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Crimean Crisis

Crimean Crisis



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Published by Danny
Analysis of the Crimean crisis based on astrodirections, an experimental astrological technique.
Analysis of the Crimean crisis based on astrodirections, an experimental astrological technique.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Danny on Mar 03, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Astrodirections for Crimean Crisis
D.H. Van den BergheIn this article we take a look at the current Crimean Crisis, which has put Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war. Theastrodirections technique, which I proposed in an article several years ago, is ideally suited for this kind of situationsinvolving several countries. You can get the article here: http://fourpillars.net/astrodirections.php and find out how I used it to make forecasts for theEurozone crisis. Greece and Euro currency indeed found a bottom just after March 2012, and the Greek stock market hasalready more than doubled since.With astrodirections we do the opposite as in astrocartography. Astrocartography projects the planets unto the world map,while in Astrodirections we take specific locations (need at least two) and project them directly into the horoscope. Thisgives us new points in the horoscope that can be analyzed with the classic astrological techniques like aspects and transits.It shows direction based relationships that cannot be seen with any other method.So, what does it tell us for Crimea right now?We will use its capital city Sevastopol as the place of reference. This is what we get using the great circle (GC) lines(1=Russia, 2=Ukraine, 3=USA, 4=EU/NATO, 5=China):
Taking a more detailed look:Russia(1) is sitting straight at Pluto (power) in Capricorn. Ukraine(2) is in Sagittarius, and its ruler Jupiter is in oppositionwith Pluto. So, Ukraine literally finds itself opposed by Russia right now. The EU(4) and NATO (both headquartered in Brussels), are squaring off with this situation. We see the EU conjunct withMars in Libra. They will talk about reacting to the situation, but can they do anything? Mars is considered weak in Libraand it is also going retrograde right now. I think that means that military action from the EU/NATO side is very unlikelyor will be only weak symbolic action. They will try some balancing act (~Libra).The USA(3) is in Scorpio(~secrets), and they appear to be on the side of Ukraine and EU, but is that so? They are at a veryclose 60 degree angle to Moscow, and Pluto is held by Moscow. China(5) sits right at Neptune in Pisces. They will likely stay far away from the problem and play the role of a chameleon.Why would the USA secretly side with Russia? Well, the EU already has a bigger population than the USA. If it expandseven further by raking in Ukraine, then the USA risks becoming a smaller player on the world scene, well behind Chinaand an enlarged EU. They probably don't want Russia to grow too strong either, but to keep Russia and the EU at oddswith each other could be just right from their perspective.More on the hidden role of China further down, let's first take a look at the situation for 30 March, the day when Crimea isplanning for a referendum about its future:
On 30
 March there will be a New Moon right on Uranus in Aries. If the referendum takes place, then you can be quitesure that the Crimeans will vote for more independence (~Uranus). The EU/NATO will probably try to oppose such a referendum, as Libra opposes Aries, but will they be able to stop it frombeing held? That's doubtful with Mars still going retrograde. Ukraine (in Sagittarius) is forming a close trine with Uranus,which could mean that they will have no other choice and accept independence of Crimea in exchange for getting theircloser ties with the EU. That's probably the bargain that Russia is aiming for.What hidden role will China play? We can look at the chart using the rhumb lines (RH) for that. While the great circle(GC) directions show us the outer appearance and events, the rhumb line technique can reveal something about the lessobvious dynamics that play behind the screens.Here is the chart for 30

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