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Yoga for pregnancy

Yoga for pregnancy

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Published by spes123
this a health related document for expecting mothers. it consist of Asanas and pranayama that can be done during the three trimesters of the pregnancy. there are also hints for safe pregnancy
this a health related document for expecting mothers. it consist of Asanas and pranayama that can be done during the three trimesters of the pregnancy. there are also hints for safe pregnancy

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Published by: spes123 on Oct 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yoga During PregnancyHere are some asanas that you should do when pregnant, for ahealthy pregnancy and safe delivery.Padmasana Butterfly Pose or Titali AsanaThis asana opens up your hips and inner thighs, and removes tension from theinner thigh area. In addition, it stretches your knees and groin area. It is one of the most beneficial pregnancy poses and if done consistenly right from the firsttrimester, it will almost certainly ease childbirth to a great extent.Sit on a mat with your legs stretched out in front. Holding your ankles, pull bothlegs as close inwards as you can, so your heels touch your pelic area. Gradually,push your knees down outwards. You can push your knees down using your elbows if you like, because you will still be clasping your ankles with your plams.Ideally, your knees should touch the mat, but you will not be able to do thisunless you have enough practice. Bounce your knees up and down around 15 to20 times, pushing them as far down as possible, as is comfortable.You can prepare for this asana one leg at a time, working on loosening inner thigh muslces first. Stretch your right leg straight out, and bend the other leg sothe ankle of the left leg is on the right leg's thigh. Hold the ankle with one arm,and with the other arm push the knee of the left leg down, until it touches themat. Then, lift it up and push it down again. Be slow and gentle, and do not strainor you may tear a ligament. Repeat this up-down movement 15 to 20 times for each leg.Squats or UtthanasanKeep your feet around three feet apart, with both heels facing inwards and toesfacing outwards. Interlock your fingers, and let your hands hang down in front of you. Gradually squat, lowering your buttocks. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Donot raise the heels. Stay down for a few seconds, and stand up again. Repeataround 15 to 20 times. 28-year-old Madhuri did 50 such squats every single dayduring her first pregnancy, with the result that she had just a 3 hour labour andan incredibly easy delivery.This is similar to the position adopted by housecleaners when they sweep thefloor, which is why sweeping floors is actually excellent exercise.Cat Stretch Pose or Marjari AasanaStart this aasan with theVajrasanapose, where you sit with your buttocks onyour heels. Raise your buttocks off your heels and bend forward, leaning on your palms. You are now on all fours. Move your feet slightly to the sides, so they arearound a foot or shoulder width apart.
Now that you are on all fours, inhale, raising your head and pushing downthe arch of your back. Your back is now concave. Then, inhale, and rollyour head down between your arms, pushing your back upwards. After exhaling, contract your stomach by pulling the navel up towards the spine.Pull in your buttocks as well. This is one round. Repeat this six times. This aasanstrengthens your neck, shoulders and spine, which is why it is also very good for theposture. In addition, it tones up the entire reproductive system, and is verybeneficial for women before, during and after pregnancy.Pregnancy ExerciseYoga and pregnancyYoga can be of great help to the expectant mothers duringthe pregnancy, at childbirth time and in post-delivery stages.The simple yoga poses help to make the body more flexible,improve posture, and ease many pregnancy problems. Itprepares both your body and mind for new situations andchanges that occur during and after pregnancy. Yoga andbreathing meditation techniques help you to stay fit, healthyand happy during pregnancy and prepare your body for labor. You can reduce anxiety and unwanted worries bypracticing simple yoga and meditation techniques. Yogaalso helps you after pregnancy, it strengthens abdominalmuscles and your pelvic floor and helps you to get back toyour pre-pregnancy shape faster.Benefits of pregnancy yoga:1. Yoga along with meditation prepares your mind and body for change andhelps you to connectto the baby growing within you.2.Pregnancy yoga postures help to have more comfortable birthing andkeep you relaxed at the time of delivery.3.It relieves edema and cramping which is quite common in last months opregnancy.4.It helps to ease tension around the cervix and birth canal.5.Yoga and Pranayama (breathing exercises) help to reduce morningsickness, mood swings, and nausea.6.It also helps to decrease fatigue and tenderness, and also the swelling of breasts.7.It raises the energy level and helps in slowing the metabolism, thusrestore calm and focus.8.Certain Yoga poses help in opening the pelvis that make delivery easier and quicker.9.Yoga also helps in reducing inflammation and swelling around joints.10.It strengthens and massages the abdomen and improves the digestivesystem.11.Yoga helps to restore the uterus, abdomen and the pelvic floor after childbirth.12.It also helps to relieve upper back tension and breast discomfort after pregnancy.13.It helps to regain the fit and shapely body after pregnancy.General precautions:
Pregnancy yoga exercises can be start like any other exercises, but you need totake some precautions to ensure maximum benefits without any harm. It isalways advisable to consult your doctor before starting any exercise. If you arenot used to regular exercise, start slowly and practice yoga under experiencedtrainer. There are certain poses that help to ease natural childbirth and reducemany pregnancy problems but there are other poses also that should be avoidedduring pregnancy. Hence, it is advisable to get complete knowledge andguidance before trying any yoga pose. Some general precautions, the expectantmothers should take are:1. Always listen to your body. If you feel any discomfort, stop practicing that poseand consult your trainer. You may need to modify each pose to your body's physical changes.2. Avoid any pose that compress your abdomen.3. Practice twisting poses carefully, twist more from the shoulders and back toavoid putting anypressure on your abdomen.4. You should avoid any pose that involve lying on your back after the firsttrimester as that can cutblood flow to the uterus.5. It is good to practice standing and balance poses near a wall as it reduce therisk of injury due tobalance loss.6. Try to maintain as much length as possible between the breastbone and thepubic bone to makebreathing easier. Yoga Exercises for each Trimester of PregnancyFirst trimester Yoga Exercises:1. Ardha Titali Asan (Half Butterfly pose) – It is a simple pose that help to loosenthe hip and knee joints that facilitates faster delivery.How to do?Sit on floor with your legs stretched in front of you. Now bend the right leg andplace your right foot as far up on the left thigh as you can do comfortably. Placeyour right hand on top of the bent right knee. Hold the toes of the right foot withthe left hand. Inhale and gently move the right knee up towards the chest. Atexhaling, push the knee down and try to touch the floor. Try not to move your trunk. Repeat the action with left leg. Slowly practice about 10 up and downmovements with each leg but do not strain.2. Poorna Titali Asan (Full Butterfly pose)- This yoga pose relieves tension frominner thigh muscles and removes tiredness from legs.How to do?Sit on floor with your legs outstretched. Bend your knees and bring the soles of the feet together. Try to keep the heels as close to the body as possible. Relaxyour inner thighs. Grasp the feet with both hands and gently move the knees upand down, using the elbows as levers to press the legs down. Do not put any

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