at ac %a Biche to Francois #es$ar%ais, !eponent chi%!ren %ivin'7 9 chi%!ren !ecease!7 !ie! yo"n' an! intestate an! witho"t iss"e !ie!7 "00er, 186; at ac %a Biche heirs7 *ar'"erite #es$ar%ais, H1666 "i%%a"0e #es$ar%ais, H1666 Joseph #es$ar%ais, H1666 n'G%e #es$ar%ais, H1666 %ia #es$ar%ais, H1666 @GroniA"e #es$ar%ais, H1666 *ary Jane #es$ar%ais, H1666 *iche% #es$ar%ais, H1666#es$ar%ais, Joseph a!!ress7 ac %a Biche c%ai0 no 61; born7 1838 on the P%ains o"th of the as+atchewan father7 Francois #es$ar%ais or Pa-ya-sis (*Gtis) 0other7 "phrosine "'er (*Gtis) 0arrie!7 1883 at ac %a Biche to >hGrIse "'er chi%!ren %ivin'7 1 scrip for H24???#es$ar%ais, "i%%a"0e a!!ress7 ac %a Biche c%ai0 no 96 born7 1831 at ac %a Biche father7 Francois #es$ar%ais (*Gtis) 0other7 "phrosine "'er (*Gtis) 0arrie!7 26 J"%y, 186? to *ar'"erite a"vG chi%!ren %ivin'7 4 chi%!ren !ecease!7 2 scrip for H24???#es$ar%ais, %ia a!!ress7 @ictoria c%ai0 no 36; born7 181 at ac %a Biche father7 Francois #es$ar%ais (*Gtis) 0other7 "phrasine "'er (*Gtis) 0arrie!7 1868 at ac %a Biche to Joseph &ar!ina% chi%!ren %ivin'7 ; scrip for H24???#es$ar%ais, n'G%e a!!ress7 ac %a Biche c%ai0 no 64 born7 184 at ac %a Biche father7 Francois #es$ar%ais (*Gtis) 0other7 "phrasine "'er (*Gtis) 0arrie!7 18 to John &ar!ina% at ac %a Biche chi%!ren %ivin'7 9 chi%!ren !ecease!7 1 scrip for H1???&ar!ina%, @GroniA"e a!!ress7 @ictoria c%ai0 no 3 born7 184 at ac %a Biche father7 Francois #es$ar%ais (*Gtis) 0other7 "phrasine "'er (*Gtis) 0arrie!7 1884 at ac %a Biche to Ben$a0in inc%air chi%!ren %ivin'7 1 scrip for H24???*"nro, &hristine - &oncernin' her c%ai0 as a chi%! - Born, 1833 at ac %a Biche - Father, Francois #es$ar%ais, (*Gtis) - *other, "phrosine "'G, (*Gtis) - *arrie!, 1866 at B%ac+foot &rossin' to Joseph #escha0ps an! fa%% of 1884 at Ci'h River to 2

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