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Christian Peace.

Christian Peace.

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Published by glennpease

John xiy. 27.

peace i lea ye "with you : my peace i giye unto you : not as the
world giyeth, giye i unto you.

John xiy. 27.

peace i lea ye "with you : my peace i giye unto you : not as the
world giyeth, giye i unto you.

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 27, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRISTIAN PEACE. BY JAMES MARTINEAU. John xiy. 27. peace i lea ye "with you : my peace i giye unto you : not as the world giyeth, giye i unto you. This was a strange benediction to proceed from the Man of Sorrows, at the dreariest moment of his life ; — strange at least to those who look only to his outward career, his incessant contact with misery and sin, his absolute solitude of purpose, his lot stricken with sadness ever new from the temptation to the cross ; — but not strange perhaps to those who heard the deep and quiet tones in which this oracle of promise went forth, — the divinest music from the centre of the darkest fate. He was on the bosom of the beloved disciple, and in the midst of those who should have cheered him in that hour with such com-forts as fidelity can always offer ; but who, failing in their duty to his griefs, found the sadness creep upon themselves; while he, seeking to give peace to them, found it himself profusely in the gift. It was not till he had finished this interview and effort of affection, and from the warmth of that evening meal and the
flush of its deep converse they had issued into the chill and silent midnight air, not till the sanctity of moonlight (never to be seen by him again) had in-vested him, and coarse fatigue had sunk his disciples CHRISTIATSr PEACE. 81 into sleep upon the grass, that having none to com-fort, he found the anguish fall upon himself. Deprived of the embrace of John, he flew to the bosom of the Father; and after a momentary strife, recovered in trust the serenity he had found in toil ; and while his followers lie stretched in earthly slumber, he reaches a divine repose; while they, yielding to nature, gain nei-ther strength nor courage for the morrow, he, through the vigils of agony, rises to that godlike power, on which mockery and insult beat in vain, and which has made the cross, — then the emblem of abjectness and guilt, — the everlasting symbol of whatever is Holy and Sublime. The peace of Christ, then, was the fruit of combined toil and trust; in the one case difl'using itself from the centre of his active life, in the other from that of his
passive emotions ; enabling him in the one case to do things tranquilly, in the other to see things tranquilly. Two things only can make life go wrong and pain-fully with us; w^hen we suffer or suspect misdirection and feebleness in the energies of love and duty within us, or in the Providence of the world without us : bringing, in the one case, the lassitude of an unsatis-fied and discordant nature ; in the other the melan-choly of hopeless views. For these Christ delivers us by a summons to mingled toil and trust. And here-in does his peace differ from that which 'the world giveth,' — that its prime essential is not ease, but strife; not self-indulgence, but self-sacrifice; not ac-quiescence in evil for the sake of quiet, but conflict with it for the sake of God ; not, in short, a prudent accommodation of the mind to the world, but a reso-lute subjugation of the world to the best conceptions of the mind. Amply has the promise to leave behind 82 CHRISTIAN PEACE. him such a peace been since fulfilled. It was fulfilled to the apostles who first received it ; and has been realized again by a succession of faithful men to

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