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Parasites FEB14 (2)

Parasites FEB14 (2)

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Published by petermlove

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Published by: petermlove on Feb 24, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The SUN burns bright, a furnace boiling in the pure blue sky.We PULL BACK to reveal -EXT. WOODS, AERIAL VIEW - DAYWe swoop over acres of pine, snow glistening from the treetops - a perfect day.The trees rush under us as we approach the treeline and dive into the -EXT. WOODS - CONTINUOUSTracking through a path in the forest, we join a DEER as it bounds across the snow, ducking and weaving between the trees and suddenly it STOPS, eyes alert.It darts across into the woods but we don’t follow, picking up HUMAN FOOTPRINTS in the snow.The tracks lead us up the cleared path to a -EXT. WOODEN HOUSE - CONTINUOUSIsolated. The door wide open, swinging in the wind.The tracks lead right to the door and through into-INT. WOODEN HOUSE - CONTINUOUSThe HALLWAY, stuffed with coats and boots. We pass through into theLIVING ROOMWhere we stop. The back of a chair, we see the BACK OF A HEAD, someone sitting motionless.A fire roars to one side.A moment of quiet as nothing moves except the fire, fluttering under the mantel.After a long beat, a GUST OF WIND and simultaneously -- the fire flickers aggressively and-- the door SLAMS shut.
The person doesn’t move an inch.A very long beat until - We close in to the EAR of the head, revealing a trickle of blood.INT. VIOLET’S OLD HOME (FLASHBACK) - DAY
-- YOUNG VIOLET (5), cute as a button, pushes open a BEDROOM door to reveal VIOLET’S MOTHER (30), young and fresh, sleeping in a bed alone. Violet rushes in and bounces excitedly on the bed.Violet’s Mother rolls sleepily around, smiling and gives Violet a hug, ruffling her hair.-- Young Violet sits at a table in the KITCHEN, curtains drawn. In the gloom, Violet’s Mother enters with a cake showing 5 candles. She passes Violet a card.Violet hastily opens the card to reveal a hand written note on a scrap of paper.-- Violet carries the note to some DRAWERS in a HALLWAY. She looks up to her mother who gives an encouraging nod. Violet opens them, rifles through to collect a SECOND NOTE.-- Violet moves quickly now, understanding the game and lifts a plant pot in the LIVING ROOM to reveal a THIRD NOTE. She reads it and looks excitedly to her mother, who smiles.-- Violet dashes OUTSIDE the house to where a RABBIT is bouncing around the garden. She looks up to her mother, unbelieving. Violet runs over, stops a minute and heads back into the house.Her mother stands outside confused until Violet returns with a CARROT. She crouches at the edge of the pen and coaxes the rabbit towards her.She scoops it up, cuddles it.-- Violet’s mother and Violet (OLDER, now 8) are in a CLOTHING STORE. Violet’s mother selects an item out - a fancy dress for a date - and puts it up to her body. Violet gives two thumbs up.-- Violet’s mother, back in the HOUSE and wearing her new dress sets up a camera on a wall and heads over to Violet.2.

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