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VENEZUELA: The Terrorist State- This Isn't Cuba- Or is It?

VENEZUELA: The Terrorist State- This Isn't Cuba- Or is It?



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Venezuelan Protests- VENEZUELA: The Terrorist State- This Isn't Cuba- Or is It?
Venezuelan Protests- VENEZUELA: The Terrorist State- This Isn't Cuba- Or is It?

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Jerry E. Brewer, Sr. on Mar 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VENEZUELA: The Terrorist State
This isn’t Cuba! Or is it?
By Juan J. Herrera
Living under a dictatorship that calls itself
 is an understatement. That charade by title has been torn down by thousands of brave student protesters who demand a better future and job opportunities when they graduate.
Rogue heavily armed security officials briefing
E D I T O R I L and O P I N I O N
 3/2/2014 2
They are not alone in this protest since thousands of Venezuelan citizens have joined them in that goal, seeking not only a better future, but also to protest the insecurity which is godfathered by 95% impunity by those government and security officials committing murder; as well as the responsibilities for the shortages of essential and basic food staples and massive inflation. 
Massive citizen turnout in Caracas alone
This narco-Castro-communist regime which controls the purchase of foreign currency here, has denied the petition by the national private industry to purchase US Dollars to import commodities and basic raw materials to carry on their production. By denying such requests, many local newspapers have been forced to close, since their daily criticism of the Maduro regime resulted in whiplash against them for telling the truth to the people here and the world outside of Venezuela. This drug trafficking regime which exports cocaine on a daily basis from Colombia/Venezuela  border states like Apure and Barinas, is immersed in financing the Colombian Maoist guerrilla FARC and other outlaw groups in the region by aiding the drug trafficking towards Central
 3/2/2014 3
America, Mexico, and the USA. The US DEA is certainly aware of this, but within certain circles within government in the USA it sometimes appears that what much of the right hand is doing is ignored or forgotten by the left hand. Fortunately, much of the world is now clearly seeing the realities that we have been living under in this dictatorship. We in Venezuela must be thankful to US Congressmen Marco Rubio, Iliana Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz Balart that have taken a firm position against the Nicolas Maduro government; as well as Governor Rick Scott of Florida demanding that the Obama Administration cancel US Visas to any Chavista involved in abusing human rights here in Venezuela. Furthermore, there is a demand
to “freeze” the assets and bank accounts
of Chavistas and other rogue government officials that have stashed illicit funds in US banks. The Hugo Chavez family alone is believed to have over 300 Million US Dollars in bank accounts in the USA. The US Treasury Department did take preliminary steps towards a group of Venezuelan Army
Generals in freezing their assets and accused them of “money laundering
 It is quite possible that a major portion of the Venezuelan government has been involved in the money laundering operation. In not exaggerating the point, many have forgotten the notorious drug kingpin of a few years ago- Walid Makled. 
Makled’s case took on political overtones in Venezuela when he alleged in interviews from
 prison that he paid millions of dollars to senior Venezuelan officials.
 La fortuna de Hugo Chavez
Maduro has been nicknamed and labeled a
“Cuban puppet
” since he is doing
exactly what Raul Castro of Cuba directs him to do; to the point of sending Cuban troops and equipment to Venezuela as armed muscle not only to defend the Maduro regime, but also to preserve the Chavistic handouts of oil and guard other high Cuban interests in Venezuela.
and Cuba’s Raul Castro

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