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The Greys Rigel and Procyon

The Greys Rigel and Procyon

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Published by Son of Rizq
info on Greys from procyon.
info on Greys from procyon.

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Published by: Son of Rizq on Feb 25, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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compiled by
George Andrews
extracted from Matrix II
The Following Material compiled by George Andrews who wrote "Extraterrestrials Among Us", was Original Seen in Matrix I.
It is Important Enough to be Transferred to Matrix II and combined with the rest of the book. George has a new book which should come out in 1991-1992 entitled "Extraterrestrials Friends and Foes".
The information in this chapter was given to me by a lady who has experienced multiple abductions by both the types of entities described, and who insists upon retaining her anonymity.
I realize that some of her statements are extremely controversial, and that the prudent course would be to refrain from relaying such explosive material to the public, since it is based entirely on unverifiable statements made by one person.
However, I have now shared this with a considerable number of other abductees, many of whom feel that it correlates significantly with their own experiences, and that the information it contains is of such potential importance that it deserves a public hearing, which would be the quickest and most effective way to either confirm or invalidate it.
This is a preliminary and exploratory attempt to establish a taxonomy of extra-terrestrial humanoids.
 As I don’t have any hard evidence to back up my statements, they must therefore
be considered as speculation, though they are based on anecdotal evidence which is in my opinion sincere and truthful. The two types I am about to describe represent only a small fraction of the many types, both short and tall and of medium height, who are at present hovering above us or among us.
The first explosions of our nuclear weapons at the end of World War II sent out a signal that brought in a veritable traffic jam of entities from many different regions of this galaxy and of neighboring galaxies, as well as from many other dimensions. Besides this swarm of newcomers, we have been visited by a wide variety of extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional life forms throughout our history and prehistoric times.
However, the following two types have not only been interacting with us since deep antiquity, but are engaged in long-enduring celestial warfare, which is also being carried out on Earth, in which our allegiance is a key factor.
The first type is the short gray humanoids with the large heads, which resemble embryos and
average about four and half feet in height. They are from a solar system that revolves around Rigel.
Rigel is a double bluish-white star on the left foot of Orion, about 800 light years from Earth.
They have problems with their glands, particularly with their sebaceous glands, which make it difficult for them to digest food. These glandular problems were caused mainly by exposure to radioactivity during a nuclear war their race fought in the distant past, many thousands of years ago.
It is this type of humanoid that is performing most of the animal mutilations and human abductions, which has made a secret deal with our government, and which was in contact with Hitler. They derive nourishment from the glandular secretions and the enzymes they extract from the animals they mutilate, which they absorb through their pores.
Our government permits such activities partially because of its acute fear of these beings, and partially because it is under the delusion that they will give us technical information enabling us to attain military superiority over the Russians in exchange for our permitting the mutilations and abductions.
The Stealth Bomber and Star Wars technologies are being obtained from them. However, our government does not appear to realize that when it comes to the crunch the technology they are transmitting will not work as it is supposed to. It is not in their interest to give us decisive military superiority over the Russians, or vice versa.
It is in their interest to keep us in a state of unresolved conflict with each other, the old game of divide and conquer.
If no animals were available, they could subsist upon gland extracts derived from humans. As a rule they do not use humans in this fashion, but they could and would in an emergency. Their attitude toward humans is to tolerate us to the extent that we are useful in raising the animals necessary for their nourishment.
Despite many attempts, none of our terrestrial animals (nor their frozen sperm or ovum or embryos) have survived the long journey back to their planet.
They would not attack us with nuclear weaponry, as nuclear war would irrevocably poison or totally de
stroy this planet’s entire biosphere, including any hypothetical human or animal
survivors, who would inevitably suffer from glandular problems similar in nature to those they are already afflicted with. They do have the ability to throw this planet off its axis.
Rigellan technology is more advanced than ours, but that is the only way in which they are more advanced than we are. They manipulate us through our laziness and ignorance.
Working under the instructions of the humanoids from Rigel, CIA and former Nazi scientists have developed and deployed malignant strains of bacteria and viruses, including AIDS. The rationale from the fascist point of view is to exterminate portions of the population considered to be undesirable. The rationale from the Rigellan point of view is to decimate the human population to such an extent that the survivors would accept open control by the Rigellans.
The Rigellans are almost entirely devoid of emotions, but can obtain a second-
hand 'high’ by
telepathically tuning in to different kinds of intense human evolution, such as ecstasy or agony. This is not done for the purpose of sadistic gratification, as most of them are oblivious to the difference between positive and negative mental states.
It is a biochemical as well as a psychological process, used as a mood-elevator.
Certain types of unusual sexual practices attract these entities like flies. It was 
s sexual pursuits rather tha
n anything else which attracted these entitles to him to
absorb the energies released.
Crowley was more effective as a medium than as a magician. Some of his diatribes about trampling the weak were due to telepathic linkage with entities who were obtaining a vicarious
'high’ from the intense emotion involved in such diatribes.
The humanoids that have been nick-
named 'Swedes’ are on the average between six and six and
a half feet tall. They are from a solar system that revolves around Procyon, a binary yellowish-
white and yellow star system that rises before Sirius in Canis Minoris (in the body of the Lesser Dog), about 11.4 light years from Earth.
They are from the fourth planet in orbit around the Procyon double star system. The tall Blonds humanoids from Procyon and the short gray humanoids from Rigel have been enemies for many thousands of years.
The tall Blonds from Procyon have a benign attitude toward humanity, except for their strong disapproval of our inhumanity to each other.
This strong disapproval is further intensified by our government having made a secret alliance with their hereditary enemies, in order to obtain even more destructive weapons systems than those already in existence. Our government is not interested in negotiating with the Procyonians, as they would not provide us with weapons systems. The tall blond humanoids carried out experiments that involved both artificial Insemination and Interbreeding with primitive humanity. The desired result was to combine the larger brain capacity of the tall Blonds with the lung capacity and respiratory system of primitive humanity, better suited
to this planet’s atmosphere.
The sudden emergence of Cro-Magnon man was the result of their intervention. A large proportion of present-day humanity is descended from this mixed ancestry.
The Procyonians have continued to cross-breed with us at many stages of our evolutionary development, and this type of activity still goes on at the present time. They are trying to straighten out and correct the somewhat scrambled results of their earlier interventions. We turned out to be physiologically acceptable, but are as yet considered to be a psychologically unstable and immature species.
The Rigelians also perform genetic experiments on us, but are hampered by the extreme degree of difference between our species, and are not capable of interbreeding with us directly.
The Procyonians tune in on us telepathically to vicariously experience our emotions, as the Rigelians do, but the Procyonian motivation is to trace and fully understand the biological and psychological ramifications of these emotions. Their motivation for breeding with humans is to tune up the frequency of our species, in order to help us to help ourselves.
Their concern is for the well-being of all forms of life, not just humanity. The entire biosphere will benefit if we fulfill our positive potential, instead of self-destructing and destroying our
biosphere in the process.

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