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2014.03.02 Gmail - Court Administrators, Obligation to Fiduciary Duty, Liability, And Risk

2014.03.02 Gmail - Court Administrators, Obligation to Fiduciary Duty, Liability, And Risk

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Published by: Lisa Stinocher OHanlon on Mar 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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3/2/2014Gmail - Court Administrators, Obligation to Fiduciary Duty, Liability, and Riskhttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=1dee5a7e57&view=pt&search=sent&th=14482f6ab08865411/2
Lisa OHanlon <angryjeweler@gmail.com>
Court Administrators, Obligation to Fiduciary Duty, Liability, and Risk
1 message
Lisa OHanlon
<angryjeweler@gmail.com>Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 7:23 AMTo: aimee.fortier@gov.mb.ca, info@cjc-ccm.gc.caDear Sirs:It has come to my attention that as a form of policy this district is barring public access to the judiciary with pattern & practice, obstructing justice, andwhile paying yourselves to systemically damage, harm, and victimize people as a means and method of business practice. This behavior is unsafe andrisky. These types of problems are becoming increasingly common across the globe as certain attorneys are becoming desperate to cover and protecttheir GROSS ERROR which has left their clients and agencies in positions of extreme liability.It is clear to me that your court clerks are violating the rules of the court and their own obligation to fiduciary duty with pattern and practice and for thepurpose of delay & subterfuge. Court clerk cannot refuse to accept documents. Court clerks cannot protect attorneys who are acting in violation of law.Substance v. Form. You are openly trafficking in humans. Maybe you didn't notice.. Have you seen the Brandon Corrections website? What the hell doyou guys have going on up there? It can't be good for tourism. Rogue law enforcement agency is a disease that's been going around. Perhaps you should get tested before it's too late.There are currently court clerks across the United States who are being arrested and going to jail for these types of crimes as IS APPROPRIATE.Clerks here are bound to their obligation to fiduciary duty, and I am certain that they are also bound to fiduciary duty in Canada. I am documenting and watching your violations from here in Minnesota. We have similar problems here, perhaps you caught it from our agencies? It isclear to me that there is an illegal administrative directive being handed down and followed. Whomever is giving this directive has unclean hands and isnow implicating the court administration and judiciary in his criminal activity. What agencies need to do is re-evaluate the attorneys who are abusing systems to prosecute as a form of defense. When attorneys make bad businessdecisions it can really poison an entire system, because those who are following attorney directives may not realize the deviation from the regulations.Pretty soon you are engaged in consumer fraud, hate crimes, and human trafficking and you don't even realize it because you can't believe that it couldhappen to you.Often greedy, poorly trained, criminally insane attorneys will form policy that violates regulations because it is more cost effective for the agency, andsystemic deviation will generally result in the generation of a larger volume of transactions benefiting the agency. In the states our regulation manualsinform employees that if a client objects then the agent is to follow a different path because the agency cannot indemnify an agent who is violating thelaw, even if the manual instructs you to violate the law.

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