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When Shall We Walk by Sight

When Shall We Walk by Sight

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I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot
bear them now. — St. John xvi., 12.

I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot
bear them now. — St. John xvi., 12.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Mar 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WHEN SHALL WE WALK BY SIGHT? BY GEORGE H. HEPWORTH, D.D. I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. — St. John xvi., 12. 'THE world has had in any given age as much * truth as it was able to bear. A truth mis-understood is the equivalent of an untruth, just as firearms in the hands of a child are a danger. When a person has acquired the due amount of in-telligence he may be safely intrusted with a gun, but ignorance will not escape iuj ury from it. When men have reached that period of evolution which demands new truths they have somehow come as lightning came out of the cloud at the bidding of Franklin. New truths seem to be concealed from us until we have special use for them, and then in-spired lips are unsealed and the revelation is made. We have never been able to bear any larger know-ledge of the immortal life than we have possessed, 86
WHEN SHAU, WE WAI^K BY SIGHT? 87 and it has therefore been denied to us. We have not been sufficiently developed, either intellectually or spiritually, to endure the blazing light, and so the curtains have been drawn down, the full sun-shine has been shut out, and we have seen "through a glass darkly." Our conception of the future has been heretofore of the vaguest character. We have believed in another life, and our belief has lightened the burden and set a rainbow against our tears, and filled us with a yearning after the departed which has robbed death of its terrors, but our ideas have been indefinite and confused, and we have been un-able to discuss the subject even with ourselves. Why is this so? It has given us great pain at times, and we have sighed as though immortality might after all prove to be a dream, beautiful, up-lifting, but still a dream. Why have we had so little knowledge, and incorrect knowledge, of that life to which we are all hastening? In my poor
 judgment it is an added evidence of the wise plan on which all things are conducted. Christ's words recur to me, and I feel sure that we have heretofore known all that we could bear, all that we were fitted to make use of. We get what we need at the time 88 HERALD SERMONS we need it and are prepared for it. If this is true along the historic path of material progress, it is equally true in the realm of religion. To the untutored or undisciplined mind a perfect revelation of what heaven is and of the environment of the soul in that other world would be incalculable unwisdom, and in the great majority of cases a posi-tive and alarming injury. This life has a divine purpose; but that purpose would be wholly defeated if our knowledge of the future were suddenly en-larged. The heavy burdens we bear, the struggles in which we are engaged, the bitter tears we are forced to shed, the disappointment of our fondest

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