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British citizen Gopinath death in prison lavatory is a homicide MaRa Kangaroo  courts abet insuppression of crime

British citizen Gopinath death in prison lavatory is a homicide MaRa Kangaroo  courts abet insuppression of crime

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Mar 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Lankae!e"s#$%March%&#$' $#%##)M* +he revelation that ,ri Lankan +amil national cum British citizen supposed to have been found dead in the Magazine prison is an absolute falsehood% -e had been murdered brutally by the prisons intelligence and investigation unit based on evidence  according to reports reaching Lanka e ne"s inside information division%+he MaRa Kangaroo magistrate court during the post mortem e.amination of this gruesome murder had not made the mandatory inspection of the place "here the victim has fallen dead % +his omission "as to suppress the crime%'/ year old 0ish"alingam Gopinath of the village of )eduruthudu"a "as supposedly found dead in the prison lavatory and his body "as discovered on the &' th 1ebruary morning  according to the prison authorities%+he deceased had arrived in ,L before the "ar "as concluded on #' th 2pril &##3 "hen he "as arrested at the Katunayaka 2irport and detained under the prevention of terrorism 2ct ()+2* until &#$& and "as sentenced to 4 years rigorous imprisonment (R5* on &4 th 6uly &#$&% -e "as indicted on charges of collecting funds and "eapons for the terrorists% 5t is note"orthy that under the )+2  statements made to the police by the suspect can be used as evidence against the suspect in a court % Gopinath "as to be released in the ne.t fe" months based on the general reprieve prisoners are entitled to% +he L++7 suspects "ho "ere detained in the 8elikade prison "ere transferred on the orders of the defense secretary to the Magazine prison some time ago% +hough the prisons come under the purvie" of the 6ustice Ministry  at present all prison affairs are unla"fully controlled by the defense Ministry% Gopinath "as detained in the 9 "ard of Magazine prison%n the &/ rd of 1ebruary  the day before Gopinath;s remains "as found  Gopinath "as taken for <uestioning by the ne" murder team  =prisons intelligence and investigation unit; appointed  by Gotabaya % ,urprisingly  Gopinath did not return to his "ard after the <uestioning% -e had  been <uestioned on a letter supposedly sent by him to Geneva pertaining to the la"lessness inside the prisons % >uring the interrogations he had been most ruthlessly assaulted that he died% +hereafter his body "as dumped in the prison lavatory%
+he prison officials have informed the Borella police at 3% '? the follo"ing morning (&'* that Gopinath;s body "as found in the lavatory  and he died "hen he "as being taken to hospital% -ereunder is the fabricated tale of the prison officials in this regard and the <uestions it raises:-o" and "hy did the prisoner in "ard 9 go out to the prisoners; general lavatory @ -o" come his body "as found in the general lavatory@8here "as Gopinath Aust before his death @ 5f he "as not in his "ard 9  "here "as he and in "hose custody @1ive times per day a record of prisoners are made in the registers % n that fateful day  only three times records have been made%5nterestingly and intriguingly  follo"ing the killing of Gopinath  the first task of the officers had been removing the relevant records and registers%+he disclosure of the prison officers that the prisoners "ho "ent to look for Gopinath because he "as getting delayed to return  discovered his body  and informed the officers is a blatant lie since the prisoners have no "ay to do that % +his can only be made by prison officers and  Aail guards% 5n this cover up effort the most unla"ful contribution has been made by the MaRa Kangaroo courts %+he olombo magistrate court (t"o* magistrate Ms% !irosha 1ernando is notorious for illegal practices in her profession% +his magistrate "ho "as informed that the deceased "as found fallen in the prison lavatory  had not gone to the venue and done an inspection though that is a mandatory re<uirement% ,he had only conducted a post mortem e.amination regarding the body that "as brought to the hospital% ,he is therefore guilty of a serious neglect of Audicial duties as "ell as "rongful conduct in la"%Moreover  "hen the relatives of the deceased told that they are harboring suspicions that this is a homicide  she had replied  not to relate that to her and that an investigation is being conducted in regard to those allegations % ,uch an ans"er by a Audge is absolutely illegal and contradicts the legal procedures % 5t is so unla"ful that only a monster in the position of a Audge can make such a remark% +his monstrous Audge cannot under any circumstance in la" ignore such a suspicion reported e.pressly by the relatives%Gopinath had on t"o occasions intimated in "riting via letters that he is being targeted for murder% -e had not only informed the family but even the British -igh ommission % Koviyan )othuvelthuraiyappa 0ish"alingam and 0ish"alingam !alin Kumar  father and brother respectively of the deceased are testifying to this%5n vie" of the foregoing  there is no doubt that this too is a murder committed at the behest of or directly by the RaAapakse regime% 7ven making Gopinath an L++7 suspect is a matter surrounded by grave suspicions% 5f Gopinath "as truly an L++7 suspect he "ould have

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