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The Soul and the Body.

The Soul and the Body.

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Published by glennpease

" Thy faith hath made thee whole." — Matt. ix. 22.

" Thy faith hath made thee whole." — Matt. ix. 22.

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 28, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE SOUL AND THE BODY. BY GEORGE H. HEPWORTH " Thy faith hath made thee whole." — Matt. ix. 22. THERE are two incidents in the life of Christ which have always puzzled me. Their significance has not been noted by the religious world, or, if noted, has been put aside as of secondary impor-tance, whereas it seems to me they should occupy a very prominent position. They refer to our daily lives, to our attitude toward the ills to which flesh is heir, and to the possibility, under given conditions, of maintaining that physical health on which our happiness so much depends. A woman touched the hem of His garment, believing that thereby she should be healed. He who saw all things saw her heart, and He told her that it was not the touch of His garment, but her own faith, that had acted as a remedial agency. The touch was only the symbol of her faith, but the faith itself had chased the disease out of her system. It was not He who had worked what we
15 1 6 HERALD SERMONS. are apt to call a miracle, for she had in herself a miracle-working power. That there is a law underlying this incident must be apparent to all, but that law has very seldom been recognized and still less seldom put to a practical use. That it may be possible to overcome disease by a thought instead of a drug, and that love of God and confidence in Him have much to do with keeping us whole, or, to use the old Eng-lish equivalent, hale (as in the phrase " hale and hearty"), is one of the doctrines of Christianity which have been persistently ignored. But there is something more. A centurion, who also had faith, desired to have his servant healed, and sought the great Physician for that purpose. Christ
said to him, " As thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee," and the servant was healed in the self-same hour. Our surprise at that statement knows no bounds. The servant, who may or may not have had faith, was made whole through the agency of a man whose faith was undoubted. A second time it is intimated that faith is the miracle-worker, but in this latter case the man who had the faith and who was interested in the patient actually cured the man who perhaps had no faith at all. THE SOUL AND THE BODY. 1 7 The world has been thinking of this subject for a long time. We put a coin into the hand of one who asks such a favor and are not surprised to see his groans of despair give way to smiles of happi-ness ; but if Christ be true, we can put a thought into a sick man's heart as easily as we can put a coin into his palm, and the thought will change the whole current of the recipient's feelings, just as the receipt of the coin did. In other words, it is a

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