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Weeds and Flowers

Weeds and Flowers

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Published by glennpease

Stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.— i
Corinthians xvi., 13.

Stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.— i
Corinthians xvi., 13.

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Published by: glennpease on Mar 03, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WEEDS AND FLOWERS BY GEORGE H. HEPWORTH, D.D. Stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.— i Corinthians xvi., 13. I HAVE a neighbor in the country who has a garden -which he treats in a very peculiar way. His theory is that all forces of nature are good natured, and that all products of nature should be encouraged. Whatever is natural, he tells me, is admirable. A weed is just as natural as a rose and has just as clear a right to flourish. It is, therefore, unfair to discriminate against the weed by pulling it up and destroying its life. Wishing to see how his theory worked in practice, I wandered about his enclosure and found a curious state of affairs. The weeds were in a more flourish-ing condition than the roses; in fact, they had taken possession of the ground and dominated it to such an extent that the flowers had well-nigh given up the struggle for existence and were on the verge of
189 190 HERALD SERMONS despair. I vainly tried to convince my neighbor that if he wanted flowers he must pull up the weeds, for the two do not get on well together. They can't be made to harmonize, because weeds are greedy and refuse to give flowers a fair chance. My neighbor has another peculiarity. He carries his theory into the education of his boy. All natural impulses are good impulses, he tells me, and it is not right to give a child a bias toward this or that standard. I^et him show himself just as he is, giv-ing perfectly free vent to his good and bad qualities of character, and by and by he will achieve a well-rounded and well-balanced soul. It is the weed theory transferred to human nature, and so far as my observation of the boy goes it works very badly. I rather fear that later on that father's heart will be
filled with regrets. You cannot build a house without a plan. If you attempt to do so you will have a curious combination whose inconvenience is only equalled by its ugliness. A house without a plan is not worth living in, and a character without a plan is not worth having. It is not true that all natural impulses are good, for some impulses, when gratified, produce unmixed WEEDS AND FLOWERS 191 evil. Not everything that is is right, for some things are wholly wrong and must be held in check at any cost. If you give the weeds as fair a chance as the flowers the time will come when the flowers will die and nothing but the weeds will be left. It is just as necessary to pull up certain natural quali-ties as to pull up weeds, and unless you do so you will find yourself without any character at all. There is a stern and awful truth in the injunction

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