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thinking /at-tafkeer

thinking /at-tafkeer

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Published by latif19247320
¨this book is about the human abelitiy of thinking and what is the definition of the mind and its impact on human and the way he or she think and how way of life become to life.
¨this book is about the human abelitiy of thinking and what is the definition of the mind and its impact on human and the way he or she think and how way of life become to life.

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Published by: latif19247320 on Oct 15, 2009
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Islam is a unique ideology based upon a uniqueAqeedah which serves as the foundation for aunique system of rules. The distinct nature of Islamwould lead someone to ask whether or not Islamcame to also shape the thinking process, which is aprocess common to all human beings.No doubt, thinking as a function of the humanbeing is the same for all people. In this process, anindividual transmits his or her sensation of thereality to the brain through the senses, and thenconnects this sensation to previous informationabout the reality to produce a thought. Thus, areality must exist, which a person senses eitherdirectly or indirectly, and this reality is transmittedto the brain through one of the senses.However, thought does not result from thesensation alone but results only by linking thissensation with any previous information that thehuman being possesses which pertains to thereality at hand. Thinking does not only consist of the reflection of the reality onto the brain as theMarxists claim. The Marxists claimed such an ideafor no other reason than to prove that matterprecedes the
, that the reality is the source of the culture, civilization, social order, andawareness, and that all evolved through theevolution of matter. Such a claim is false becausethe reality and the brain are not sufficient toproduce thought. Although these two elements
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produce sensation, the sensation differs fromthought because sensation exists among humansas well as animals. However, the human being isdistinct in the process of connecting the sensationwith previous information to produce a newthought.Thinking in this method is universal, like theprocesses of eating and walking. However, becausehuman beings adopt different
(belief), andthe adoption of any Aqeedah builds a personintellectually in a specific format, then the Aqeedahserves as the intellectual framework that definesthe outlook towards life as well as the referenceand foundation upon which the person builds allother thoughts. Thus, the Aqeedah by its naturemandates a distinct way of thinking. And adoptingthe Islamic Aqeedah in a correct intellectualmanner (based upon sound intellectual thinkingand not based on imitation of ancestors, blind faith,instinctive emotions, or benefit) will undoubtedlychange the individual into an intellectual ideologicalperson who thinks in a distinct method with adistinct style and inclination. And this distinctthinking will manifest in a distinct pattern of behaviour.Top
The Islamic Method of Acquiring Knowledge
The method by which the Muslim acquiresknowledge and thought is critical in determiningthe impact of the Islamic thoughts upon theindividual. If the method of acquiring knowledgewas correct and based upon research, profoundthinking, and analysis (as Allah (swt) ordered) thenit will produce effective results, and such a personwill turn into an ideological person who thinks in adistinct manner. Allah (swt) orders the human
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