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Group Discussions on Important Topics for Pre Placement Preparation

Group Discussions on Important Topics for Pre Placement Preparation

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It is a mock GD, useful for those preparing for interviews, placement drives etc.
It is a mock GD, useful for those preparing for interviews, placement drives etc.

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Published by: KNOWLEDGE CREATORS on Mar 04, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Conducted by :
Dr. Trilok Kumar JainDean,ISBM, Suresh Gyan Vihar UniversityJagatpura, Jaipur, a!asthan, In"ia
Tel: +91-141-6450389/90 +91-141-!"96!53#55#56 $%tn 303e-&ail:'ain.t()g&ail.*o&
obile: +91-9414430"63$,itor-in-hie :
nternational ornal on $*ono&i*s an, anage&ent 2$
As a part of pace!ent preparat"on tra"n"n#$ so!e GDs %ere conducted$ t&ese are presented beo% for your reference : ' TOPIC : (ITCOIN ) CAR(ON CREDITS : T*E NE+ (USINESS ,ARDSTIC-A: Dear .r"ends$ %e &a/e #ot a /ery "!portant top"c for d"scuss"on0 T&"s top"c "s reated to t&e future of t&e bus"ness0 If our #roup can e/o/e so!e d"scuss"on$ %e can a earn fro! eac& ot&er and for! a #ood concus"on0(: Can I "nterrupt000 May I see1 t&e per!"ss"on of t&e #roup to a /ery "!portant t&"n# before %e proceed "n our GD00
C: Sorry to "nterrupt000 May I re2uest t&e #roup to f"rst e/o/e so!e fra!e%or1 for our d"cuss"on000D: ("tco"ns are /ery "!portant 000E: Apo"#"es000 pease f"rst e/o/e t&e fra!e%or1 as su##ested by C0.: Dear Tea!'!e!bers$ our t"!e "s /ery "!"ted00 et us start our d"scuss"on and et us d"scuss t&e top"c0C: Let us f"rst e/o/e t&e fra!e%or1 for d"scuss"on0 I a#ree to %&at . "s say"n#0 (ut !ore "!portant "s t&at %e prepare a fra!e%or1000A: Can %e co!e to t&e top"c000(0 : O- A#reed ' et us a start t&e GD ' can %e start "n t&"s %ay t&at e/ery one spea1 out 3 !"nutes eac& and t&en %e for! a concus"on0.: T&"s "s a free fo%"n# GD and e/eryone "s ao%ed to spea1 out0 T&ere "s no need to structure out t&e GD0 Let !e ta1e t&e opportun"ty to "ntroduce t&e top"c and spea1 out so!et&"n# about suc& an "!portant top"c0 +e a a#ree t&at bus"ness re2u"re so!e yardst"c1s0 Trad"t"onay$ prof"t$ %eat& &a/e been cons"dered t&e yardst"c1s00C: +a"t a !o!ent00A: Dear .r"ends$ pease stop aar#u!ents0000 T&"s %" not &ep us0 A fe% of t&e !e!bers %"s& to spea1 out$ but %e &a/en4t yet #"/en t&e! any c&ance0 May I re2uest G and * to s&are %&at t&ey %"s& to spea1 out0 Let us a create a conduct"/e tea! en/"ron!ent0.: See Mr0 A0 T&e t"!e "s so s&ort0 Pease et !e spea1 out and "ntroduce0 Can you a  5ust add a fe% po"nts to %&at I add$ so t&at %e are abe to concude00(: Let us f"rst 00C: 6ust aD: Pease "sten to !e00G: Can I re2uest t&e #roup to pease focus on t&e top"c0 +e a &a/e been ta1"n# about d"fferent t&"n#s$ but t&e !ost "!portant t&"n# "s t&e top"c of today$ %&"c& "s about ("tco"ns and Carbon Cred"ts0 I %"s& to 1no% about t&ese ter!s fro! !y estee!ed fr"ends0 I &a/e read a ot about t&ese "n ne%spapers and %ebs"tes0 May I re2uest !y fr"ends to s&are t&e"r "deas on t&ese ter!s0000
(e r"n#s0 5TOPIC : 787977A: t&"s "s on un"ty0 Un"ty "s re2u"red "n eac& f"edI a#ree %"t& Anand0 787 9 70 Mat&e!at"cay "t "s 30 (ut 77 def"nes un"ty0Ob/"ousy$ %e are ta1"n# about tea!%or10 I a! a !ar1et"n# person$ ,ou are an *R perosn$ $ I can #ro% !y bus"ness %"t& you0In !y c&"d&ood$ I &eard t&e story of a band of %ooden st"c1s0 00 (: 7 87 denotes un"ty0 If t&ere are t%o persons00C: 787 denotes po%er$ "t "s t&e un"ty of t&e #roup or or#an"sat"on0TOPIC : S&oud t&e Go/ern!ent .und t&e Eect"on Epend"ture Today %e &a/e a /ery #ood top"c s&oud t&e #o/ern!ent f"nance t&e eect"on epenses eect"on "s based on bac1 !oney0 !"suse of !oney of t&e peopeI a#ree %"t& t&e top"c 0 at t&"s po"nt of t"!e$ t&e #o/t "s spend"n# crores of rupees "n eect"ons0 t&e trasyry %" #o do%n t&e de/eop!ent epenses %" be cut at t&"s po"nt of t"!e$ t&e part"es can spend on t&e"r o%n0 "f a person "s capabe$ &e doesnt &a/e to spend !oney for eect"onanand : If #o/t doesnt f"nance$ t&e dra%bac1 %" be !oney %" be re2u"red and t&"s !oney %" co!e fro! d"rty !oney and t&ey %" do!"nate t&e po"cy !a1ers0 T&us "n t&e on# run t&e econo!y %" beco!e d"rt"er0 Try to understand yoursef0 If you are f"#&t"n# eect"on$ %&o %" #"/e you !oney; So!eone %&o &as etra !oney and %&o can %a"t for t&at !oney0 +&at %" &e epect fro! you; +&at return %" you #"/e; A!an: person %&o &a/e !oney %" ta1e part "n eect"ons0 *o% can aut&or"t"es spend t&e !oney for persons; *o% %" "t &appen and &o% %" "t benef"t a; *o% %" you ensure contros on epend"ture; Anand : &o% %" a co!!on person %" f"#&t eect"on for t&e %efare of t&e country0

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