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Ridley Final Script

Ridley Final Script

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Published by Jennifer Francis
Final Script for a student short film
Final Script for a student short film

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Published by: Jennifer Francis on Mar 03, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ridley (Draft 7)ByTom Hesfordtomhesford@btinternet.com
1. THEATRE. INT. DAY.RIDLEY stands Wearing a BLACK LEATHER and RED TSHIRT, withBLACK DRIVING GLOVES. He has a KNIFE brandished facing GARYdressed in HOMELESS ATTIRE. He moves towards him menacingly.RIDLEYChange! give me a reason to evenspare your life.Gary backs away.GARYI’ve done nothing to hurt you.leave me be.RIDLEYI’m not sure that’s a good enoughreason.Ridley laughs as he pulls back the knife and begins to driveit into the body of the homeless actor as he falls down inunconsciousness. RICHARD (director) walks up to them.RICHARDAnd we’ll call it a day therefolks.RIDLEYWhat did you think?RICHARDImproving, but you’re still lackinga bit of... ferocity though. I knowits not easy but you need to tryand imagine what drives him to dothese terrible things.RIDLEYI’m trying.RICHARDAnyway we’ll run it through againtomorrow.Richard turns and walks as away as Ridley stands taking aglance at the knife.CUT TO:
2.2. THEATRE. INT. DAY.RIDLEY stands by the door putting on his COAT whilst GARYand ZOE stand a few meters away from him.GARYThe blue nile is normally good ontuesday.ZOEYeah sure.Ridley flashes a shocked look towards Zoe and nudges closerto them as she struggles to get her coat round her arm.GARYDo you need some help with that.Gary helps her to pull her arm through the coat.ZOEOh, you’re such a gentleman.The pair laugh to each other and Ridley approaches them.RIDLEYAre we all off to the Blue Nilethen?GARYYeah, I’m not sure.RIDLEYI bet it’ll fun.ZOEWe’re kind of going for a mealfirst. If you see...RIDLEYRight. Fair enough.ZOESorry.GARY(Sarcastically)Yeah.Zoe and Gary head out of the door as Ridley retreats backinside intentionally taking a long time to zip up his coat.CUT TO:

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