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Identifying envi practices of the remontados

Identifying envi practices of the remontados

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Published by patlabitoria
research paper for envi research methods
research paper for envi research methods

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Published by: patlabitoria on Oct 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Sierra Madre mountain range is a chain of mountains that stretches from theeast coast of Cagayan up to Rizal and Quezon, Province. Its rainforest, which iscovered by dipterocarp trees are home to a wide array of fauna and flora, some to befound only in the Philippines. For thousands of years, the mountain range has alsoserved as a home to many Indigenous People. Because of the ecological importanceand the enormous benefits that we can obtain from this mountain range like protectionfrom storms and soil erosion, conservation sites have been established to preserve andprotect it.The Southern Sierra Madre Wildlife Center (SSMWC), managed by MiriamP.E.A.C.E is one example. It is a 180-hectare piece of land in Laiban, Tanay Rizallocated within the Kaliwa Watershed, a protected area and one of the fourteen-biodiversity hotspots included in Sierra Madre Biodiversity Corridor (SMBC). SSWMCneeds to be conserved and protected according to Miriam P.E.A.C.E because it iswhere many endemic and threatened species reside. Aside from the plants andanimals, the area is equally important because it is where indigenous groups like theDumagats and the Remontados live.The Remontados are the subject of this research. They are chosen becauseother researchers study this tribe very seldom. Apart from that, there are few documentsconcerning this tribe and their environmental protection practices and beliefs comparedto other groups. The Remontados are also easier to observe and study than other IPsbecause their place is not too remote and they are the ones living closest to SSMWC.Like any other indigenous groups, the Remontados of Sierra Madre have deeprespect towards nature from where they get their basic needs. Due to living so closelywith the environment, the researcher assumed that they have developed knowledgeand practices that can contribute to the preservation and further protection of theSSMWC. Determining what these beliefs and practices would be one objectives of thestudy.
The research would require the use of secondary data pertaining to theRemontados of Laiban, Tanay Rizal. In identifying the different environmental practicesand beliefs of the Remontados, data would be obtained through a survey and/ointerview. SSMWC project key persons shall be interviewed to know how the practicesof the Remontados contributed to their project. Components of the project shall also beenumerated and using analysis, determine which environmental practice identified is themost helpful in achieving the objectives of SSMWC and how would it possiblycontribute.
Statement of Research Problem
This study aims to find out the different practices and beliefs of the Remontadostribe regarding their environment.Specifically, this sought to answer the following problems:
What are the environmental knowledge of the Remontados? i.e:a.Beliefsb.Practicesc.Knowledge about local fauna and flora
How did their environmental knowledge contributed/contributing to MiriamP.E.A.C.E in its preservation of SSMWC?
Remontados- their environmental practices and beliefs contributed significantly tothe preservation and protection of the SSWMC.
Significance of the study
The results obtained from the study can help further researches about thedifferent indigenous environmental practices and beliefs of IPs in the Philippines,
specifically the Remontados. Also, since IP’s practices are always geared towardsprotecting the nature, the identified practices can be published and be a source of information on how to minimize one’s impact to the environment.If the hypothesis is proven, that the Remontadospractices and beliefscontributed significantly in protecting SSMWC, the result could be used by researcherswho want to prove that indigenous knowledge are important and should be preservedso that it could be used in functions like managing protected areas.Apart from those above, the study is of great importance because it willdocument a part of the culture of an indigenous tribe. At this time where many of theunique culture and behaviors of many indigenous tribes are being changed and/or completely erased, the need for documentation increases so that they cannot beforgotten.Scholars also argue that ethnic cultures mirror the Filipinos and Philippines of thepast before Western influences seeped through our culture. So, studying theRemontados can give people a glimpse of the old Filipinos- their practices and beliefs.
Scope and Limitations
The research will be conducted only in Laiban Proper, Brgy. Laiban Tanay Rizalsince it is the most accessible of all communities in Brgy. Laiban.Only selected numbers of adult Remontados will be asked to answer thequestionnaire and/or be interviewed because they are the ones who have been doingthe practices for a long time. Selection of respondents will be made randomly as it is themost applicable in communities that have homogenous population.

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