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Spirit Bound

Spirit Bound



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Published by Undestanding alle
The name is Spirit Bound. The world of Spirits enjoy and think, this book is all for the understanding thing
The name is Spirit Bound. The world of Spirits enjoy and think, this book is all for the understanding thing

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Published by: Undestanding alle on Oct 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spirit boundThis was the end I knew that already. My breathing became heavier I found myself sweating off my skin almost. I heard my foot steps slowing. I knew that I would have tosuccumb to the end of my life. As I ran from my killer I thought why and who would tryto kill me. I had never been the one to socialize in parties or banquets. I was what in mydays called painfully shy. It registered me exactly I never found boys cute. They almostseemed to scare me more than the girls who I was supposed to socialize with. I ponderedon that note when I felt gravity take me down. I rolled down a hill. I felt my leg snap andmy head bang right against a sheer, hard rock. I almost lost consciences this was toomuch for one person to take. I felt my body slow and then I stopped completely. My ribsseemed to be fractured because every time I took a breathe it hurt. I laid there thinking of my mother. I would soon enough be united with her. No more pain, blood, misery, sadness and no more of my putrid father. I heard footstepsthe same very footsteps I heard as my father came toward me to beat the hell out of me.The same heavy footsteps that sounded when my father arrived drunk, the same heavyvibrations that thundered above me as my father paced. But oddly enough the footstepsdid not comfort me. I knew they never would, they signaled that my father was about tokill me. I felt his breath against his my neck. Was he going to kiss me? If he did I wouldhope he never get through the gateway to heaven. “I’m sorry baby. You have to die youare not what I want or need.” He muttered. I felt his heat he was too close for my liking. Icouldn’t move but at the temperature it was now I would die of hypothermia like this. Ithen felt some thing cold touch my neck. Then a tingling feeling spread from the back of my neck to my forehead.I felt wet warmness as it seeped down my neck to my back. I felt my father stabbingalong my neck and back and laughing like the drunken fool he was. I knew this washappening my screams seemed to make it more realistic. Still this all felt like a dream, adream that would haunt me for the rest of my life, but then there was no more pain, Icouldn’t see or hear anything.I felt oxygen fill my lungs, there was more pain as I took deep breathes of this newwonderful oxygen. It tasted sweet but with almost a garden spice hint to it. I sighed Imade to where ever dead people were supposed to go and be placed.Then a light shined above me as well as a ferocious heat burned my cheek. I jumped upscared out of my wits at the flames under me. I looked up to the golden light, there weregateways they looked to made of solid gold in its purest form. I was amazed at the beautyof heaven, there was the sweetest fragrance coming from the wind that blew. I watcheduntil I saw the gates open, I was terrified I was going to be placed wasn’t I Hell or Heaven.But there in the gateway was not God or Jesus but my mother laughing in happiness. Iwas about to wave when a man walked up behind her as well as a young girl.I put my hand down they didn’t seem to notice me they kept on looking happy and soonenough left the gateway closed and Hell remained. I felt fury raging in my veins; I feltanger and grief sadness and pain. The pain was back but it was not physical but mental.
She had left earth and found two new people to make her happy. I bet she didn’tremember my name. I know she didn’t love me any more I was a person who caused her  pain and pain was not allowed in Heaven.I looked down loathing her to see people clawing at my feet. I didn’t hear when the judges arrived but they were there all right. I looked up pain still on my face one of the judges flinched as I looked up. One just looked at me with a thoughtful expression theother grinned at the pain on my face as though it was the most work of art on the planet.“Choose where you belong.” One said. I flinched. His voice boomed and seemed to crosse universe. “I do not understand what you ask of me.” I said. “You choose were you belonging.” He repeated. Then it dawned on me he was the almighty God.The God I prayed to when my Father beat me and when I felt there was no hope left inmy life. I felt gratitude and shame I knew that I was not worthy to walk on the ground hesmiled upon. He was just shadowy image of a human but I felt like he was human.The women in the middle she seemed to glow but not as bright as the Lord. She smiledat me she wanted to me. Well so did the devil and I was not going to burn in the depths of Hell. “May I ask who the woman in the middle is?” I whispered. I stared at her hopingmy face showed curiosity. “My name is not important none the less is yours. I control theearth my name is Mother Nature. You can remain on Earth but as a spirit.” She said.I didn’t ask for the last person because I thought I would be sick if he explained aboutHell. “I think I would like to remain on Earth.” I whispered. I still didn’t get it they weresupposed to choose my fate. I mean I have lied and tried to get people to forgive me. ButI have done wrong but I wanted to remain on Earth and try to fix things. “Okay but trustme this will be your life over again. But as an immortal.” Mother Nature said smiling atme.I felt my body shimmer and then I was gone.“Do you think she is the chosen one to release the spirits and to make there gifts help theEarth. Even stop the destruction of the Earth.” God said smiling. “Yes because I watchedher when she was young. When she was young she could persuade anything or anybodyto see her way.” Mother Nature said smiling also. They watched as I Elizabeth Jane Lionfloated down to Earth.Chapter 1: the second DeathI floated back down to earth thinking of everything. Some spirits who were unconsciousfloated past me they were still like they were when they died. I looked down on Earthsmiling this would be my chance to stop being this ugly shy person who was afraid of nearly anything that moved and to stop all the horrible things. I was back on Earth andsoon I floated on to a tree and sat there sighing. I looked down and tried not to cry. Notime had passed in my absence my Father was still stabbing me. He was still the crazydrunk and I felt anger that would have burned up my flesh if I was still alive. I bent downfrom the tree and grabbed the knife.This surprised both of us, as a spirit I expected my hand to go through it. I marveled atthe crazy idea of spirits being able to touch things when I remembered my father staringat the floating knife. All the hatred things that he had done to me I wanted to get back athim I was going to get back at this crazy fool. I raised the knife about to strike when my
father flinched and curled in to a ball whimpering and praying. I couldn’t do that, Icouldn’t kill my Father.He was alive and I was dead I couldn’t kill him. I sighed and dropped the knife and heheard the clink and looked up. I felt my self become visible and my father stare at me.“You didn’t kill me, why?” He asked. “Because I am not a killer. You may have takenmy life away but I refuse to become a monster like you.” I spit at his ugly plump face. Hestared at me frightened by the person who he frightened before. I smirked. He would diesoon and it would lift the heavy weight off my shoulders. I stared down and left him thereto let fear leave him paralyzed. I was not a monster I was free of his hatred and his painhe released on me. I felt free there was no end to the pain I would have to deal with whenI came across him again. I took a deep breathe and breathed in my surroundings. I lookeddown and saw that I wore the same outfit I had worn to my death. I needed to clean the blood off. I was of course going to my funeral so I wanted to look presentable. I walkedthrough the familiar twisty roads that would leave me to freedom when I was alive. Isighed, I wondered why I felt exhausted, maybe spirits ha to sleep and eat just like whenthey were alive. I then sat down I needed to rest. I sat there and watched the sun go downand the moon slowly appear. I now smiled at myself, I had not even twitched I had new patience.If I was human some ‘thing’ would have popped up and made me leave this peaceful place. Now that it was later in the day I became aware of the glow that came from wellme. Okay so I was freaking out. That was something I had kept from my human life. My panic well that would come in handy, I looked down and saw a small little pond, it wasthe one I use to play in when I was three years old. I laughed at the old memory and thenI got sad because those were the days when my father wasn’t a cheap drunk fool. I slowlywalked down in to the water that would supposedly clean the dirt and blood of my skinnyfigure. I nearly yelped at the temperature, I had expected the water to pass through me.Well so much for those stupid superstitions that the priest at the church had looked up or made up. I slowly took off the clothes I wore and sat down in to the water and sunk myhead below and felt water enter my lungs. I didn’t choke me like I had guessed it actuallycaused me a great deal of calming down. I put my clothes under the water and scrubbedthem with this little brush I kept under the water when I made my attempts to escape theliving Hell I lived in. I scrubbed hard and watched the stains easily remove from my thinclothes. Then I looked down at my body, it wasn’t clean it had many scars that broughttears to my eyes.Well not really because well I was under water so did tears really exist in this fabulouskingdom? I shook my head afraid to laugh at the silly little inquiry I had answered. Iscrubbed my body and hair calm hoping this peace would remain forever. I stood up andhiccupped, note to self don’t abruptly stand up in water after breathing water. I looked atthe water still remain on my shoulders. They glowed with the rest of my body; I sat downin a little pocket of a tree. I closed my eyes and listened to the night sounds and sighedwhen I heard no footsteps. I waited for the sunrise so my body and clothes would soondry. I smiled as I remembered as Carly Jane coming up to me and yelling that spiritscame to her bedroom and told her stories. Carly Jane was my little sister she said spiritscame and went. I then waited for the sun to rise again; I couldn’t take anymore pain as itis dying and every thing. I remembered my sister’s death she had died from a seizure. Neither I nor the doctors in my town knew what a seizure was but with it being the

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