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The House and Its Builder

The House and Its Builder

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Published by glennpease

"Every house is builded by some one; but
he that built all things is God^."— Hrb. iii. 4.

"Every house is builded by some one; but
he that built all things is God^."— Hrb. iii. 4.

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 28, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Every house is builded by some one; but he that built all things is God^."— Hrb. iii. 4. DID the house have a builder, or did it build itself? This is a ques-tion which is occupying many minds, many tongues, many pens, just now, and to which various answers are given, though only two of them seem worth consider-ing. If we say, " The house built itself," that, clearly, is a straightforward answer to the ques-tion, however unsatisfactory it may prove on examination. And if wc say, " The house was 12 THE HOUSE AND ITS BUILDER. built by God," that, again, is clearly an answer
to the question, and an answer which seems at once to commend itself to our common sense, however disputable it may be. But if we have nothing more to say than " We do not know," clearly we do not answer the question at all ; we do not even shew it to be unanswerable ; we simply admit our incapacity to answer it: and though that may be a sufficiently interest-ing fact to us, it has no interest for the world at large, which cares very little for us, but cares a great deal for the question we have raised. Unless, therefore, we choose to occupy the Agnostic attitude of nescience — which, however, is the only position which some minds can occupy, for a time, since uncertainty of know-ledge makes suspense a duty — we have to choose between the answers of the Materialist and of the Theist. The Materialist says, " The house built itself;" the Theist says, '* He who built all things is God." The issue is, therefore, clear and plain. It is between these two answers to the question which lies at the root of all philosophy and all religion that we really have to choose. No third course, if at least we are to answer the question at all, is open to us. To
ascribe the building of the house, the making THE HOUSE AND ITS BUILDER. 13 of the universe, to Evolution, for example, is simply to evade and confuse the question in debate, not to answer it ; for evolution, or de-velopment, can be nothing more than the method, or one of the methods, by which the Builder wrought, whether that builder be a Person or a Force, and to determine the method in which, or the tool with which, the Architect wrought is not to decide who the Architect was. No, after all our discussions, all our evasions, we are brought back to a simple alternative, and must either say, " The house built itself," or say, " Every house is builded by some one ; and he that built all things is God." Which of these answers ive shall prefer, there can be no doubt ; for we accept the teaching of the New Testament as a revelation of the mind and will of God, as the supreme authority in all questions of ethics and religion. And yet it

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