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Ted is the Stuff Work

Ted is the Stuff Work

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Published by calis69
a report on Ted Kennedy
a report on Ted Kennedy

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Published by: calis69 on Oct 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Calixtro SantosMrs. WellsEnglish III -57 September 2009 Ted biography by CalisTed Kennedy is the official lion of the U.S. Senate because it seems that hehad more power to influence than any President while he was in office. He foughtfor his cause even on his last breaths. He is one of those people that shape peoples’lives for the better which makes him a legend in history and a hero in our hearts.Edward Moore Kennedy also known as Ted served as a senator fromMassachusetts in the senate of the U.S. He served the senate for 46 years and wasreelected nine times. He was first elected in November 1962 into the senate. Ted isone of nine Children of Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. The familyhas had many tragedies and only two of the eight children have die of naturalcause. The family is one of the wealthiest families in the country. Ted helped both of his brothers’ campaign for the presidency and was very affective because he couldtalk to the common people. Ted himself got into politics in November 1962 to fill inthe vacant seat his brother John left which had being occupied by a friend of thefamily for two years because Ted was not 30 at the time the seat was left vacant. Ted had to earn his seat in the senate and that meant first defeating EdwardMcCormack for the Democratic Nomination. Ted defeated McCormack in a two toone margin. The next step was to defeat the Republican Party nominees whohappen to be George Cabot Lodge II. George loss by 10 percent of the votes and Ted took the seat. A year later he was presiding over the Senate and an aide toldhim that his brother John F. Kennedy had being shot. Ted immediately flew toHyannis Port, Massachusetts to tell his father the bad news. About a year later, Tedwas passage in a private Aero Commander 680 that on final approach in badweather, in the western Massachusetts town of Southampton. The plane washeading to Massachusetts from Washington. The pilot and Edward Moss, one of theKennedy’s aides, were killed. Ted suffer chronic back pain ever since. While he washospitalized after the plane crashed his wife, Joan campaign for him and won. Tedreturn to the Senate in 1965 and hired a better and more effective legislative staff.He almost succeeded in passing the Voting Right Act of 1965 which would ban thepoll tax. Robert decided to run for president in 1968 and Ted helped him win manyvictories in the western states. Robert Kennedy was shot after midnight in LosAngeles, which completely devastated Ted because he was so close to Robert thanany other person in his family. Ted delivered the eulogy at Robert funeral whichbecame one of his greatest speeches. Ted defeated Russell B. Long for SenateMajority Whip and was expected to run for president in 1972, but that would not bepossible due to the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident where he fled the scene of theaccident. In the accident Mary Jo Kopechne drown when Ted drove off a bridge, andthe car flip upside down in the water. Ted pleaded guilty for leaving the scene of anaccident, and was sentence to two months in jail suspended. He later asked theMassachusetts electorate whether he should stay in office, and he got a positiveanswer. The incident would affect the rest of his political career especially at anychance for the presidency.
In 1971 Ted lost his position as Senate Majority Whip which he found as ablessing because he wanted to focus more on issues and committee work. In 1970s Ted apposed war for example the British in the northern counties, the Vietnam Warand the U.S. support for Pakistan. Ted refuse to run for president due to theChappaquiddick incident in the 1972, and 1976 election even thought polls said hehad a chance to win.He also had a lot of family problems during the 1970s like his wife, Joan alcoholism. Ted decided to run in the 1980 election, but mess up in an interview with rogerMudd of CBS News when he couldn’t answer the simple question “why are yourunning for president”. Carter won but didn’t win over Ted supporters so he didn’tstand a chance against Ronald Reagan. The in the 1980 the Republicans had notonly capture the presidency but also the Senate, and for the first time Ted was noton the majority party. Ted chose to become the ranking member of the Labor andPublic Welfare Committee. Ted was the leader in the effort to block Reagan actions.He work long hours and did made public forums to invite intellectual to talk aboutthings that matter to him. He had a lot of problems like his wife filing for divorce.During the early 1990s, Ted life became like that of a Hollywood celebrity. Ted was caught having sex on a motorboat in Europe. He was not very good in theSenate because he compromise just -to pass laws. In 1991 he left for a bar withPatrick and nephew Smith after a family get-together. Patrick and Smith returnedwith some women they met there but one of the girl name Bowman said she gotrape by Smith after going out on the beach. This incident made Ted the frequenttopic of late night shows. Ted stopped the Racist Bork from being appointed to theSupreme Court. Ted started a movement in the Senate to get rid of all radicals. Tedtry to stop Thomas from being appointed to the supreme court ,but when a sexualharassment charges were brought up against Thomas ,Kennedy was hamstrung byhis past reputation and the ongoing developments in the case of his nephew Smith.He said almost nothing for three days and when he did say some he was criticizedfor being too little, too late. In June 17 1991 at a dinner party, Ted saw Victoria AnneReggie his future wife. Ted was clear from the Smith rape trial. In 1994 U.S. Senateelection in Massachusetts, Ted face his first serious challenger, Mitt Romney, butthanks to his new wife he won by 58 to 41 percent margin this being his closes race.In the 2000s, Ted led the Democrats and carry on for them gathering supportetc. When president bush was elected Ted saw to be friend him and work with himbecause no democrats were willing to. Ted like that Bush supported education thatthey pass the no child left behind act. Ted also like that Bush supported immigrationreform. The Bush often may Ted feel betray by them for example on Medicareexpansion the seniors steer to private plans. Ted didn’t give an opinion on the 2008election until it was between Clinton and Obama. Kennedy supported Obama andwith his support Obama got a lot of voters and won the Democratic nomination.Kennedy promised to see Obama Inauguration, and so he did on January 20, 2009,but later on had a seizure due to being diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier in2008. He dropped his spot in the Senate Judiciary Committee to focus all hisattentions on health care issues, which he regarded as “the cause of my life”. Hehope that universal health care would pass do to the democratic majority. The sum of Ted is life is too great to calculate, but he did get an honoraryknighthood by Queen Elizabeth II, got to throw the ceremonial first pitch at Fenway

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