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Find Hot News in Insecticides China News 1401

Find Hot News in Insecticides China News 1401

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Published by: CCM International Limited on Mar 03, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Find Hot News in Insecticides China News 1401Tag:
 insecticides price, neonicotinoid insecticides, chlorantraniliprole, Guangzhou Lonkey, imidacloprid export
Summary: Insecticides China News offers timely update and close follow up of Chinas !arious "ind of Insecticides mar"et dynamics#
Published on the 10
 every month, 
 is a monthly publication released by CCM !t o""ers timely update and close "ollo# up o" China$s various kind o" China%s insecticide market, kno#ing current market situation #ill "acilitate you to search "or commercial opportunities in China%s huge market& closely "ollo#'up o" government policies, natural disasters and area dynamics #ill de"initely help you make (uicker and #iser decisions)ollo#ing are headline ne#s o" the latest issue o" !nsecticides China *e#s+
)- .hanghai prices o" ma/or insecticides in an 012
.hanghai port prices o" ma/or insecticides in an 012
3x'#orks prices o" ma/or insecticides in an 012
 4ccording to data "rom the !nstitute "or the Control o" 4grochemicals, Ministry o" 4griculture o" the People%s 5epublic o" China 6!C4M47, spirodiclo"en registration is becoming popular 4s o" 2 8ec, 019, there are totally 1: spirodiclo"en registrations in China, nine out o" #hich #ere approved in 019
!n the "irst ten months o" 019, the total export volume o" malathion technical and "ormulations in China #itnessed an increase o" 9;:< year'on'year to about ,2=2 tonnes, according to the China Customs and CCM
!n the "irst ten months o" 019, the total export volume o" dia"enthiuron technical and "ormulations in China #itnessed an increase o" 2:9< year'on'year to about =01 tonnes, according to the China Customs and CCM
)irst phase o" iangu 5epont%s relocation pro/ect to be completed soon
China%s export volume o" pesticide "ormulations up 1>0< ?o?, an'ct 019
China%s output o" insecticide @C do#n 19:< ?o? in *ov 019
Aentin Chem'tech marches into bio'pesticide industry
8eng 8ingliang, the chairman secretary o" 4nhui Auilong 4gricultural Means o" Production Co, Ltd revealed that the company%s business structure is in transition and the proportion o" "ertilizer revenue #ill be reduced to =0<, #ith that o" pesticide business increased to 0<'90<
China%s total pro"it o" pesticide industry soars 9B1< ?o?, an'ct 019
-ayer, C!@!C @rust to /ointly establish land trans"er plat"orm
5egistered product announcement system to be implemented "rom an 1, 012
Lan"eng !mport and 3xport obtains its commercial registration on 8ec 1=, 019
 4ccording to the prevailing sentiment in China, the "ood security is based on the bottom line+ a minimum o" 1> billion mu 610 million ha7 arable land Ao#ever, according to 8avid Liu, the "ormer C3 o" Longping Aigh'tech, e(uates 1> billion mu arable land #ith "ood security, is "alse
5ecently, iangsu ialong Chemical Co, Ltd%s "ormal registration o" "osthiazate technical #as approved, becoming the "ourth company to obtain "osthiazate technical registration in China Mean#hile, registration o" "oshiazate "ormulations is also becoming popular
n 8ecember B, 019, the -an o" Methyl -romide D !nternational .oil 8isin"ection @echnology Eorkshop #ere held in Guangzhou @he meeting indicated that the use o" methyl bromide had caused harm to the ozone layer even though it #as an e""ective soil "umigation agent @he application o" methyl bromide in agricultural industry #ill be banned "rom an 01: in China
!n *ov 019, on the @hird .eed @reatment and Pest Control Aigh'level .eminar, 8r Li Fianbin "rom !C4M4 "orecasted that the registration amount o" seed treatment products #ill double #ithin t#o or three years, reaching B00 -esides, there #ill be more ne# varieties 6ne# 4! or mixed "ormulations7 to be registered

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