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Published by Karl

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Karl on Oct 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Are Women = Men?
 A woman’s life is full of challenges and obstacles. They’re like walking through an unknown road—road that can lead to equality but sometimes it may lead them to the road of discrimination. It is not a simple road; people come into their lives; people who can change their whole being. omen may change their direction—a decision that may be right or wrong but they know how to stand against all the odds waiting for them. !ntil they reach the end—a light of hope; showing to people what a real woman is and showing to them that women can be men—brave enough to be the she"roes of this world.#$eminism is the radical notion that women are people% &www.quotes garden.com'. omen are women; they are not things that (ust taken for granted not a one"time use thing and not waste in this world. They e)perienced a lot of challenges and trials in the past* they were notallowed to vote+ to own a position+ to own properties or even to work and study.,o you want all of these to happen again- They’re like slaves in the past—doing household chores+ serving others and being deprived from doing men works. They’re like birds in their caged—no freedom. They’re living for nothing. They’re (ust living in order to serve othersand they’re barred from doing necessary things in life. atriarchy describes% a multifaceted system that enforces masculine control of the se)uality and labor power of women.% &/egoli 0111'. atriarchy affects not only the relationships+ characteri2ations of appropriate social roles but also how people—men and women distinguish the world around them. Throughout most of human history+ girls have grown up into the societies that have viewed them as #inferiors% to boys and boys are #superiors% to girls. And from a long+ long ago+ women already e)perienced being underestimated by men. They already started to see the darkness of this world. atriarchy rules in the society nowadays but why not matriarchy- Are women not allowed to rule- ,o not they deserve to achieve such titles- Is it hard for them to e)perience such things- Are they doubtful why are here in this world- Are all women e)periencing such
things in their life- Are they contented in this kind of living- Is it enough to serve others only- ,owomen e)perience the happiness that men e)perience- ill there be a place for them-These questions reflect what life do women e)perience. They’re life is not always full of  (oy and happiness; they also e)perience the depression because of the bigotry in this world. These questions should be answered by women and their answers are different because they have different hearts and minds. 3ot all women e)perience the same things with others—some are battered+ some are happy"go"lucky but some are brave to face the consequences in this questionable world.eople may say that they are weak+ incompetent and ambitious but they are wrong. 4ociety puts them into that conception. eople think that they can’t be successful+ they can’t rule+ they can’t manage and they can’t be superiors. 5ut they’re blind—they can’t see the truth that they’re she"roes of this society. omen proved already that they are strong and competitive. 5ut a demarcation line separates them from showing it off. 6en do not want women to rule and men want to be the leaders—the superiors. e are not born to be in separate ways—it’s all about the se)es that separate us. e are (ust obliged to do specific things but it doesn’t mean that we should be like that always. There are no limitations in this world—anything can be possible. 7et’s put women in this society.$eminism puts women in this world. It is an ideology and movement where they believe that women can do things that men can do. They don’t believe in inequality—they want fairness.They want men do things they are doing. They want them to reali2e how it’s hard to be a girl. They want men do the laundry+ iron the clothes+ clean the house+ change the babies’ diapers etc. They are here to serve their own races. As a fourteen"year old man+ I want to show to everybody that women are not here to be slaves but they are here to be people. 8ven though I’m not a woman+ I still know what a woman feels about the discrimination they’re e)periencing—the inequity that they don’t want. I want thisto serve as a catalyst in order to achieve equality between men and women. I want everybody to know that they can rule in this world. I want everybody to know the adventures of different women in this world—they may be your friend+ your teacher+ your girlfriend+ your sister or your mother. They are important in your life as well as you are important to them. e need to respectthem because they are here because 9od has a purpose. 7et’s make them the best that they can be.
e are born to a family. robably+ the very first words spoken when we were born were #It’s a girl:% or #It’s a boy:%. 5ut how if she’s a girl+ she will e)perience the reality—full of discrimination and inequality. ithout a doubt+ she’s unprepared to face such things but it’s a woman’s instinct to endure all the odds in life and they’re wanting for a place where there’s no limitations+ no discrimination but there’s freedom.
4imply seen as nothingicked by a young man’s shoe<elpless under storm’s likingThrown by even you$irm through the tightest clutchesTrue at the bottom of the well3umb to fire’s hot touchesIntact within its shellThe hidden strength within this rock3o matter what comes its way$eeling nothing+ emotions locked,eaf to what they say
 An e)cerpt of a person nicknamed 855. &8stero. 011='. It’s meaningful because it reflects the struggle of somebody who’s being hurt and discriminated. It’s like the life of women—full of obstacles and humps in their life. They’re like riding a roller coaster—sometimes your high but sometimes your low+ sometimes e)citing but sometimes boring. 3o matter what happens in their lives they are still strong—stronger than a shell. They are deaf to the criticisms of this world; their hidden strength is within themselves but people think they’re weak but they aren’t. They can survive in this world—even the strongest man in this world they can defeat+ even calamities come into their lives or even the hardest problem in this world they can bear it.There are important women in your life. They may be your teacher+ your doctor+ your seamstress+ your maid+ your friend+ your girlfriend+ your wife+ your sister or your mother. They play a role in your life. They are (ust simple women but they’re very important in your life. >ou need them—every time you’re sad+ helpless and doubtful of something. They will always be there for you and you must be thankful for that.

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