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CHIP New Logo

CHIP New Logo

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Published by Ayush Sachdeva

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Published by: Ayush Sachdeva on Oct 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 2008 Volume 5 Issue 2 Rs 125
C H IP N e w lo g o
10 0
4 5
9 5
1 0 0
C o lo u r c o d e s f o r lo g o
Also available in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, UAE

Autodesk 3Ds Max 2008
Dreamlinux 2.2 Multimedia GL Edition
Bitde\ue000ender Internet Security 2008

O\ue000fce 2007 Service Pack 1
Norton Systemworks
Colin McRae: Dirt Demo
26 cellphones\ue000or
business or pleasure
The Radeon HD 3850
and 3870dis se c ted
Intel\u2019s new 45nm
Penryn QX9650
Increase your laptop\u2019s
battery li\ue000e
Cruise India\u2019s roads
with a GPS navigator
Make your own
cellphone theme
Do EvErything

From managing your fnances to
planning your holidays, everything
is quicker and easier when you do
it online.

begin by wishing readers, advertisers, colleagues, management, and business peers
a very Happy New Year. We at CHIP look \ue001orward to your continued support and
patronage in 2008.

The World Wide Web has passed through many stages o\ue001 evolution. At \ue000rst, web
pages were the equivalent o\ue001 brochures. Websites then provided only in\ue001ormation, and
links to other pages having more in\ue001ormation. The only \ue001orm o\ue001 user interaction was an
email address with a \u2018Mailto\u2019 link somewhere on the page. Forms came later. In the
next stage, businesses looked at the web as a medium \ue001or o\ue001\ue001ering services. Online
transactions and credit card payments began when payment gateways sprung up. But
people are still apprehensive about using their credit cards online.

City \ue001olk (especially those who spend long hours commuting), can\u2019t spare an hour to
stand in queues to pay utility bills. Do you remember the last time you walked into a bank
or visited a travel agent? Do you ever visit the library to mine \ue001or in\ue001ormation during school
or college projects?

Thanks to the web, you can now do all this stu\ue001\ue001 online.

Yet, I do know some people who continue to stand in queues to pay electricity bills, because a \u201cstamped receipt gives them peace o\ue001 mind, and proo\ue001 that they\u2019ve paid their bills.\u201d And there are some who are paranoid about using online services; they \ue001eel some grubby hacker or smart kiddie out there is out to drain their bank accounts.

There\u2019s a particular website in India that changed people\u2019s attitude towards
e-commerce. It\u2019s the website o\ue001 the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation
(IRCTC). The website www.irctc.co.in became the largest e-commerce site in India (in
terms o\ue001 number o\ue001 transactions), within a \ue001ew months o\ue001 its launch. It\u2019s not hard to see
why. When someone brings rail tickets to my doorstep the very next day, that\u2019s really
high on convenience! And it\u2019s the same with bank accounts, bills, air tickets, and hotel
reservations. Booking online is quick, and also gives us the chance to evaluate options
\ue001rom home, in the presence o\ue001 \ue001amily members.

This month\u2019s cover story is about the most use\ue001ul online services in India. Our
objectives are to show the convenience, ease-o\ue001-use, and speed these services present,
and to build con\ue000dence in using them.

BOOKLET: We are adding more value to the magazine in the \ue001orm o\ue001 a booklet titled \u2018CHIP

Plus,\u2019 which will accompany every issue o\ue001 CHIP. This booklet will have content that\u2019s
more application-oriented. For instance, the \ue000rst CHIP Plus has some use\ue001ul workshops
on Microso\ue001t Word.

COVER PRICE: As we introduce this addition, we also have to deal with sti\ue001\ue001 infation rates,

the increased cost o\ue001 newsprint, and other allied costs. Though we grappled with such
issues \ue001or over a year now, we did not increase the price o\ue001 CHIP. However, \ue001rom January
2008 the cover price o\ue001 CHIP is being revised to Rs 125.00. We will however strive to
o\ue001\ue001er more value \ue001or every rupee that you invest in CHIP.

|Brian Pereira

brings rail
tickets to
my doorstep
the very next

day, that\u2019s
really high on
JANUARY 2008| intelligent computing cHip |7
High on convenience

P.S. The CHIP Customer Care cell is standing by to address your queries and grievances. Do get in touch
with Sarita Quadros at customercare@infomediaindia.com. Call 91-22-40302 805. And you can subscribe to
CHIP online at eshop.infomediaindia.com.

8|intelligent computing cHip | JANUARY 2008
20i\ue007 \ue00ah\ue001 n\ue001ws...

Get enlightened with computing
news \ue001rom all over the world.
Hardware, so\ue001tware, technology on
the horizon, and a lot more to keep
you ahead o\ue001 the rest!

coveR StoRy
28D\ue008 e\ue00c\ue001r\ue00d\ue00ah\ue004\ue007\ue003 o\ue007\ue005\ue004\ue007\ue001

Whether it is paying utility bills
or making railway reservations or
applying \ue001or passports and visas
or booking movie tickets, online
services are big time-savers and
very use\ue001ul too. This is a one-stop
guide which will direct you to all
the right locations on the Internet
to do just about everything! So,
use it to the best o\ue001 your advantage

in 2008!
36t\ue008\ue009 g\ue001ar

This month, we bring you top-
o\ue001-the-line hardware reviews o\ue001
the latest and most anticipated
products. We have laptops,
cameras, Bluetooth headsets and a
whole lot more!

54S\ue006ar\ue00a b\ue00d na\ue00a\ue00br\ue001
This month we tested 26 business

and multimedia phones across
all segments. Many o\ue001 these are
all-in-one devices, o\ue001\ue001ering both
Wi-Fi connectivty and multimedia
player. Some have other surprising
\ue001eatures like built-in 5 megapixel
camera too!

68th\ue001 R\ue001d t\ue001a\ue006 s\ue00ar\ue004k\ue001s ba\ue000k
The new range o\ue001 graphics cards
\ue001rom ATI is our Product o\ue001 the

Month. The Radeon HD 3850 and
Radeon HD 3870 are the guilty
party, but which one dictates?

76l\ue001a\ue007\ue001r, m\ue001a\ue007\ue001r, gr\ue001\ue001\ue007\ue001r
Intel\u2019s \ue000rst 45 nm quad-core
\u2018Penryn\u2019 CPU has made its way
into the CHIP Test Center. We
put the Core 2 Extreme QX9650
through a number o\ue001 gruelling
tests. Is it the \ue001astest processor
we\u2019ve ever tested?
78i\ue007 \ue002 \ue008\ue003r a\ue009h\ue004\ue000

We take you aboard the Airbus 380
and into its Flight Deck. All the
analog dials have been replaced

by LCD multi-\ue001unction displays.
A joystick replaces the traditional
\u2018Yoke\u2019 and there\u2019s even a slide-out
keyboard with a trackpad. Truly,
computers fy this plane!

82S\ue008\ue002\ue00awar\ue001 c\ue001\ue007\ue00a\ue001r

We bring you reviews o\ue001 the most
wanted system utilities that will
help you all through the new year!

Maya 2008 is our so\ue001tware o\ue001
the month. Find out what are the
additions in this new version.
88Sa\ue00c\ue001 Ba\ue00a\ue00a\ue001r\ue00d p\ue008w\ue001r

Here are some tips to solve
the biggest problem about
laptops\u2014preserving battery li\ue001e
to ensure that it lasts longer! Use
our recommendations to make the
most o\ue001 your laptop battery li\ue001e.

92Fr\ue001\ue001 S\ue009r\ue001\ue001

Freebie so\ue001tware ranging \ue001rom
an anti-spyware \ue001or Windows to
screen capture with e-mail support.
But that\u2019s not it, we have a lot
more and it\u2019s all absolutely \ue001ree.
Come and grab it!

Cover story
Go online for
regular updates at

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