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Feb&Oct Rev 1917

Feb&Oct Rev 1917

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Published by itzkani

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Published by: itzkani on Oct 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Russia Revolution in February of 1917started at the capital, St.Petersburg wherethere is serious shortage of food and fuelWoman who were fed up with the endlessqueues for food attacked the bakeries whenbread run out and they then marched throughthe city shouting anti-government slogansLater workers joined them and within threedays,250,000 people were on strikeThe King Of Russia, Tsar ordered the army toput down the revolt but the army decided to join the protestersThe Duma was also won over and agreed toprovide the strikers with leadershipIt organised a provisional (temporary)government to rule RussiaHaving lost control of his army andgovernment, the Tsar abdicated on 14February 1917 thus the Russian monarchywas ended
With the new provisional governmentWith the new provisional governmentheaded by prime minister Alexanderheaded by prime minister AlexanderKenensky was confronted by manyKenensky was confronted by manyproblemproblem The whole of Russia was in chaos as The whole of Russia was in chaos asthere were severe shortages of foods andthere were severe shortages of foods anddaily necessitiesdaily necessities The government was expected to solve The government was expected to solvethese problem quickly demands of these problem quickly demands of different groups Russia(in countrysidedifferent groups Russia(in countrysidepeasant wanted land & in city workerspeasant wanted land & in city workerswant food and better job condition)want food and better job condition) The soldier wanted the war to end The soldier wanted the war to end 
Do You Think The New Government Be Able To SatisfyAll These Groups???
Was introduced for the first time in Russia
Political prisoners were freed and exiled revolutionaries returned to Russia
The press was also given freedom of expression, yet the freedom givenresulted in open opposition
The main challenge was from the Soviet, a rival group made up of soldiersand workers, originally formed to co-ordinatethe strikes
Soviets were set up in Petrograd and other cities and became verypowerful
The provisional government needed their support to rule
The support ended when the Bolsheviks, a powerful group in the Soviets,quarrelled with the Provisional Government

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