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Research and Planning Was One of the Largest Sections of the Course Work

Research and Planning Was One of the Largest Sections of the Course Work

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Published by chrisbenisek6533

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Published by: chrisbenisek6533 on Oct 13, 2009
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Research And Planning Chris Benisek 
Research and planning was one of the largest sections of the coursework. Therefore, there is a vastquantity of points or me to draw upon and give an in-depth and detailed answer.One of the largest areas of research was based around the BBFC and how we should go about ratingour clip. To gather research we visited the website to gain knowledge on the categories of which theBBFC rates films upon, which are as follows:- theme, language, nudity, sex, violence, sexual violence,horror, drugs and criminal or harmful actions. This research aided us to anchor our film into an agecertificate; we opted for a 15, due to the use of excessive language. Choosing this option over a 12certification, to play it safe, avoiding under rating and issues surrounding suing if it were to go intomainstream production. However, this was just a rough estimation, as it was only the title sequence weanalysed. A possible method of improving the accuracy of the certificate rating would be to have sentit to the BBFC, or analyse films of a similar nature, and base our choice on an average.Music was heavily research, as only uncopywritten material was allowed to be used. There was achoice to either create our own piece, with the use of Garage Band, or a recommended programmecalled Cubase. However, the group opted to search for a pre made piece to save time (as the editing is atimely process).Google was used to find a wide variety of tracks, of which the links are listed under the heading‘editing’ in my blog.We also used books for research, as well as the Internet. Especially ‘Falling in Love Again’, which weused and it helped us get a fell for the genre. Providing music related tips ‘music in rom-coms mayoften be superficial in its specific connection to narrative. But a rom-com without music isunthinkable. Music is an integral park of Western society’s construction of romance’ – Robyn JStilwell.Also we decided to explore how to function I-movie and its various areas, i.e. to research the programme we used Apple’s instruction videos located on its site. I then made notes on how to work it,which I posted on my blog. This research enabled me to share my knowledge with others, as well ashelping make the editing process easier, and of a higher standard.To get an insight into the genre of the rom-com, I researched certain examples, e.g. Love Actually andFour Weddings…. These films helped to spark ideas for intertextual references, such as the variousswearing thoughout our scene which is taken from Four Weddings… Plot ideas were also triggered, aswell as ideas for character stereotypes which would be used to draw in an American audience. Shottypes and editing styles were also drawn upon to see what is frequently used throughout the genre. Aswell as this, it allowed me to improve my analysing skills which I thought would prove useful for future reference.Large amounts of planning was taken into consideration for the location, where it was going to be set,and at what time it would be available for the group to use. As we had to plan when we were able towork together as a group, and at what times – whether this be in or out of school time.As well as this we planned into the various effects for the title sequence. In doing this we realisedcertain effects either didn’t work, as we had imagined, or looked poor on camera, e.g. we initially planned to write on the mirror in condensation, we managed to achieve this effect with some difficulty.However, once filmed the words were unable to be seen on camera. We therefore opted for toothpaste,which still fitted in with the bathroom scene, and was more legible. Lack of planning or outcrops viathe fact that the title ‘Just Another Day’ wasn’t included in the same diogetic style.Initially we planned to undergo a casting session, yet due to limited choice we had to pick from a selectfew, opting to use a fellow group member’s brother, who was suitable for the role. Amongst this a production schedule was created to keep tabs on the progress we underwent, yet this wasn’t reallyeffective as the majority of filming was laid out into one session. This was not only due to poor organising but also the availability of group members and cast. Clearly this needs to be improved andat A2 I will take more care to develop a plan and adhere to it.Several ideas had to be changed, due to factors influencing the film, e.g. the weather, time/locationrestrictions, and the availability of equipment. For these reasons the storyboard and screenplay were

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