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The White Man Episode VI - Uncle Barry

The White Man Episode VI - Uncle Barry

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Published by Benjamin F. Kaye
Episode VI
Episode VI

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Published by: Benjamin F. Kaye on Mar 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Uncle Barry
Flush. It was an odd beginning to an interesting conversation I overheard. As I was washing up, next to Captain Incredible, Iron Skull came out of the stall and parked himself next to everyone
s favorite childhood hero.
So, John, how did you do at the dealer?
 Iron Skull turned to his arch nemesis briefly.
I got a 2009 lemon with a 5.4% car loan.
 John, aka Captain Incredible, glumly replied.
Holy Crow! John, is that the best you could get?
 Captain Incredible sighed.
Never marry and divorce someone with a crappy credit history.
Hey, c
mon now. You were young and hopeful. Don
t blame yourself for the choices you made.
 Iron Skull put his arm around his foe. I left the two comic book legends as they grappled with the all too real wrinkles of everyday life. The convention center was brightly lit by April sunshine and everything was alright. I was so grateful. I found Trent and Jack in front of a large TV screen. They were reading a story on Eagle Crest
s web site; in fact they were so engrossed in it that they didn
t even notice me.
The White Man: Urban Legend or Vigilante?
 Trent raised an eyebrow.
What do you think buddy? Do you think The White Man is real?
I guess so. It says that a lot of people have seen him. And, they have a picture of him.
 Jack looked up at his father.
So, is he a good guy or a bad guy?
 Trent put his arm around his son and drew him close. Jack thought for a moment and then smiled.
I guess he
s good.
..Jack my boy, that
s what I love about you
 ever the optimist!
 I messed up his hair.
Hey! Watch the hair!
 Trent teased his little optimist.
 Jack squirmed away from his father
s overprotective grasp.
 The rest of the afternoon was spent listening to details of Captain Incredible
s new movie, plus his upcoming comic book novel. The Captain and Iron Skull couldn
t wait to get at each other and almost came to blows on more than one occasion. Back at the
Tibideau Ranch
, Jack played the latest Captain Incredible game and Trent got down to the dirty business of sorting out his investment portfolio. While Jack was blasting baddies and saving citizens, Trent was looking over stock prices and analyzing investment trends.
So Mitch, when are you gonna jump in? You must have at least a little bit of cash to invest.
 Trent sat me down next to him.
Well, uhm
m really not that much of a savvy investor.
 I fumbled.
Trust me
s not rocket science. You just have to be focused on the dollars.
 He grinned that I
m-gonna-be-rich grin.
Well, I
ve got to do a little bit of re-modeling around the house. I
ve gotta go; mind if I borrow Maggie?
 no problem.
 Trent didn
t even turn his head.
So, what is it this week?
 Maggie was actually getting into this. I was surprised; I thought she would still be worried about me.
Watch this.
 I put an empty beer can on the coffee table. A green line of light, surrounded by streaking blue, orange, and white particles, erupted from my eyes (or where my eyes would be if the armor had eyes). A dim halo formed around the can and then it simply collapsed into a pile of fine powder.
t it just
neat? This time I can stop the crooks without hurting anyone.
 The world around me stretched out into infinity; everything I saw was somehow being sucked into an invisible funnel. Then, just as quickly, the environment rushed at me. I wasn
t prepared for what I saw. I was in a giant circular room with a glass dome and a glass floor. Above me, countless stars sparkled in the vast expanse of space. Below me, a huge black and red planet slowly rotated; its atmosphere curling and twisting in multiple and crazy ways. The room itself was lined with computers of some sort; but they didn
t make sense to me. They had levers and dials and knobs that no human could
ve thought up.
.Mitch! There you are! Guard the door, the Ath will be here any moment! If I don
t get the planet
s shields up, they
ll devour the whole planet! Just strip it bare, just like they did to Pleadies-27! I won
t have that happen again! Those marauders come and conquer as they please, but they
ve never come up against the Veng before
 ha! It
s time to bring some law and order to this part of the galaxy.
 The words flowed sublimely through my head, but I heard no sound. Instinctively, I knew that they came from the alien at the far end of the room. He was about my height, with one head, two arms, and two legs. As far as I could tell, we had the same number of fingers and toes.
How do these little things manage to survive? This shield generator is so antiquated that our most primitive citizens would laugh at it! Mitch, when the Ath get through, and they will get through, show them no mercy. Killing a few dozen pirates is worth saving 187 trillion lives below us.
 The alien turned to me briefly; a giant, yellow triangular eye covered his whole face. Five black pupils raced in different directions, erratically going this way and that. I noticed several gills on each side of his head. The sound of cutting and showers of sparks brought me back to the moment. I stepped back; the metal door before me slowly leaned forward and then crashed. I peered through the smoke on the other side; gradually, I saw red lights in the shape of a
. As the forms became distinct, the
 shaped lights on their helmets glowed in succession, from top to bottom and back again. They had
 of some type; the barrels were nothing more than twisting metal braids. Pulses of energy zipped past me as they rushed forward.
They have Nethasian shotguns? How did they manage that?
 The alien turned briefly in my direction before resuming his frantic rescue.
Careful Mitch! These fellows aren
t your average pirates. They must have been hired by the Goothalk
 no that doesn
t make sense
 the Goothalk are in the process of a hostile corporate takeover with these poor savages. The Shikaisee, yes, maybe them. Then again, the atmosphere would require too much work to convert for them to be interested. The Borgan? Yes! The Borgan! This scenario has all the classic signs of a Borgan venture! Why didn
t I see it all along?
 There was no time for questions. For every one I zapped, two more jumped on me. I never really was a fighter
 I was always afraid of hurting someone. This was the first time I felt that my life might really be in danger; something kicked in.
s it Mitch! You
re getting the hang of it! I knew you were the right choice! Oh my
Oh my?
 I addressed my new friend.
The orbital stabilizers have been hit. I do believe that
s what they were after all along; they didn
t want to conquer the planet
 simply destroy it.
 As I continued my task of dispatching the
, we descended.
How much time do we have?
If I knew that, I would be able to devise an escape plan.
 I zapped three pirates with one sweep.
You mean you don
t know what to do?

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