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Drug Study

Drug Study

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Published by syd19
lactulose,Mannitol,Nimodipine,Phenobarbital,Ranitidine,Tramadol,Potassium chloride,Ranitidine,metoprolol,
lactulose,Mannitol,Nimodipine,Phenobarbital,Ranitidine,Tramadol,Potassium chloride,Ranitidine,metoprolol,

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Published by: syd19 on Oct 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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September 4, 2009GENERIC NAMEBRAND NAMEDOSAGEINDICATIO NMECHANISMOF ACTIONCONTRAINDICATIONADVERSEEFFECT NURSINGRESPONSIBILITIESciticholineZynapse500mg IVq8Discontinued onSeptember 9, 2009Cerebrovascular Diseases,acceleratesthe recoveryof consciousnessandovercomingmotor deficit.Citicolineactivates the biosynthesis of structural phospholipidsin the neuronalmembrane,increasescerebralmetabolismand increasesthe level of variousneurotransmitters, includingacetylcholineand dopamine.Citicoline hasshownneuroprotective effects insituations of hypoxia andischemia.hypertonia of the parasympatheticciticoline mayexert astimulatingaction of the parasympathetic,as well as afleeting anddiscretehypotensor effect
Watch out for hypotensiveeffects
Somazinemust not beadministeredalong withmedicamentscontaininglactuloseLilac80cc HS Constipation. metabolism olactulose byLow galactose diet &intestinal obstructionAbdominaldiscomfort
Do notadminister if 
 bacteria resultsin reducedcolonic pHwhichstimulates peristalsis anddecreases stooltransit time. Inturn, decreasedwater reabsorptionfrom the fecesfurther facilitates the passage of softwell-formedstools. Andincreasedosmotic pressure ofecal materialsecondary toan increase incolonic organicacids results inaccumulationof fluid fromsurroundingtissues, helpingto soften stoolmass.associated w/flatulence or cramps.Prolonged use or large doses mayresult in diarrheaw/ excessive lossof water &electrolytes patient hasalready passout stoolespecially if stool is liquid
Mannitol100cc IVRaisedintracranial pressureIt raises theosmotic pressure of the plasmaallowing water to be drawn outof body tissues.Pulmonarycongestion ooedema; intracranial bleeding; CHF;metabolic oedemawith abnormalcapillary fragility;anuria due to severerenal disease; severedehydration.Fluid andelectrolyteimbalance;acidosis (withhigh doses). Nausea,vomiting, thirst;headache,dizziness,convulsions,chills, fever;tachycardia,chest pain; blurred vision;urticaria andhypotension or hypertension;acute renalfailure; skinnecrosis;thrombophloebitis.
Take care toavoidextravasation.Observeinjection sitefor signs of inflammationor edema
check for signsof fluid andelectrolyteimbalance
measure I&Oaccurately andrecord toachieve proper fluid balance
monitor vitalsigns closely.Reportsignificantchanges in BPand signs of CHF NimodipineNimoto p30 mg / tab2 tabs q 6Prophylaxisand treatmentof ischemicneurologicaldeficits due toCalciumchannel blocking agentthat isrelatively NoneSevere BPlowering, GIdisturbances,deterioration of renal function,
Take apical pulse prior toadministeringdrug and holdit if pulse is

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