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VPD Profiles

VPD Profiles

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Published by indusbreed
VPD Profiles
VPD Profiles

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: indusbreed on Mar 05, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VPD Profiles
This page is accessed via Configuration and Administration > VPD Profile.The VPD Manager enables administrators to use the Oracle Virtual Private Database (VPD feature to vie!" modif#" and create VPD Profiles. Onl# users !ith ADM$% user level privileges can access the VPD Manager.VPD !or&s b# adding a ')*) clause to ever# table in a +,- statement. VPD does not provide functional securit# rather" it controls user access to data. /or functional securit#" use the /unction 0roups option and Menu Manager .A VPD profile is a set of virtual private database rules. Virtual private databases provide fine1tuned access control to users" across or !ithin domains.A number of preset VPD profiles can be selected and ne! profiles can be created for customi2ed access control. %ote3 Onl# users !ith ADM$% user level privileges can access the VPD Manager. $n addition" creating or editing VPD profiles re4uires a !or&ing &no!ledge of Oracle databases. /or assistance" contact Technical +upport. %ote3 To e5clude a 4uer# from being cached for 6$ drop1do!n lists" add the glog propert# glog.droplistcache.e5clude and the value of the full 7ava class name that runs the 4uer#. /or e5ample" to e5clude +hipment *efnum ,ualifiers from the cache" set the propert# to3 glog.droplistcache.e5clude8glog.server.4uer#.po!erdata.+hipment*efnum,ual,uer#+elect ProfileTo use an e5isting VPD profile" select it from the drop1do!n list. The preset VPD profiles are3
DATA)%T*9 1 -imits a user to onl# updating those records !hich the user created. This" in effect" creates a personali2ed database for a user limited to the records the# have created.
D:A 1 Provides full access to Oracle Transportation Management schema tables.
D)/A6-T 1 Provides access to the entire domain" public data" and an# other data to !hich the# have been granted access.
D$+P-A9;$DD)%;+$PM)%T;)V)%T+ 1 Displa#s a flag on the Add +hipment )vent page that lets #ou hide<sho! specific events.  %ote3 Do %OT use this profile. $nstead" go to the 6ser Preferences  page (Configuration and Administration > Preferences > 6ser Preferences and select it there.
/T$;D)/A6-T 3 OTM users that !ill access /T$ should have this profile rather than D)/A6-T. Do not use the default profile to access /T$. /T$ service providers should use the profile +)*VP*OV.
$%VO-V)D;PA*T9;DOMA$%;V$+ 1 -imits access to onl# those order bases in a domain in !hich the user is an involved part#.=
$%VO-V)D;PA*T9;6+)*;V$+ 1 -imits access to onl# those order bases" order releases and shipments in !hich the user is an involved part#.=
+)*VP*OV 1 -imits access to onl# those shipments in !hich the user is associated !ith the service  provider.

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