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What We Really Need.

What We Really Need.

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Published by glennpease

" Take that thine is, and go thy way." — Matt. xx. 14.

" Take that thine is, and go thy way." — Matt. xx. 14.

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 28, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WHAT WE REALLY NEED. BY GEORGE H. HEPWORTH " Take that thine is, and go thy way." — Matt. xx. 14. THERE is a large number of things in the world which we can get on very well without. There is also a large number of things which we covet be-cause we think them necessary to our happiness, but which we really do not need. Lastly, there are a few things, but only a few, which we must have in order to make our lives what God intended they should be. A large part of our discontent comes from not having what we ourselves think we ought to have, but what Providence evidently regards as unneces-sary to our development. This difference of opin-ion between us and the Almighty is the fruitful source of much human misery. We demand that He shall agree with us, whereas it is clearly our duty to agree with Him. Our ignorance is the standard by which we measure His wisdom, and
WHAT WE REALLY NEED. 2 1 yet if one of our children should assume the same attitude toward us it would well-nigh break our hearts. Instead of accepting what comes and making the best of it, we constantly pray that God will do what we want to have done, and because the prayer is not answered we not only grow spiritually cold, but open the door to a great many doubts, which literally freeze the nobler part of our natures. If a tyro should come into our warehouse or manufactory and ask us to conduct our business on the basis of his inexperience rather than on that of our hard-earned knowledge, the difference between us and God is that we should indignantly eject him, whereas God pities us for doing pre-cisely the same thing. The forbearance of the Almighty with our wilfulness and conceit, His everlasting patience with us under such circum-stances, is one of the most wonderful facts of the
universe, and one of the most thrilling and star-tling. Human life may be reverently compared to an opera. God is the author of the music, and He gives each person the part he is to take. Re-ligion is simply the drill-master, who constantly 22 HERALD SERMONS. enjoins upon us the necessity of strictly following the score, and constantly insists that we cannot make changes in the score without injuring the unity of the production. Of course I do not refer to the formulas of religion, but to its essence. The formulas are simply certain men's opinions of re-ligion, or possibly their prejudices, while its essence is contained in the statement that the author of the opera knows better how it should be rendered than you do. But suppose each singer should insist on sing-

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