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FH Work Session Meeting Minutes - 2014-01-08

FH Work Session Meeting Minutes - 2014-01-08

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Published by Morris County NJ

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Published by: Morris County NJ on Mar 04, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 8, 2014
Adequate notice of this meeting held the 8
 day of January has been provided through resolution adopted by this Board at its Stated Annual Meeting held at the Administration and Records Building on January 4, !"4 through electronic mailing of said resolution to the Star #edger, the $aily Record and the Record, through posting on the %ounty &ebsite, and by filing a copy of same &ith the Morris %ounty %ler' and the %ler' of this Board(
Ma&$ran'"(% D")u$y D!r"#$%r S#a)!##*!%Fr""*%(+"r CaanaFr""*%(+"r C"&ar%Fr""*%(+"r D"F!((!))%Fr""*%(+"r -r!#.u&Fr""*%(+"r Ly%nSALUTE TO THE FLA/40 )3ROCLAMATIONHuan Tra!#.!n' A5ar"n"&& Day, January 11, 20143a B"nn"$$6San$%r%, A#$ C*a!r)"r&%n, M%rr!& C%un$y A+7!&%ry C%!$$"" %n W%"n3a$r!#!a S(y, E"#u$!7" D!r"#$%r, J"r&"y Ba$$"r"+ W%"n9& S"r7!#" RECO/NITIONH%n%r!n' C*an$! Car$"r6R"n"%r H"r E&$"""+ H%n"&$y !n R"$urn!n' F%un+ M%n"y $% I$& O5n"r3RO/RAM
 ADMINISTRATOR9S RE3ORTCLER-:DE3ARTMENT HEAD RE3ORTSCOUNTY COUNSEL9S RE3ORTRE;IEW RESOLUTIONSFREEHOLDERS9 RE3ORTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< < CORRES3ONDENCE R%a+ O)"n!n' 3"r!$
"4*!" +)e& Jersey )atural as to open School -ouse Road in Randolph .&p( for a gas main installation /road paved 8*"*"0(
CLOSED SESSION I+"n$!y T%)!# 3ERSONNELA33OINTMENTS On" = M"n$a( H"a($* an+ Su&$an#" Au&" A+7!&%ry B%ar+CONTRACT NE/OTIATIONS S)"#!a( 3r%>"#$ Fun+!n'3URCHASE, LEASE OR AC?UISITION OF REAL 3RO3ERTY 3ENDIN/ OR 3r%)%&"+ S"$$(""n$ % a 3"ran"n$ Br!+'" C%n&$ru#$!%n an+ Ma!n$"nan#" Ea&""n$ A#@u!&!$!%n % 3ar$ % Ta B(%#. 40, L%$ , !n $*" T%5n&*!) % R%uryANTICI3ATED LITI/ATIONMATTERS FALLIN/ WITHIN THE ATTORNEY CLIENT 3RI;ILE/E
A++!$!%na( !n%ra$!%n a%u$ any r"&%(u$!%n %r %r+!nan#" $*a$ a))"ar& %n $*" a'"n+a
#an " %$a!n"+ y #a((!n' $*" %!#" % $*" M%rr!& C%un$y C%un&"( a$ 6826800
.he public informal &or' session of the Board of %hosen 2reeholders of the %ounty of Morris &as called to order by $irector Mastrangelo at 43! p(m( on January 8, !"4 in the 5no6 %onference Room, Administration and Records Building, %ourt Street, Morristo&n, )e& Jersey($eputy %ler' of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by la&(
Fr""*%(+"r& In A$$"n+an#"
3$irector Mastrangelo 2reeholder %abana 2reeholder %esaro2reeholder $e2illippo
Fr""*%(+"r& A&"n$
2reeholder Scapicchio
S$a 3r"&"n$
%ounty Administrator Bonanni Assistant Administrator Buchanan%ler' of the Board 5etchum$eputy %ler' of the Board Allard%ounty %ounsel 7MullanAssistant %ounty %ounsel Bush
O$*"r& 3r"&"n$
3.he meeting &as open to the public and press2reeholder 5ric'us2reeholder #yon $irector $iiralomo $irector #eary$irector 9into$irector Roe%:7 .ugman 9ublic :nformation 7fficer arifo$igital ; Social Media Manager Spencer 
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< < 
$irector Mastrangelo &elcomed 2reeholder 5athy $e2illippo to the Board(
Huan Tra!#.!n' 3r%#(aa$!%n
$irector Mastrangelo noted that many  people &ould probably be shoc'ed to learn of the e6tent to &hich this form of human slavery e6ists, not only around the &orld,  but right here in )e& Jersey( :n an effort to call attention to this modern*day slavery, January ""
 is being designated as -uman .raffic'ing A&areness $ay around the &orld( .he 2reeholders &ould li'e to <oin that effort to raise a&areness and issue a  proclamation of our o&n that declares 2riday, January "" as -uman .raffic'ing A&areness $ay here in Morris %ounty( -e  presented the proclamation to Ms( Sly and Ms( Bennett*Santoro( 7ther members of the =omens Advisory %ommittee &ere also  present( Ms( Bennett*Santoro noted that > million people &orld&ide are enslaved( #a& enforcement agencies are preparing to address this issue during the Super Bo&l( .he a&areness day allo&s for &idespread  publicity of this crime and hope to bring this horrible problem to an end(Ms( Sly mentioned that they 'no& first*hand about this problem at the Jersey Battered =omens Shelter(
R"#%'n!$!%n % C*an$! Car$"r6R"n"
$irector Mastrangelo presented a  proclamation to Ms( %arter*Rene in recognition of her honesty &hen she found a si?eable amount of cash on the side&al' in Morristo&n and made sure that it &as returned to the person &ho lost it( Judge =eisenbec' noted that the Judiciary  presented her &ith a @ood Samaritan A&ard( =e have an outstanding e6ample among us( -e is proud and than'ed her as &ell(
Mr( Bonanni reported that 2reeholder Scapicchio &as voted in as %hair of this years :nsurance 2und %ommission at the January  meeting( =e are continuing to meet &ith both the assignment <udge and the sheriffs staff regarding courthouse security enhancements ta'ing place during !"4( .here &ill be a  presentation to the Board in the near future( .he Cocational Schools D6emplary Recognition Service scheduled for January  has been rescheduled to January "! at "! a(m( Mr( Bonanni &ould li'e to than' all of the staff &ho &or'ed during the recent sno& storms as &ell as %hristmas Dve sanding and salting the road&ays( -e noted that the %ounty has enough salt for its o&n operations, but &e cannot loan out to other entities until our bac'order is received(
.he ne6t :mprovement Authority meeting is scheduled for =ednesday, January "E at  p(m(.he %ounty is continuing this year &ith the volunteer furlough program for its employees, &hich is Resolution )o( ! on the list( #ast year E4 employees too' advantage of the program( .he 2reeholder Board and the State need to approve this( .he 2acilities Revie& %ommittee meeting &ill ta'e place ne6t =ednesday at  p(m(Assistant Administrators ReportMs( Buchanan reported that the sound system in the 9ublic Meeting Room has  been re*programmed to allo& for those spea'ing to control their o&n microphones &ith onFoff s&itches( .here are &ireless mi'es available as &ell(
-is department has revie&ed thirty*three resolutions for this evenings meeting(Mr( 7Mullan reported that special counsel Anthony Garillo has been &or'ing for about a year on the B9H rate hearings in regard to J%9 ; #( -e has been very thorough and scrupulous &ith the monetary limitations put on him by the Board( :t &ould be a good idea to as' him to attend the ne6t meeting to  bring the Board up to date( .he Board concurred(
Regarding the %ounty procedure for R29s and bidsI he told the Board that he &ould li'e to continue supporting %ounty %ounsel to guide the Board through this process( 2reeholder %esaro responded that he &ould still li'e to temporarily form an ad hoc committee to revie& the process( 2reeholder $e2illippo suggested that any 2reeholder &ho has a special professional e6perience or interest through hisFher career of a pro<ect, could al&ays give input to that  particular bid or R29( A stra& poll of the Board decided not to establish a committee, but continue &ith %ounty %ounsels 'no&ledge of the contract la& and if any of the 2reeholders &ants to get involved in that area, heFshe may do so( 2reeholder %esaro &ill &or' &ith %ounty %ounsel in this area(
.here &as nothing to report at this point(
-e as'ed the Board to support the proposed Assembly Bill A*4E &hich eliminates accumulated sic' pay upon retirement( .he Board &as polled and all agreed to place a resolution of support onto this evenings agenda(
 )e6t =ednesday is the !"4 budget meeting &ith the mayors( A press release has gone out( .hey are continuing to ma'e progress on the !"4 budget(
 )J.9A + she &ill attend this Mondays meeting in )e&ar'( .he %ounty has been notified by the )J.9A that the %ounty Bridge on 7pena'i Road over $en Broo' in $enville has been accepted to the local capital pro<ect delivery programs local  preliminary engineering phase( :t &as decided the study should be advanced to the ne6t phase because the bridge is structurally deficient, functionally obsolete and in need of replacement( .he %ounty &ill draft a scope of &or' entailed for the #9D and submit it( 7nce the scope of &or' is approved by the )J.9A and )J$7. the %ounty may proceed &ith retaining a consulting firm( 2reeholder %abana recommended that $enville officials be notified about the 7pena'i Bridge pro<ect to ma'e sure they are accepting &hat the %ounty has proposed to be done(She revie&ed some of the meetings she &ill attend &ithin the ne6t month( She &ill ta'e a tour of Morris Cie&(
2reeholder %esaro reported that3
.he 9reservation .rust 2und Analysis and Strategy Report is under&ay( Kuestionnaires have been sent to 48 municipalities and non*profits, &hich &ill be follo&ed up &ith in*person intervie&s that began this &ee'( :n municipalities &here the mayors have chosen not to attend the meetings, staff has follo&ed up personally to ensure that they are a&are of the underta'ing and than'ed them for their municipalitys anticipated participation(
.he annual -istoric 9reservation .rust 2und Application =or'shop is scheduled for =ednesday, January 
 at >3!! pm at the %ultural %enter(
D6pressions of :nterest for the Ann Street 9ar'ing arage &ere due bac' on .uesday( )o responses &ere received( .he proposals for the professional

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