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Notes 09

Notes 09

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Published by twy113

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Published by: twy113 on Oct 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blueprint for Screenwriting - Creativity: Your Blueprint for Ideas
Blueprint for screenwriting [electronic resource] : a complete writer's guide to story structureand character development / Rachel Ballon. Edition 2nd ed. Publisher Mahwah, N.J. 2005.
It does not just mean something new, something weird, or something no one hasdone before. Before using your creativity in specific area, you should build up good basic knowledge, skills, or techniques in the area.A short reading about creativity:Creative_Person
Story structure
character development
are the architecture for building you blueprint. Without a solid structure your characters will be transparent. And withoutmultidimensional characters your structure will collapse.However, before learning about plot and character, you need to have ideas about whatyou want to write.There are three common problems that writers may encounter:
Many writers aren't able to access any ideas for their screenplay. It is mainly because they aren't able to reach their own creativity or imagination, sincethey're too analytical too soon in the writing process.
Writers who had many ideas they wanted to write and yet had troubledeveloping a story for their ideas.
Writers had the story they wanted to write, but had no idea how to developthe characters needed for their story.
So how do you get ideas for your screenplay?Where do ideas for your screenplay come from?Well it has to do with your own imagination and from your creativity.What is creativity?“Creativity is marked by the ability or power to create–to bring into existence, to investwith a new form, to produce through imaginative skill, to make or bring into existence
something new.”
— Webster 
Creativity has to be available to you at the beginning of your writing because withoutcreative ideas, concepts, or thoughts you have nothing to write about and can't start anywriting project.Creativity is made up of two parts.
First there is Primary Creativity which comes from your unconscious and the righthemisphere of your brain, the source of all new ideas and insights. It's where your inspiration comes from and makes up only 10% of the creative process. E.g. Whatis the funniest way to …
Then, there is Secondary Creativity, which comes from the left hemisphere and isthe 90% that involves editing, discipline, logic, structure, rewriting, and order. E.g.the missing pattern for the sequence is: ABC, ACB, CAB, ____, ACB.Creativity includes both inspiration and perspiration (efforts). As a writer you need todiscover how to combine the primary creativity with secondary creativity.

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