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Shot List(1)

Shot List(1)

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Published by xxsteph182xx5866

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Published by: xxsteph182xx5866 on Oct 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shot No.LocationAngle MovementLengthLyricDescription of ActionActors
1Drama StudioECULAStatic2 secondsIntroClose up of lead guitar Andreas2Sarah's HouseCUEL3 secondsIntroJamie,3Drama StudioMSELZoom Out2 secondsIntroAndreas, Chris, Rob4Sarah's HouseCUELTilt Up1 secondIntroTilt up to see the couple holding handsJamie,5Drama StudioMSElStatic2 secondsIntroMidshot of drumkit and drummer from the left sideSean6Drama StudioCUELStatic1 secondIntroClose up of Crash symbolSean7Drama StudioCUHA 3 secondsIntroPan of the bands feet, tapping away to the music8Sarah's HouseCUHA2 secondsIntroGuys hand over girls shoulder on a couchJamie,9Drama StudioMSELStatic4 secondIntroChris, Andreas10Sarah's HouseMSELStatic2 secondIntoAbout to kissJamie,11Drama StudioCUEL5 secondsIntroBradley12Drama StudioESBELStatic3 secondsIntrolead singers hand in the form of an ''x''Rob13Sarah's HouseCUASStatic2 secondsIntroClose up of phone lighting up in girls jean pocket14Drama StudioECUELTilt Down to Up2 seconds'If you want to say were cool''Rob15Sarah's HouseMSELStatic4 secondsGirl pulls away to answer phone16Drama StudioCUElStatic4 sceondsClose up of lead guitarAndreas17Sarah's HouseESBEL3 seconds'And if you want to keep pretending''Girl gets up and leaves looking really happy18Sarah's HouseCUELStatic 3 seconds'I'll Just go on bending all the rules''Jamie19Drama StudioCUELStatic3 seconds"For You"close cup of lead singers lipsRob20RestaurantLSELStatic8 secondsJamie21Drama StudioLSELStatic3 secondsLong Shot of the band22Drama StudioLSELStatic2 secondsLong Shot of drummerSean23LSELStatic 2 seconds"And ooohh"Jamie24CIASZI1 second"It's so similar"Guy see's wallpaper of him and her on his phoneJamie,25MSELStatic3 seconds"To how they feel"Guy and girl on pedal boat Jamie26Drama StudioLSEL4 secondsBand27Media roomLSEL3 secondsGirl in photo shoot28Media roomMSELStatic3 secondsGirl in photo shoot29South BankESBELTilt Up4 secondsJamie30Drama StudioCUELStaticClose up of rhythm guitarChris31South BankLSELStatic3 secondsGuy drops flowers and walks offJamie32Drama StudioMSASStatic2 secondsLead singer bopping his headRob33South BankCUELTilt Up3 seconds34Drama StudioMSELStatic3 seconds"And if you want to keep on acting"Band35Ross' BarESBELZoom in2 seconds"I'll be your"Guy and girl sitting at bar. Jamie36Ross' BarMSELStatic3 seconds"Supporting role"Jamie37Drama StudioCUELStatic2 secondsClose up of rhythm guitarChris38Ross' BarMSELStatic4 seconds39Drama StudioCUELStatic2 seconds"Supporting role"Close up of lead singers faceRob40Ross' BarMSELStatic2 secondsGuy looking at girl with sad expressionJamie41Ross' BarLSELStatic2 secondsGirl laughing and flirting with fans42Drama StudioESBEL4 secondsBand43Abbey RoadLSELStatic6 seconds"To have true feelings"Jamie44Drama StudioMSASStatic2 secondsShot of drum fillSean45Drama StudioCUELStatic2 seconds"And ooohh"Close up of lead singers faceRob46RoadMSELStatic2 seconds"It's so similar"Guy looks at girl and crowd with sadnessJamie47RoadMSPOVStatic3 seconds"To how they feel"48RoadMSELStatic3 secondsGuy looks angry. Turns around walks other wayJamie49RoadMSELStatic2 seconds50Drama StudioLSEL3 secondsBand
Loyal 2 no 1: Your Supporting Role
Full Stop. Productions
Pan Left toRightpan across the bottom of the couch and weglimpse two peoples feet entwinedZoom out of guitarist. Start to see other bandmembers but not their faces.Pan Left toRightRob, Andreas, Chris,BradleyPan Left toRightMid shot of Rhythm guitar with lead guitar behindhim. Depth of field changes when lead guitar playsand he becomes main focus. Then switch back torhythm being in focus.Pan Left toRightClose up of bassist strumming and pan to hisfingers playing the notesGuy starts singing, pan up from microphone to hislips'Then I'll just carry on like what you sayis true''Pan Left toRightBoy looks a bit upset, looks at his watch and picksup his PS2 console''And oooh it's familiar To have true feelings''Girl gets a call on her mobile and she leaves him inthe middle of a date.Throws napkin on the tableand starts eating or drinking alone.Rob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, SeanOutsideRestaurentGuy walks out of restaurant and looks at his phonefor the timeOutsideRestaurentPedal BoatHyde ParkPan Right toLeftRob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, SeanPan Right toLeftGuy standing on south bank checking the time onhis watch tilt up to Big Ben2 secondsHand picks up flowers. Tilt up to see girl looking atflowersRob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, SeanShe apologiss. He accepts. She kisses him on thecheek. They smile at each other."And if you want to keep on acting I'llbe your"Approached by a fan. She gives him autograph.He asks her to join his friends. She accepts andgives guy 1 min signal.Pan Left toRight"And ooohh It'sfamiliar"Rob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, SeanGirl walking down road with her fans around her.Guy trailing behind on his ownSee girl and crowd from behind. Random fan grabsgirls bumGirl slaps fan. Looks round to look for guy but he'sgonePan Right toLeftRob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, Sean
51StreetMSEL4 secondsJamie52StreetOTSELStatic3 seconds53StreetLSELStatic5 seconds"Ohhhh"The band are walking down the street singing54StreetPOVELMoving forward3 seconds"Ohhhh"55StreetPOVEL2 secondsThe girl finally reaches the boy and grabs his armJamie56StreetPOVELStatic2 secondsHe shruggs her off and turns to her directionJamie57StreetLSELStatic4 seconds"Ohhhh"She starts to plead58StreetLSELStatic4 seconds"Ohhhh"59StreetLSELTrack right4 secondsThey have an argument in the streetJamie,60StreetMS- OVSELStatic3 seconds"And ohhh"Guy starts to walk away from her Jamie61StreetCUHAStatic3 secondsSee tears down her eyes as she turns away62StreetMS- OVSELStatic4 seconds"True Feelings"Jamie63Bus StopLSELStatic2 seconds"And"64StreetLSELTrack left2 seconds"Ohhhh"Jamie65Street MSELStatic2 seconds"It's so similar"We see the car coming towards him66StreetMSELStatic3 seconds"To how they feel"See his shocked faceJamie67StreetBlackELStatic2 secondsMusic StopsHear a noise like a thump68StreetMSELStatic1 secondMusic StopsSee a pair of feet running towards him69StreetCUELStatic3 secondsMusic Stops70Street2 secondsRewind untill argument71Street LSHAPan Right 4 seconds"Ohhhh"Jamie72StreetMSELStatic3 seconds"Ohhhh"Guy starts to walk away from her Jamie73StreetCUELStatic3 secondsSee tears down her eyes as she turns away74StreetMS-OVSELStatc2 seconds"Ohhhh"Jamie75StreetCUELStatic2 secondsHe shakes his head and keeps goingJamie76StreetLSELStatic3 seconds"Ohhhh"77StreetLSELStatic3 secondsSee them separatly walking away from behindJamie78StreetMSELStatic1 secondThe girl is still crying79GigESBELStatic2 secondsBand playing big finish80StreetMSELStatic2 secondsThe boy looks relieved JamieTurn 180-Turn90 rightGuy is walking down the road. Comes to a roadand stops. Camera turns 180 to his face.We see the girl chasing after him in a depth of fieldfocusRob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, SeanThe band act like obsticals getting in the way of her reaching himRob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, SeanTurn 180-Turn90 rightThe band are sitting at a bus stop or just watchingthe ungoing scene unfoldRob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, Sean"It's familiar To have"Guy starts to cross the road, then turns around ashe realises she's cryingJump up and point at the oncoming car withshocked looksRob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, SeanAs he re-crosses the road, he doesn’t notice anoncoming car the camera slowly blacks out and we hear a heartmoitor beepingGirl runs after the boy and they have an argumentin the streetGuy starts to cross the road, then turns around ashe realises she's cryingThe car that hit him the first time zooms across theroadRob, Andreas, Chris,Bradley, Sean
81StreetELSELStatic2 secondsBoy walking awayJamie

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