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Sudden Death.

Sudden Death.

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Published by glennpease

"As a thief in the night."— 2 Pet. iii. io.

"As a thief in the night."— 2 Pet. iii. io.

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 28, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SUDDEN DEATH. BY GEORGE H. HEPWORTH "As a thief in the night."— 2 Pet. iii. io. THIS is a vivid, almost a startling, illustration of the way in which the inevitable sometimes steals upon us. After what manner does the thief come at night ? Is it not with exceeding stealth, that he may cause no alarm, and with slippered feet and bated breath and cunning silence? In like manner Death treads softly until he is close at hand. In many cases it is not known that he is in the vicinity until he lays his hand on some one's shoulder and whispers, "Come!" Some-times he clasps the heart with his icy fingers, and it at once ceases to beat, just as the old clock ceases to tick when you lay hold of the pendulum. At other times a loved one lies on his couch for a few days, never dreaming that his work is done, but rather hoping that the morning will find him
7i J2 HERALD SERMONS. ready to take up his task. Then all at once there are anxious faces and tearful eyes, and before he can realize the situation his soul has broken away from the bonds of mortality and begins its flight into the upper air. How would you wish to die if the matter were left to your personal decision? It is a subject on which every one has bestowed more or less thought, though few of us, perhaps, have reached a definite conclusion. With another and a better world in constant view, with the full consciousness that on the farther shore you will have an environment far superior to that afforded by the present life, with a profound faith that dear ones over there are waiting for you, what seems the most desirable means of exit from the present and of entrance
into the future? The ideal death is undoubtedly that of old age. If we had perfect bodies, unhampered by inherited weaknesses, we should not die in youth or middle life, but should retain our faculties to the last, and take our leave as the sun does when he sinks behind the hills. If the laws of nature were tri-umphant, if our ancestors had not left their diseases as well as their property to us as heirs, we might SUDDEN DEATH. 73 be hale and strong until the machinery gave way. That is the kind of life and death indicated by the plan of God, but that plan has been sadly interfered with. Such a life, rich and healthy to the last, and such a death, simply falling asleep through weariness and waking up in heaven, are rarely seen. Many people bewail the sudden departure of

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