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The Final Departure.

The Final Departure.

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Published by glennpease

"The time of my departure is at hand." — 2 Tim. iv. 6.

"The time of my departure is at hand." — 2 Tim. iv. 6.

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 26, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE FINAL DEPARTURE.BY JEREMIAH DODSWORTH."The time of my departure is at hand." — 2 Tim. iv. 6. We have already witnessed the departure of the Christian emigrant out of spiritual Egypt, and followed him in his wilderness journey toward the celestial Ca-naan ; and, as he is just about to cross over the river that rolls betwixt the desert and the Paradise of God, let us contemplate his final departure to the promised land. Observe we, 1. It is frequently affecting. " By faith, Jacob, wlien he was a dying, blessed both the sons of Joseph." Heb. xi. 21. There is much in dying circumstances that is common to all who are mortal ; and there are peculiar influences, arising from special relationships in life, which may alike affect the saint and the sinner in their departure into the world of disembodied spirits. Like all who are mortal, the Christian emigrant may be afflicted with strong corporeal pain : he may heave with convulsions,
246 THE BETTER LAND. or sink under the influence of extreme prostration and sickness ; liis physical nature may labor for life until the damps of death bedew his checks ; he may agonize and groan when his heart-strings break and his flesh fails ; and, in respect of his body, may die as other mor-tals die, because these are influences that afi"cct him, not as a Christian, but as a mortal man. As a relation in the family, as a citizen in this world, or as a member of the Clmrch, he may feel exquisitely when the silyer cord of affection is loosened, and be the subject of strange emotion when the golden bond of fa-miliar friendship and brotherhood is broken, and when he must leave those behind who have been with him in all his tribulations. As a parent, he may feel it a keen stroke that severs him from an obedient, affectionate, and beloved family of children, endeared to him by a thousand ties of flesh and blood ; endeared by the price which they have actually cost him — a thousand anxieties and fears, a thousand toils and cares, a thousand re-proofs and prayers, and a thousand smiles and tears. The same may be said of any other member of the so-
cial circle during life's last hour : the parting period, the farewell feeling, the final adieu, and the last linger-ing look, may excite the tenderest sympathies of tlie human heart, and fill the departing soul with such ex-quisite emotion as language fails to express. The emigrant and the transport have the same ocean THE FINAL DEPARTURE. 247 to cross ; and, to liuman appearance, there is but little difference in their feelings, as developed in external signs : eacli of them may be suffused in tears, and over-whelmed with the strange emotions of the parting hour ; but the principles on which they are departing are widely different : the convict is driven away, while the emigrant desires to go. xind although, as a mortal and social companion, the Christian emigrant to a future state may evince external signs of feeling similar to the spiritual transport, who is driven away in his wicked-ness, there is this important difference : to the former it is the end; but, to the latter, the heginnhig of sor-rows.

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