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Anatomy of Brazilian Cereeae (Subfamily Cactoideae, Cactaceae)

Anatomy of Brazilian Cereeae (Subfamily Cactoideae, Cactaceae)

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Published by John Gamesby
Anatomy of Brazilian Cereeae (Subfamily Cactoideae, Cactaceae)
Anatomy of Brazilian Cereeae (Subfamily Cactoideae, Cactaceae)

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Published by: John Gamesby on Mar 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Acta Bot. Bras. vol.21 no.4 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2007
Anatomy of Brazilian Cereeae (subfamily Cactoideae, Cactaceae):
Britton & Rose,
A. Berger and
Anatomia de espcies brasileiras pertencentes ! tribo Cereeae (subfam"lia Cactoideae, Cactaceae):
Britton & Rose,
Stephanocereus  A.
and Brasilicereus
#atricia $offiatti
' eronica Angyalossy
Universidde !eder" do #rn$% &eprt'ento de (ot)ni*% +. #ost" 19031% ,1531-990 +riti% #% (ri"
Universidde de So #"o% &eprt'ento de (ot)ni*% +. #ost" 11641% 05422-970 So #"o% S#% (ri" vng"ossi.sp.r 
 Arrojadoa, Stephanocereus
re ende'i* (ri"in +ereee% o**rring "ong the spinho nge% in the *'pos rpestres% *errdos nd *tings% 8ro' northern ins eris to sothern (hi. ;he gener re *o"'nr% ere*t to se'i-ere*t **ti% ex*ept 8or one spe*ies% <
=hi*h is g"oose. ;his std des*ries the nto' o8 der'"% 8nd'ent" nd vs*"r sste's% i'ing to 8ind dignosti* *hr*ters 8or the gener nd spe*ies. (s" portions o8 ste's =ere se*tioned trnsverse" nd "ongitdin""% nd stined =ith <str"e nd S8rnin. ;he spe*ies shre  niserite epider'is% =ith thi*> *ti*"e? =e"" deve"oped *o""en*h'ti* hpoder'is% *ontining pris'ti* *rst"s? *ortex =ith n'eros '*i"ge *e""s% drses nd vs*"r nd"es? otside *ortex s  p"isde pren*h'? perider' *o'posed o8 "igni8ied *or> *e""s "ternting =ith seried *e""s? phe"oder' *onsisting o8  8e= "ers o8 thin-=""ed *e""s? ph"oe' *o'posed o8 so"itr or '"tip"e o8 t=o to three sieve te e"e'ents% *o'pnion *e""s% xi" nd rdi" pren*h'? se*ondr x"e' =ith so"itr to '"tip"e vesse"s% =ith si'p"e per8ortion p"tes nd "ternte ordered to se'i-
ordered pits? xi" pren*h' s*nt vsi*entri* to in*o'p"ete? "iri8or' septte 8ires? "rge rs. Un"igni8ied pren*h' is seen in the se*ondr x"e'% vring 8ro'  8e= *e""s to nds 'ong xi" nd rdi" e"e'ents. ;he 8o""o=ing re *onsidered dignosti* *hr*ters: the shpe o8 "igni8ied phe""e' *e""s% *i* to rdi"" e"ongte% =hi*h individ"ies
S. leucostele;
n nderdeve"oped hpoder'is nd the o**rren*e o8 s*"ereids in the *ortex re ex*"sive to
Brasilicereus markgrafii.
*ey +ords:
 Ste' nto'% *o""en*h'ti* hpoder'is% +ereee% +*t*ee
 Arrojadoa, Stephanocereus
so g@neros end@'i*os A Serr do spinho% o*orrendo o norte de ins eris% e n +hpd &i'ntin% o s" d (hi% sso*idos os *'pos rpestres% *errdos e *tings. Bs g@neros% perten*entes A s8'C"i +*toidee% trio +ereee% so *o"nres% eretos o *espitosos% *o' ex*eo d espD*ie
 A. bahiensis,
Ee D g"oos. ste tr"ho des*reve  nto'i dos te*idos de revesti'ento% 8nd'ent" e vs*"r ds espD*ies% *o' o oFetivo de s*r *r*teres dignGsti*os pr os g@neros e s espD*ies. #orHes sis dos *"es de *d indivCdo 8or' se*ionds trnsvers" e "ongitdin"'ente% e *ords *o' " de str e s8rnin. &entre s v$ris *r*terCsti*s *o'prti"hds% *it'-se epider'e nisserid% *oert por espesso estrto *ti*"r? hipoder'e *o"enEi'$ti* e' desenvo"vid% *ontendo *ristis pris'$ti*os? *Grtex di8eren*ido n' p"id e' s poro 'is extern? perider'e *o' ser *onstitCdo por *'ds de *D""s "igni8i*ds "ternds *o' *'ds de *D""s serids? 8e"oder'e *o' po*s *'ds de *D""s de predes de"gds? 8"oe' se*nd$rio *o'posto por e"e'entos de to *rivdo% *D""s *o'pnheirs% pr@nEi' xi" e rdi"? xi"e' se*nd$rio *o' vsos so"it$rios  '"tip"os% *o' p"* de per8ro si'p"es% pontoHes reo"ds  se'i-reo"ds? pr@nEi' xi" vsi*@ntri*o es*sso  in*o'p"eto? 8irs "iri8or'es? rios "tos e "rgos. < o*orr@n*i de pr@nEi' no "igni8i*do no xi"e' se*nd$rio D oservd% vrindo de 's po*s *D""s  8ixs *ontCns ns espD*ies. Bs *r*teres de v"or dignGsti*o en*ontrdos so:  8or' ds *D""s "igni8i*ds do ser% *i*s o "ongds% Ee individ"i'  espD*ie
S. leucostele;
hipoder'e po*o desenvo"vid e  o*orr@n*i de es*"ereCdes no *Grtex% ex*"sivos de
 B. markgraaffii.
<nto'i do *"e% hipoder'e *o"enEi'$ti*% +ereee% +*t*ee 
+ereee S"'. &*>. is the 'ost representtive trie o8 **ti in (ri"% =ith its *entre o8 diversit in Northestern (ri"% *onsidered the third 8or +*t*ee ;"or 1997. ;he trie is *o'posed o8ten gener? o8 these
(ritton J ose%
<. (erger nd
re *onsidered to e  "inege o8 *"ose" re"ted tx ;"or J Kppi 2004. ;he spe*ies re "" ende'i* to the
campos rupestres
o8 the spinho rnge in ins eris nd (hi sttes.
*onsist o8 8or nd t=o spe*ies% respe*tive"% s 8o""o=s: <
#.L. (rn J steves N.#. ;"or%
 A. dinae
(ining J (rederoo%
 A. penicillata
Mr>e (ritton J ose nd
 A. rhodantha
Mr>e (ritton J ose%
S. leucostele
Mr>e nd
S. luetzelburgii
pe" N.#. ;"or J gg"i. ;he re  grop o8 *o"'nr% ere*t or *espitose p"nts% =here on"
 A. bahiensis
is g"oose ;"or J Kppi 2004.<**ording to ;"or J Kppi 2004%
re *"ose" re"ted gener% sed on the o**rren*e o8  ring *eph"i'%  spe*i"ied reprod*tive str*tre. ;he gener di88er ho=ever regrding the po""intion sndro'e nd the n'er o8 ris ;"or J Kppi 19,9. Bn the other hnd% the *"oseness o8 
is sggested  the po""intion sndro'e% *hiropterophi"% nd the "ish *o"or o8 the 8rits ;"or J Kppi 2004.
(*>eerg is n errnt gens% to dte provisor in the grop de to  s*" peri*rpe" ;"or J Kppi 2004. It =s sggested tht it 'ight represent  s" rn*h in the trie% thogh it re'ins nde8ined so 8r ;"or J Kppi 2004.In  txono'i* revision o8 the trie% sed on *"disti* n"sis sing 'orpho"ogi*" *hr*ters% the re"tionships et=een the tx ppered nreso"ved ;"or J Kppi 19,9.
Cipocereus, Brasilicereus
*'e p in  s" po"ito'% =hi"e
*'e p s  prph"eti* gens. ;his =or> sho=ed tht 'orpho"og is ins88i*ient 8or  deep nderstnding o8 the re"tionships in the trie. In s*h  =e"" dpted grop% hving  high" red*ed 'orpho"og% *onvergen*e =i"" ndoted" 's> *hr*ters tht 'ight e o8 se in  ph"ogeneti* n"sis ;"or J Kppi 2004. (sed on the res"ts% the thors sggested there is  strong need 8or other dt sor*es% s*h s nto'% phto*he'istr nd 'o"e*"r% to etter reso"ve +ereee ph"ogen.egrding the nto'% sever" stdies *n e 'entioned% espe*i"" those *orre"ting txono' nd sste'ti*s ison 1973? 1977? 197,? seth 19,9? 1996? 1999? N88e"erJ gg"i 1997? Si"v J <"ves 1999? So88itti J <ng"oss-<"8onso 2003? 2005.!or instn*e% ison J Oor> 197, *on8ir'ed the sdivision o8 #*h*ereee in t=o tries% sing nto'i*" *hr*ters 8ro' der'" nd 8nd'ent" sste's% s =e"" s *he'i*" nd 'orpho"ogi*" ones. seth 19,9? 1993? 1996 nd seth nd *o""ortors seth J #"e'ons 1995? seth J #"e'ons-odrige 1997? 199,? seth
et al.
199, stdied extensive" the nto' o8 'e'ers o8 +ereee in order to nderstnd the evo"tion o8 *ertin trits in the grop nd provide ddition" dt 8or the nderstnding o8 re"tionships in the trie.;here re  8e= stdies sing nto'i*" *hr*ters in  *"disti* ppro*h in the 8'i". N88e"er J gg"i 1997 stdied the re"tionships =ithin the gens
trie Noto**tee throgh the nto' o8 der'" sste' nd *ortex% s =e"" s 'orpho"ogi*" *hr*ters% giving spport to the *ir*'s*ription o8 the gens. ore re*ent"% ;errs J <ris 2003 'de  *"disti* n"sis 8or +*toidee% sing nto'i*" *hr*ters srveed in the "itertre? the *on*"ded tht these 'ight e o8 se together =ith other sor*es.egrding (ri"in spe*ies% Si"v J <"ves 1999 stdied the nto' o8 six spe*ies o8
nd noti*ed di88eren*es ""o=ing the seprtion o8 t=o sgener. So88itti J <ng"oss 2003? 2005 stdied the nto'

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