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DRAFT Program Prioritization Strategies February 20 2014

DRAFT Program Prioritization Strategies February 20 2014

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Published by Zach Hammer
UMD releases information about proposed budget cuts.
UMD releases information about proposed budget cuts.

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Published by: Zach Hammer on Feb 24, 2014
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Area(s) ImpactedStrategyPrioritization themes and connectionsRecurring Budget Savings Estimate FY15Fund TypeTimeline
1AdvancementEliminate Advancement Unit designation. Eliminate 1 staff (voluntary) replaced at a lower classification and rate in Development Office. Responsibilities and one staff member moved to Chancellor's Office.Centralization, Shared Services, Process Improvement$33,381 O&MSummer 20142All Develop metrics to analyze effectiveness of events across the Chancellor's Unit and to monitor for cost savings.Process improvementTBDO&MSpring 20143AllAnalyze communication programs across the Chancellor's Unit. Monitor for savings reductions and for staff efficiencies.Process improvementTBDO&MSpring 20144AllContinue to explore a shared services model for the Chancellor's Unit for efficiencies in administrative functions.Centralization, Shared Services, Process improvementTBDO&MSpring 20145AllStronger coordination of events across the Chancellor's unit to eliminate redundancies and to create efficiencies.Process improvementTBDO&MSummer 20146AlumniNew revenue generation programs being reviewed and negotiated.Process improvement, Increased Revenues$24,000 O&MSummer 20147AthleticsA shared service model for various functions as part of a pilot program for UMD.Centralization, Shared Services, Process Improvement$100,000 O&MSummer 20148AthleticsNew revenue generation goals have been implemented to augment the newly written budget.Process improvement, Increase Revenues$100,000 O&MSummer 20149Chancellor's Office, DevelopmentContinue to review expenses and to shift donor costs currently funded by O&M to Foundation accounts.Process improvementTBDO&MSpring 201410Chancellor's OfficeCombining Graduate Program Commencement ceremony with the collegiate unit ceremonies at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center.Centralization $9,000 O&MSpring 201411Chancellor's OfficeUniversity for Seniors program transferred to the Chancellor's Unit.Process improvement0O&MSpring 2014
Total O&M Cost Reductions:$142,381 Total New O&M Revenue:$124,000
Area(s) ImpactedStrategyPrioritization themes and connectionsRecurring Budget Savings Estimate (includes fringe unless otherwise noted)Fund TypeTimeline
1Instructional Development ServicesChanges TBD to move these activities under a common teaching and learning structure; anticipated reduction in staffing cost, with portion moved to cover faculty fellows/initiatives Areas of quality and operational effectiveness$60,000 O&MSummer 2014
Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic AffairsChancellor's Unit (Advancement, Alumni, Athletics, Chancellor's Office, Development, External Affairs, University for Seniors)
DRAFT Strategies Resulting from UMD Program Prioritization for FY15
For Discussion Purposes Only 
This spreadsheet includes strategies developed from recommendations in the UMD Program Prioritization process. Departments are also currently implementing work plans around the Voluntary Workforce Reduction Program, as well as reviewing additional restructuring changes that may occur as we continue to evaluate the recommendations from Program Prioritization. In the Voluntary Workforce Reduction Program, 49 staff members (Teamsters, AFSCME, Civil Service and P&A) with an appointment of 75 percent or more were approved for FY15 and FY16, with 5 additional staff members reducing their hours. This will save over a $1 million in recurring salaries, with many of the reductions being absorbed within the departments or replacements hired at a lower salary. For the Faculty Voluntary Workforce Reduction Program, 12 faculty members were approved, with the funding from those positions going back into the Faculty Pool. O&M in the spreadsheet refers to the main Operations and Maintenance accounts.Page 1 of 6 February 20, 2014
2Civic Engagement2 staff layoffs; restructuring to move from an office that primarily covers placements to a campus wide umbrella of public/community engagement (current budget of $133,542/yr: portion retained to cover initiatives and/or fellows). Background checks and risk management moved to VCFO without additional funding (shared services)Strong scores in multiple areas indicate critical need for continued support of this area; however, an overview of the structure and scope indicate another mechanism for achieving this is necessary beyond a single office.$50,000 O&MSummer 20143Information Technology Systems & Services2 staff (voluntary) positions replaced at lower rate; Director (voluntary) with replacement costs TBDStrong scores in prioritization; the prioritization information along with ITSS's self-assessment for continuous improvement and operational efficiency identified areas for changes to duties in certain positions$48,308 O&MTBD4International Education Office1 staff layoff (restructure to remove overlap with system study abroad work)Prioritization scores and documentation indicated efficiency to be gained in restructure of how the staff divide study abroad duties$42,640 study abroad feesSummer 20145Library1 staff (voluntary) replaced at lower rate, 1 staff (voluntary) reduced from 100% to 80% time with duties shiftedPrioritization and the library's own review of their structure in light of prioritization identified a potential realignment of duties$34,890 O&MSummer 20146Financial Aid / One Stop2 staff (voluntary) replaced at lower ratesOpportunity for operational effectiveness with replacing staff at a lower rate; one staff member will continue into fall to help with training new staff for continuity$31,978 O&MFall 20147 Admissions1 staff (voluntary) replaced at lower ratePrioritization identified a potential restructure of duties for this area to allow replacement at a lower rate$22,775 O&MSummer 20148Center for Economic Development (LSBE, NRRI, SCSE)2 staff (voluntary) replaced at lower ratesPrioritization activity helped the Center identify opportunities for a restructure of duties for more efficiency $110,421 state special & grantSummer 20149Natural Resources Research Institute2 staff (voluntary) replaced at a lower ratePrioritization and internal evaluation of structure and activities allowed for replacement of 2 existing positions at a lower rate$52,110 state special & grantSummer 201410Sea Grant2 staff positions (voluntary)staffing relies heavily on grant funds and prioritization identified an opportunity for position reduction$42,847 grantSummer 201411Swenson College of Science and Engineering2 staff positions (voluntary) replaced at a lower rate Two positions were identified through prioritization in the Dean's office that could be hired at a lower rate$13,256 O&M and collegiate feesSummer 201412Swenson College of Science and Engineering: Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute1 staff (voluntary) reduction with no replacement (external center funding not continuing)During prioritization this institute was identified as not having continued funding $53,111 ICR/grantSummer 201413Swenson College of Science and Engineering: Large Lakes Observatory1 staff (voluntary) reduction replaced at lower rateRestructuring opportunities identified during prioritization$20,000 ICR/grantSummer 201414Labovitz School of Business and Economics: Center for Economic Education50% faculty timePrioritization identified this as a center who's duties may be covered elsewhere moving forwardTBDO&MSummer 2014Page 2 of 6 February 20, 2014
15Labovitz School of Business and Economics: Bureau for Business and Economic Research1 staff (voluntary) reduction with duties reassigned/restructured to a potential  joint position between LSBE and NRRIPrioritization identified a potential operational excellence opportunity with rethinking the nature of this bureau position$38,103 O&MSummer 201416College of Education & Human Service Professions: Department of Education1 staff (voluntary) replaced at a lower ratePrioritization process identified an opportunity for replacement at a lower salary$6,161 O&MSummer 201417College of Education & Human Service Professions: Department of Social Work1 staff (voluntary) replaced at 50%Prioritization process identified an opportunity for replacement at 1/2 time$46,667 O&MSummer 201418School of Fine Arts: Voyageurs program1 staff position plus support for 9 graduate student assistantshipsProgram was reduced to address need to move funds to direct instruction; evaluation during prioritization of resources for instruction verified that this program would not be able to continue at the same funding level$300,000 O&MSpring-fall 201419College of Liberal Arts: Master of  Advocacy and Political Leadership programInvestigating options for programPrioritization identified MAPL as a high cost program with low revenue; the program also does not have a permanent baseline funding so has been run with $250,000 from reserves annually$250,000 O&MSummer 201420College of Liberal Arts: Department of Writing Studies and Department of EnglishDiscussions about combining English and Writing Studies into one Department (while keeping the individual programs)Writing Studies areas of concern from Prioritization: faculty stability, size and scope (# majors per FTE, # graduates per FTE, # student credit hours generated per FTE), revenue generatedTBDO&MSummer 201421College of Liberal Arts: Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and TBD DepartmentWomen, Gender and Sexuality Studies: discussions about combining with another Department (while keeping the individual programs)Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies areas of concern from Prioritization: external demand, size and scope (# majors per FTE, # graduates per FTE, # student credit hours generated per FTE), revenue generated, cost/expensesTBDO&MSummer 201422College of Education & Human Service Professions: Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Athletic Training: moratorium on new undergraduates in 2013; investigating a graduate option as an alternative to the currently accredited undergraduate programPrioritization showed strong areas of the program, but two significant areas of concern that may be addressed by rethinking the degree program: internal demand and faculty stability (no T/TT members in the department)TBDO&MFall 201623 All Colleges/SchoolsVoluntary Faculty Departure Option (O&M funds to be returned to faculty pools for replacement faculty)Salaries from faculty that are ready to leave UMD can be used to hire additional faculty starting their careers($894,419 salary plus associated fringe back to faculty pools)O&MFall 2015 Page 3 of 6 February 20, 2014

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