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The Bright Side of Life.

The Bright Side of Life.

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Published by glennpease

" Serve the Lord with gladness : come before His presence with
singing." — Ps. c. 2.

" Serve the Lord with gladness : come before His presence with
singing." — Ps. c. 2.

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 28, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE. BY GEORGE H. HEPWORTH " Serve the Lord with gladness : come before His presence with singing." — Ps. c. 2. Our environment is one of exceeding beauty, but it is a matter of temperament and disposition whether we appreciate and enjoy it or not. The eyes of the body may be so defective that the sight is dim, and the eyes of the soul can be affected in the same way. If I had the power, therefore, and wanted to make a man happier in his surroundings, I should not change the surroundings, but rather the man. Nobody gets out of his life half as much as God has put into it. Our egotism will not allow us to blame ourselves for this, and so we find a wretched kind of relief in blaming the Almighty. We wonder why He does not arrange matters differently, and at the same time the angels are wondering why we do not see things differently. There is no sunset for one whose eyes are closed, 10
THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE. I I and there is no joy for one who believes himself to be badly treated. There never yet was an en-vironment so perfect that a man could not find fault with it if he had a bitter soul, nor an environ-ment so full of hardship that a man could not find some comfort in it if he was willing to look and knew where to look. The chief mission of religion, as I understand it, is, first, to change a man's attitude toward events by the necromancy of faith in God's love and wisdom, and, second, to so inform him that he will know how to use his life to the best advan-tage. That is what is meant by the new birth, and in very truth the general outlook becomes so different from anything before experienced that no greater change could be made if he were to be literally born again.
It is possible to think of the good things and lay the others aside, to dwell on what makes for hap-piness and ignore all else ; but our human nature finds it difficult to do this, because the habit of doing just the contrary has become fixed. The catalogue of things to be grateful for is very large. What a pleasure, for instance, it is to be alive, and what a beautiful mystery life is! To 12 HERALD SERMONS. think, to feel, to aspire, to reach out with specula-tive daring toward the stars, to dream of other worlds like this, to take a still loftier flight and explore that far-away country which we call hea-ven — how marvelous a creature is man, what a perfect piece of machinery he is if regarded from the standpoint of materialism even, and how much more marvelous when you recognize that interior something which is independent of the mere ma-chine and will live a better and broader life without

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