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Energy Balance Report

Energy Balance Report

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Published by Dancebp4

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Published by: Dancebp4 on Oct 14, 2009
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Rebecca Hodges
ENERGY BALANCE QUESTIONS [Hint: make sure you answer in complete sentences. Do not use“yes” and “no” answers.]
Evaluation of energy (kcalorie) needs:
My 3-day Average Energy Intake from the analysis program was:___1865.61____kcal (AEI)My Energy Expenditure Estimate from the analysis program was:___2188______kcal (EEE)
Calculate your estimated caloric needs and complete the table
(show your work)
MethodEquationEstimatedEnergy Needs(EEN)Compare toyour EnergyIntake(EEN-AEI)Compare to your EnergyExpenditure(EEN-EEE)
EstimatedEnergyRequirement(EER)Equation354-(6.91x19)+[1.12x(9.36x51.36kg)+(726x1.6)]354-131.29+[1.12x(480.7)+(116.16)]222.71+[654.5] =19221922-1865.61 =-56.391922- 2188 =-266BasalMetabolismx (ActivityFactor)(.9kcal/kg/h x 51.36 kg x 24h) x 1.12 = 1242.501242.50 – 1865.61 =-623.111242.50- 2188=-945.5DRI24032403-1865.61 =537.392403 – 2188 =215. b.Which of the methods to estimate your energy intake was closest to your energyexpenditure? Do you think that the methods to estimate energy intake and expenditure areaccurate for you? Explain.DRI was closest to my energy expediter. No, I do not think the methods of estimating energyexpenditure are accurate for me because 1) I am need more than 1242.5kcal to function well and 2) because the estimates were hundreds of calories away from a normal day's intake and expenditure.
Provided that the forms you entered were accurate and typical and if your EEE wasdifferent from your AEI, discuss what effects your intake and expenditure will have on your  body weight over time (be specific, how much would you gain/lose over time)?I have an energy intake deficit of 322.29kcal; and according to the formula in the notes:322.29kcal x 7 days/week= 2256.03kcal = 0.64 ld/ week 
So, I would loose 0.64 ld each week I continued that eating pattern.
Has your weight been stable over the past 6 months? If not, have you been trying to gainor lose weight?My weight has been moderately stable with a loss of about one pound. I have not been trying to looseweight.
Do you think you need to make any changes in your energy intake or expenditure? If so,how could you change your diet to better match your energy intake to your needs? If not, justify why you do not need to make any changes.I would benefit from eating one more peace of fruit a day. I would get extra vitamins plus the extracalories, simple sugars and complex carbohydrates.
Evaluation of macronutrient distribution:A. Complete the following table about Macronutrients:MacronutrientAcceptable Macronutrient DistributionRange (Percentage Range)Your Macronutrient PercentagesFat 20-35%36%Protein10-35%18%Carbohydrate45-65%46%
Do you need to make any changes in your macronutrient percentages? If so, what foodswould you add to your diet and/or what foods would you limit in your diet? If not, justify.[Hint: discuss foods to change macronutrient distribution, not calories, not vitamins or minerals.]I could make some positive adjustments to my macronutrient intake. I might reduce my overall fatintake because it is slightly over the recommended percentage. I might also substitute carbohydrates for those fats because my carbohydrate percentage is in the low end of the range.
Evaluation of fat intake:A. Complete the following table about fat and cholesterol intake:Recommended Your IntakeMajor sources in your dietSaturated Fat<10 % kcal16 % kcalcheddar cheese, shrimp with butter Monounsaturated Fat<20 % kcal10 % kcalOat and honey raisin cereal, trailmix, blue cheesePolyunsaturated Fat<10 % kcal4 % kcalshrimp with butter, eggs, licecheese dressing
Cholesterol<300 mg324.56 mgmilk, eggs, cheddar and jaccheese, steak B.How might the amount and type of fats that you currently consume affect your health ovethe long-term?I seem to be consuming too much saturated fat. It could cause weight gain, cardiovascular problems,raise my LDL, and lower my HDL. Also, my cholesterol intake is too high. This may lead tocardiovascular problems like heart attack. High cholesterol also increases blood pressure and could potentially lead to hypertension.C.Do you think you need to make any changes regarding your fat intake? If so, what specific positive changes could you make in relation to your fat intake? If not, justify.I should lower my saturated fat intake. I should also watch foods that have a lot of cholesterol. I canmonitor more closely the portion sizes of foods I know are fatty. I can look on the labels of the food thatI buy for fat content. I can replace fatty and high cholesterol snacks like chocolate or eggs with fruit as ageneral change. I can also buy a cereal that is lower in fat. I can cut down on my intake of cheese or buylow fat cheeses.
Evaluation of carbohydrate intake:
Look at your food record. Do you think that you consume more simple sugars or complex carbohydrates?I consume more complex carbohydrates through bread, cereals and vegetables. My three daycarbohydrate average is 217.96 per day, while my three day sugar average is 75.31.
What is the RDA for carbohydrates?130g/day
What is the guideline for intake of added/simple sugars (specifically, what is themaximum recommended percentage range of total daily calories that should come fromadded/simple sugars)?5-10%
What are the major sources of added/simple sugars in your diet (excluding fresh, frozen,and no-sugar added fruits)?My simple sugars come from bananas, Oat, Honey and Raisin Cereal, low fat yogurt, baby carrots, skimmilk, and apple sauce.

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