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Published by glennpease

Consider the lilies how they grow. — St. Luke xii., 27.

Consider the lilies how they grow. — St. Luke xii., 27.

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Published by: glennpease on Mar 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE LILYBY GEORGE H. HEPWORTH, D.D. Consider the lilies how they grow. — St. Luke xii., 27. THERE is no flower more beautiful or more symbolical than the white pond-lily. At this season of the year it blossoms on the edge of every lake and forms a sort of lacework, like an exquisite fringe on a costly robe. The handicraft of nature has produced nothing which fills the air with sweeter perfume and nothing which teaches a more important lesson. It is a silent advocate of purity, and as we look on its fair petals, which impart a still more delicious odor as they begin to droop and wither, it appeals to us with an almost irresistible eloquence. It is firmly rooted in the slime and mud at the bottom of the pond, but it rises above its origin like a white-robed angel, and is so superior to its en-vironment that we wonder concerning the magic with which it appears to be endowed. If you were 127
128 HERALD SERMONS to look at the seed and were to examine its offensive surroundings you would declare that such a product from such a habitation would be as impossible as it would be unexpected. But by a secret chemistry beyond the reach of our understanding it extracts from the discouraging mud a very miracle of beauty and furnishes us with an object-lesson that has to do with the spiritual nature of man. It proves that the elements of an unspeakable aroma are to be found in the most unpromising conditions, and that the effect may be greater than the apparent cause if circumstances are handled by the all-conquering energy which God has implanted in the seed. It has a distinct and lofty purpose in view, uses what-ever will aid it in the accomplishment of that pur-pose, and sternly and unerringly rejects all else. What will help to make a lily it takes from the great laboratory, and what would mar the lily it refuses to absorb. It has a destiny to achieve, and, though the looker-on would declare that with such
materials it is powerless, yet it steadily toils from day to day with a sublime faith in itself, until the prefect blossom floats on the surface of the water, greets the sunshine, and proclaims a victory. THE LIIY 129 I think we may follow the example of the lily and thus make our human lives more beneficent and profitable. What the lily does under the blind con-duct of natural forces we can do under the direction of a pure and simple religion. The lily tells us how to reach the highest success, and shows us that it can be done by itself doing it. Instead of deploring our surroundings and assur-

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