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Petition submitted to Chief Justice of India to take suo motto notice against brutal action on Kanpur Medical Students.

Petition submitted to Chief Justice of India to take suo motto notice against brutal action on Kanpur Medical Students.



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Petition submitted to Chief Justice of India to take suo motto notice against brutal action on kanpur medical students.
Petition submitted to Chief Justice of India to take suo motto notice against brutal action on kanpur medical students.

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Published by: Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga on Mar 04, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To The Honorable Chief Justice Supreme Court of India
New Delhi Date: 4
 march 2014
Sub: Illegal detention, arrest and harassment on medical students in State of UP.
Respected Hon'ble Sir
This letter is to bring into your kind notice the most gruesome atrocities which have been done on the Medical Students of GSV Medical College of Kanpur over the last few days by the UP Police under the siege of UP Govt, which depicts that UP Govt and UP Police has mercilessly breached and crushed the basic fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens. The issue of lawlessness and brazen arrogance of MLAs of the ruling Samajwadi Party is not a new thing and newspapers are full of reports of such incidents everyday, but present incident goes to show that UP Govt. and UP police has not respect for the Law of Land and Constitutional guarantees . Present letter brings into your kind notice the most brutal attack on the fundamental rights of the citizens. At the behest of the Samajwadi party MLA Irfan Solanki, his supporters as well as the police of Kanpur went on rampage and brutally beat up students of the GSV Medical College. Reports that we are receiving every hour through news channels and friends in UP, indicate that the concerned MLA even allegedly ordered the shooting of the students involved in the brawl with him. Reports also indicate that several students have been most brutally beaten up and put behind bars at the behest of the MLA.The said students and even allegedly professors are being held in police custody. The incidents of brutality of police and their most deplorable sycophantic service for the
‘powers that be ‘ and complete disregard for the common man is nothing new. Most of the
students who were brutally beaten up and detained come from extremely humble background and have joined the medical profession with their sheer hard work and perseverance. To treat them as criminals and torture them as criminals even when real criminals go scot free in Uttar Pradesh and its CM appeals for the release of hardcore terrorists, is the most deplorable condition that a state can plunge itself into.
Now that medical professionals have gone on strike all across the state of UP, they are being blamed for not treating the patients but if this is the manner in which educated youth of India are treated at the behest of arrogant goons and MLAs, then what else can be expected from the students apart from going for strike which is their only means of protest since they neither have the money power nor the muscle power to match the establishment and its arrogant MLAs?
We are running a Youth Organisation in the name of "Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena" in Delhi and we are regularly in touch with the youth from various parts of the country and in the present matter also we received several calls for our help and indulgence, but since the matter pertains to high level political circles, we admit our inability to help our helpless fellows youths, who happen to be from a noble medical profession and future of our medical science, and hence we have come seeking help and indulgence from this Hon'ble Court. We have been receiving several emergency calls for help from the students who have completely lost faith and do not hope of getting justice from the UP Government. Thus on their behalf we write to you to take suo moto cognisance of the matter and give the students their due justice. If this is the manner in which educated youth keep getting treated in India then they either would have the choice to turn goons themselves to face the goons or leave the country and settle abroad where their quality and education would be valued with dignity.
We requests your Lordships to come into the rescue of the young medical students being illegally detained and harrased in UP and take suo moto cognizance of the acts and excesses done by UP Govt and UP Police.
This letter may be kindly treated and letter PIL and this Hon'ble Court may be pleased to take suo moto cognizance of the acts accordingly.
Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga 11/35B 2
 Floor Tilak Nagar New Delhi-110018 M. 9818737573
I am annexing Some Pics of Injured Students, Local Newspaper Cutting Copies & one such letter from a Doctor, who is a victim of such atrocities in State of UP. Kindly take notice of this letter.
Respected sir This is to bring in your kind attention the barbarous act that took place in the premises of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi medical college, Kanpur last friday the 28th of February,2o14. The incident took place when MLA Kanpur Irfan Solanki misused his powers against medical students following a minor clash between him and a medical student . The brutal act started when MLA Solanki's car crashed into a medical students bike , the aggression of which resulted into a completely unjustified beating up of the medical student by the MLA himself along with his body guards. On coming in information of such act into the notice of the college administration , an attempt to pacify and rescue the student from the continuous beating, proffesor medical college was sent, who also ended up by being beaten up. The condition worsened when still our respected MLA's ego was not satisfied and he ordered entire kanpur P.A.S.C. to enter the college campus and the college students . They entered the college campus without the principles permission , destroyed the boys hostels property , broke up an estimated hundreds of bikes and cars.They thrashed into boys hostel and brutally beat the medical stundents . The complete torture proceeded with firing and striking students on head with stones and solid bricks.One of the students was thrown from the first floor of hostel who is suffering from hip fracture and parlysed below hip region .Those who were simply beaten up suffered blunt trauma on head, dozens of fractures and innumerable injuries . A single student was seen being beaten by ten ten policeman. The rooms were devastated, laptops broken , books were torn , the hostels were ruined by their inhumanitarian act to a level that they are not in a condition to be reoccupied . The students who escaped the scene had to spend the complete night in the bushes behind the college as they had no other option since the police department had sealed up the gates and entrances of the college. The lights of the complete campus was too cut for the complete incidence which took for an about three hours leaving no option open for escape.The police even didnt spare the professsors who wanted to rescue or calm down the situation and beat them up savagely too. They arrested 24 medical students denying any requests of theirs for being spared. The following night the whole campus underwent continuous patrolling by police and rapid action forces in sight for finding any medical student in the campus .While the students were hiding every place possible . Later saturday morning teachers requested the officials to release the students but all efforts in vain . Meanwhile the police sealed off the hostels and photographed the rooms with weapons and illegal guns which did not belong to the students to create false evidence. They also tortured the hostel warden when he tried to stop theofficials. The most striking thing which happened throughout the episode was that the media was completely prohibited from the scene and those

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