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Cymatics and the Effect of Sound and Music on Society

Cymatics and the Effect of Sound and Music on Society



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Published by dankly
A study into Cymatics and the Effect of Sound and Music on Society. Written by Daniel Kelly for a diploma in audio engineering.
A study into Cymatics and the Effect of Sound and Music on Society. Written by Daniel Kelly for a diploma in audio engineering.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: dankly on Oct 14, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Cymatics and the Effectof Sound and Musicon Society
Written By Daniel Kelly
In this Thesis I will attempt to answer questions about the relationship between Cymatics, the study of sound wave phenomenon, the implicationsof its use for alternative healing and the effect of music along with everydaysound on us as individuals and as a society. The relationship between thesesubjects may seem a bit farfetched to some people but the more I researchedthe subject of Cymatics along with its healing properties it became more andmore clear that there was also a relationship between music and the patternsfound in society. A subject such as this requires much more research thanhas been performed but I will try and un-blur the line as much as I can withthe research I have done along with observations I have made on the effectof sound on society and individuals. Although Cymatics uses a pure toneand is applied to powder or a liquid to create a distinct pattern which can bere-created, I will attempt to draw similarities firstly from Cymatics, then tosound therapy and alternative healing techniques and finally I will move onto the social and individual aspect of sound and music’s effect on us ashumans.Cymatics is the study of sound wave phenomena and was pioneered by aSwiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Dr Hans Jenny (1904-1972). Hans Jenny spent 14 years of his life performing experiments bringing inertsubstances such as powders, pastes and liquids to life by using pure tones toexcite these substances into forms such as flowing rivers and flowers alongwith structures that resemble art and architecture. All of Hans Jenny’sexperiments were direct physical representations of how sound manifestsinto form through the use of different materials and a pure tone.
Cymatics uses a simple vibrating platform connected to a piezoelectricsounder mounted on a plastic tube. The piezoelectric sounder is connectedto a signal generator and a tone of say 2 KHz is dialled up. On the platformis the material that will be affected by the tone whether it be salt, sand,water or a powder. As different materials respond differently to differenttones.In Hans Jenny’s experiments he used a combination of sand andlycopodium powder. The lycopodium powder moves to the centre of thefield and the sand moves out to the edges forming the lines that representthe field lines. When two frequencies are applied to the sand mixture atonce, it begins to pulsate or beat. When a tone is applied to a layer of standard turpentine a regular latticework form appears, and when a tone isapplied to glycerine, an insect like figure appears and moves like a worm orsea creature through water.When a black liquid is dripped into a transparent fluid, the vibrations nowproduce circular eddy formations; there is always a pair of eddy formations,which continue to form two by two for as long as the tone continues.These eddy formations that are generated in the liquid are similar to theones formed in the cochlea of our ears whenever we hear any type of sound.A plastic substance will always form into ball like shapes; to begin withsmaller ball shapes jiggle around slowly forming and blending with other balls to form larger sphere shapes from the same continuous tone.The human voice can also be used to affect matter in the same way as thetone, a sequence of notes sung will form different shapes and a visualinterpretation of melody can be seen.

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