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Raoul McKay, Ph.D.

Raoul McKay, Ph.D.

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The work of Manitoba Metis educator Raoul McKay is profiled.
The work of Manitoba Metis educator Raoul McKay is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Feb 27, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Raoul McKay,
Raoul McKay was awarded an Aboriginal achievement Inspire Laureate in 2010 for education !hey describe his contributions in this way" #r McKay dedicated his life as a bi$lingual educator influencing thousands of Aboriginal and non$Aboriginal high school and university students and earned four university degrees including a %h# in history from the &niversity of !oronto 'e developed Indigenous programs and courses at !rent &niversity( La)ehead &niversity( and McMaster &niversity and was the founding head of the #epartment of *ative +tudies at the &niversity of Manitoba In consultation with Indigenous communities( he established programs such as the %re$Medicine %rogram for *ative %eople and social studies programs for public schools#r McKay has assisted ,irst *ations and M-tis communities in their aspirations  by promoting sovereignty( enabling them to narrate their own history and creating educational( political and economic systems for the betterment of their citi.ensIn addition( #r McKay is an influential documentary film producer 'is wor) includes two 1/$part series entitled La oi des Mechif I and II 3aired on A%!*4Raoul completed his %h# thesis entitled 5,ighting for survival " the +wampy 6ree of !reaty *o 7 in an era of transition( 1897$1:/0(; at the &niversity of !oronto in 1::1

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