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C W Snell Snell Manuscript Keelys

C W Snell Snell Manuscript Keelys

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Published by blubbakul
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Published by: blubbakul on Mar 03, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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April 30, 1990
This story was taken from the SNELL MANUSC!"T
C$ %$ Snell
&etroit, 193'
(EEL)*S SECETS, 1+++$
ohn Ernest %orrell (eely -- the .is/oerer of /ompon. inter-
etheri/ for/e, as the reslt of more than 20 years of persistent
effort to apply this for/e to the operation of ma/hinery has, at
last, #t p to this time, not so mastere. this s#tle for/e as to
/ontrol reersions$
The .eelopment of his arios .is/oeries has #een one
ninterrpte. work of eoltion, rea/hin, within the last year, he
thinks, the sphere of perfe/t i#ratory sympathy, #oth theoreti/ally
an. pra/ti/ally$
The proof of this is fon. in the fa/t that he now transmits
i#rations alon a wire, /onne/te. at one en. with the i#ratory
ma/hine whi/h is the sor/e of power an. at its other en. with the
enine or /annon, as the /ase may #e, whi/h is operate. #y s/h
i#ratory power$
Until re/ently (eely store. for/e, as he enerate. it, in a
re/eier, an. e4periments were ma.e #y him in the presen/e of 
thosan.s at arios times for the prpose of testin the operations
of this for/e, li#erate. in the presen/e of the a.ien/e an. store.
p in this small re/eier$
The e.itor of the S/ientifi/ Ameri/an ths .es/ri#es what took 
 pla/e 5The /onfine. apor was passe. throh one of the small
fle4i#le t#es to a steel /ylin.er on another ta#le, in whi/h a
erti/al piston was fitte. so that its pper en. #ore aainst the
n.ersi.e of a powerfl, weihte. leer$ The sperfi/ial area of 
this piston was e6al to one-half of a s6are in/h, an. it a/te. as a
moa#le fl/rm pla/e. /lose to the hine. en. of the short arm of 
this leer, whose weiht alone re6ire. a pressre of 1700 pon.s to
the s6are in/h aainst the piston to lift it$
The ma4imm test was ma.e to pla/in an iron weiht of 7+0 l#s$
on the e4treme en. of the lon arm of the leer$ To lift this weiht
re6ire. a pressre of 1+,900 l#s$ to the s6are in/h /ontin the
.ifferen/e in the lenth of the two arms an. the area of the piston$
%hen (elly trne. the ale-wheel lea.in from the re/eier to
the fle4i#le t#e an. throh it into the steel /ylin.er #eneath the
 piston, simltaneosly with the motion of his han. the weihte.
leer shot p aainst its stop a .istan/e of seeral in/hes, as if 
the iron were /ork$
(eely then .ierte. the as an. fire. a /annon /ontainin a lea.
 #llet a#ot an in/h in .iameter, whi/h went throh an in/h #oar.
an. flattene. itself to a#ot 3 in/hes in .iameter, with a lo.
(eely*s .iffi/lties with his ol. enerator of etheri/ for/e
rew ot of the fa/t, in part, that the apori/ power pro./e. was so
hmi. that he /ol. not, in tili8in it, o#tain its theoreti/al
ale in work$ e has oer/ome this entirely :;< #y .ispensin with
water an. has attaine. a s//ess #eyon. that whi/h he oriinally
anti/ipate. when he a#an.one. his oriinal line of e4periment$ :e
was o#lie. to retrn soon to his former metho., for he fon. a
.iffi/lty een more o#stinate to /onten. with$<
The atom is srron.e. with a .ynasphere, or etheri/ /apsle,
whi/h preents the atoms from to/hin ea/h other, inasm/h as
.ynasphere is in in/on/eia#le rapi. motion$
&ynaspheri/ for/e is #roa.ly .ii.e. into two /ateories= the
sentient an. the non-sentient atoms, as the for/e se. me/hani/ally
 #y Mr$ (eely to his motor$ :Laren/e >liphant$<
The str/tre of the air mole/le a//or.in to (eely is as
follows= ?roken p, #y i#ratory a/tion, he fin.s it to /ontain the
5atomi/ triplet$5
This e4ists in a trianlar position within the mole/le, at its
/enter, nless a/te. pon #y ele/tri/ity, when the mole/le #e/omes
o#late an. the three atoms are rane. in a line within nless #roken
p #y i#ration$
 Natre neer ies a a/m, /onse6ently the spa/e within the
mole/le not o//pie. #y the atomi/ triplet most #e fille. with
somethin$ This is where the 5all-prea.in ether5 has ma.e its
se/ret a#o.e throh ntol. aeons$
(eely was o#lie. to a#an.on his first an. se/on. lines of 
e4perimental resear/h, #affle. in applyin i#ratory for/e to
me/hani/s, an. try a thir. metho. of .epartre from his #ase or 
 prin/iple, throh another /hannel of e4periment$
(eely says= 5!n /onsi.erin the operation of my enine, the
isitor $$$$ mst a#an.on all thoht of enines :s/h as /on/eie.
with pistons, e//entri/s, or workin with pressre$<
5My system --#oth in the .eelopin of this power an. in eery
 #ran/h of its tili8ation is #ase. an. fon.e. on sympatheti/
i#ration$ !n no other way wol. it #e possi#le to awaken or 
.eelop this for/e an. e6ally impossi#le wol. it #e to
operate my enine pon any other prin/iple$
All nee.s to #e .one is to se/re a niform spee. n.er 
.ifferent elo/ities an. /ontrol reersions $$$ some few years
ao, ! /ontemplate. sin a wire as a /onne/tie link #etween
two sympatheti/ me.ims, to eole this power as also to
operate my ma/hinery --instea. of t#lar /onne/tions as
heretofore employe. --! hae only re/ently s//ee.e. in
a//omplishin s/h /hane$ This, howeer, is the tre system
hen/eforth $$$ the power will #e enerate., my enines rn,
/annon operate., throh a wire$5
5!t has #een only after years of in/essant la#or an. the makin
of almost innmera#le e4periments an. the /losest
inestiation an. st.y of the phenomenal properties of the
s#stan/e 5ether5 per se, pro./e. that ! hae #een a#le to
.ispense with /ompli/ate. me/hanism an. to o#tain, as ! /laim,
mastery oer the s#tle an. strane for/e with whi/h ! an
5%hen my present pro/ess of a.@stment is /omplete., the for/e,
the me/hanism an. all that pertains, will #e flly e4plaine.
in a theoreti/al e4position $$$ with appropriate .iarams $$$
5e has not s//ee.e. in oernin spee. or stoppin
e has aain re./e. in si8e the instrment pro./in the for/e$
rom 1++2 to 1++' the 5Benerator5 was si4 feet lon an.
/orrespon.inly wi.e an. hih, #t failin to make the arranement
atomati/ pon whi/h its me/hani/al seflness .epen.e., (eely fon.
a new stan.ar. for resear/h in an e4periment often ma.e #y himself,
 #t neer #efore s//essfl, whi/h reslte. in the inention in 1++7
of the 5Li#erator5 not so lare as a la.y*s small ron. workta#le$
e ma.e astonishin proress with this #eatifl pie/e of 
i#ratory me/hanism,, so as to /om#ine the pro./tion of the power,
operation of the /annon, his enine an. his .isinterator in a
ma/hine no larer than a .inner plate an. only three or for in/hes
in thi/kness$
This was /omplete. in 1++, p to whi/h time his e4periments
were pon the prin/iple of sympatheti/ i#ration, for li#eratin a
apory or etheri/ pro./e$ is later e4periments were another 
mo.ifi/ation of i#ratory sympathy, an. the si8e of the instrment
se. now, 1+++, for the same prposes is no larer the an ol.
fashione. siler wat/h$
A pressre of 30,000 l#s$ to the s6are in/h in raisin of the
leer, an. all other operations, withot one on/e of pressre in any
 part of the apparats, are effe/te. #y the ether$ The for/e is
transmitte. alon a wire of platinm an. siler$
(eely has name. this new mo.ifi/ation 5Neatie Attra/tion$5
The two forms of for/e with whi/h he has e4perimente. an. the
atten.ant phenomena, are e4a/tly antitheti/al$
!t is #y /hanin the i#rations of the /osmi/ ether that (eely
releases this enery$ &r$ &py, of New )ork$ e4perimente. alon
these lines for many years, #t withot s//ess to the .eree (eely
"re sympatheti/ /on/or.ants are as antaonisti/ to neatie
.is/or.ants as the neatie is to the positie, #t the ast olme
the sympatheti/ hol.s oer the non-sympatheti/, in ethereal spa/e,
makes it at on/e the rlin me.im an. rea.@ster of all opposin
/on.itions if properly #roht to #ear pon them$
(eely*s .is/oeries em#ra/e the manner of o#tainin the keynote,
or 5/hor. of mass,5 of mineral, eeta#le an. animal s#stan/e,
therefore the /onstr/tion of instrments #y whi/h this law /an #e
tili8e. is only a 6estion of fll n.erstan.in of operation of 
this law$

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