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Published by: api-233604231 on Mar 01, 2014
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G.K Revision Ex.1 choose the correct option. 1.
A number becomes double if it is increased by 20. The number is : a)
30 b) 20 c)40 2.
The total distance around rectangular park is called its : a)
Area b)circumference c) perimeter. 3.
How many 25 paise coins will make Rs. 10. a)20 b) 40 c) 100 4. A fraction with numerator 1 is called : a) proper fraction b) improper fraction c) unit fraction.
5. Which is the correct way of writing 12 O’clock in the afternoon:
 a) 12 p.m b) 12 a.m c) 12 noon. 6. Which of the following is a green house gas: a) Oxygen b) Carbon
dioxide c) Nitrogen. 7. A place where the river meets the sea is called its: a) spring b) source c) mouth. 8. Which mineral is good for your bones: a) calcium b) iodine c) iron. 9. What are clouds made up of. a) water vapour b) icy water c) hot water. 10. the new name of Calcutta is--- a) Kolkata b) colcutta c) Kolkatta. 11. Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for ____. a) literature b) peace c) physics. 12. Who is fastest man on earth? a) Usain Bolt b) Sushil Kumar c) Abhinav Bindra. 13 The land of white elephants.
Sri Lanka b) Japan c) Thailand 14. The first Indian to go into space is ___ a) Kalpana Chawla b) Rakesh Sharma c) Aryabhata. 15. The roof of the world is ___. a) Kant b) Tibet c) Chicago 16. Which is the oldest tennis tournament in the world? a) Wimbledon b) French Open c) U.S Open 17. The Commonwealth Games are held every ____ year. a) Five b) Two c) Four 18. Which is an example of a string instrument? a) Violin b) Tabla c) Trumpet 19. In which year were the first Asiad Games held and where? a) 1951, Japan b) 1951, Delhi c) 1982, Delhi Ex.2 MATCH THE FOLLOWING. 1.
Garden of England
 Kent 2.
The roof of the world
 Tibet. 3.
The land of rising Sun
 Japan 4.
Windy city
 Chicago 5.
City of Joy
 Kolkata. 6.
The land of windmills
 Netherland 7.
The land of white elephants
 Thailand 8.
The city of Sky Scrapers
 New York 9.
Pearl of the Indian Ocean
 Sri Lanka. 10.
The land of Midnight Sun
 Norway. 11.
Calcutta - Kolkata 12.
 Chennai 13.
Bangalore - Bengaluru 14.
 Vadodara. Ex.3 Name them from the bracket. 1.
 Nobel Prize for peace in the year 1979. Mother Teresa 2.
 Nobel Prize in literature in the year 1913. Rabindranathe Tagore

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