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How to Wipe Free Disk Space in Linux

How to Wipe Free Disk Space in Linux

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Published by: 数码团购指南Twitter@YXCLBOOK on Mar 05, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ow to Wipe Free Disk Space in Linux
The following tutorial will teach all Linux users how to securely wipe the free space of a hard disk drive (HDD) solid disk drive (SSD) or !S" flash drive #aking it i#possi$le for anyone to recover deleted files% &n case you didn't know when you delete a file fro# your syste# even fro# Trash it will disappear and can't $e found anywhere on the filesyste#% However that file is not actually gone it resides in the free space of your disk drive and can still $e recovered with data recovery applications%For this tutorial we will provide two #ethods% The first one uses an application called Wipe Free Space created $y olish developer "ogdan Drodowski% &n the second #ethod we will use the well known "leach"it software%While "leach"it is a graphical application the Wipe Free Space is a co##and*line software% However the developer also created an easy*to*use graphical user interface (+!&) allowing novice users to e#ploy it in order to securely wipe the free space of their disk drives%,ditor-s note. "efore we proceed it is i#portant to know that the applications will wipe the free space in unused clusters and $locks in partially used $locks a%k%a% /slack space0 as well as the na#es of deleted files and any other data that can $e used to undelete the respective files% 1ethod 2 * Wipe Free Space 3 Wipe Free Space +!&The Wipe Free Space co##and*line application can $e easily installed fro# th

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