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New Water Management System in Cape Town

New Water Management System in Cape Town

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Published by winston

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Published by: winston on Oct 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New Water Management System in Cape Town
The City of Cape Town is introducing a new water demand managementsystem for its residents.It consists of a water management device, which is installed in residents’houses, and a central control team in the City administration thatregulates the functioning of these devices with the help of a computer setup.”This system will help our customers to save water and to manage theirmonthly water bills, and it will help the city to manage debt,” the citycouncil said.It will also help residents to identify any leaks and have them fixed, insteadof running up a huge water bill and then being unable to pay.The water management device measures out a specific supply of wateron a daily basis, at the pressure and flow rate to which households havebecome accustomed.It allows residents to receive their free 6 kilolitre portion of water permonth, and it allows them to receive an additional amount according towhat they commit to paying.The device has been set to deliver an average of 350 litres per day or10.62kl per month (which includes the free 6kl).At this consumption rate, a household’s monthly water and sewerage billwill normally be R30.Those residents registered on the city’s database of poorer households geta R30 indigent grant.”Should residents require more water they can commit to pay for thatadditionalwater, and the water management device will then be set to a highermaximum flow,” said the council.”It must be emphasised that this is not the same thing as a pre-paid watermeter. This device guarantees a basic daily water supply.”The water management device is set to switch on at a fixed time everymorning and will only switch off once the household has used its set quotaof water for the day.If households use less than their quota in a day the amount not used will

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