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lesson plan in African Literature

lesson plan in African Literature

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Published by Jen
a brief lesson plan about African values.
a brief lesson plan about African values.

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Published by: Jen on Oct 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Plan in Afro-Asian LiteratureI.ObjectivesAt the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:A. Gain insights about African life through their short story;B. Relate one's experiences to the short storyII.MotivationThe teacher will ask the students the following questions:Do you consider yourself as an honest person?If yo know a friend has done something dishonest, would you tell the truth to the people?III. PresentationShort story: As the Night, The Day by Abioseh Nicol and Sierra Leone.The reading activity will be done through “Predictions”. The teacher will group thestudents and will be given strips of paragraphs from the story. When they reach the end of the paragraph, the teacher will ask some questions to the students to predict what will happen next in thestory.Reading 1Question: What do you think happen on the the thermometer that Bandele is using?Reading 2Question: Why do you think Bandele said to Kojo to “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”Reading 3Question: Why do you think Mr. Abu asked all of the students to come back?Reading 4Question: Do you think Bandele will speak the truth this time?Reading 5Question: Why did Kojo got to school early?IV. ValuingWrite a letter to someone whose honesty has impressed you.
As the Night, The DayKojo and Bandele were walking towards the laboratory with their science manuals in their hands. They looked around the laboratory for Mr. Abu, the lab attendant but he was not around. Basu,another student, was looking out the window. The two African boys proceeded to perform their experiment.“They say it is hotter inside the flame than on its surface,” Kojo said. “I wonder how theyknew.”I think you mean the opposite,” Bandele answered. “Let's try it,” he continued.“How?”“Let's take the temperature inside.”“All right, her's a thermometer. You do it.”“I'll take the temperature of the outer flame first, then you take the yellow one!”Then Bandele held the thermometer gently forward to the flame and Kojo craned to see. Thethin thread of quicksilver shot upward within the stem of the instrument and there was a slight crack.The stem had been broken.“Oh my God!” Whispered Kojo.Shut up!” Bandele said in a low voice. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” he whisperedto Kojo. Then picking up the broken halves of the thermometer, he tiptoed to the waste bin and droppedthem in.The rest of the class started pouring in. Basu, who ad been standing at the end of the roomlimped to join the class in performing a physics experiment. After experiment, the class dispersed andstarted walking across the hot grass.“Come back, all of you, come back!” Mr. Abu's stentorian voice rang out, across them.Vernier, the physics teacher, held up, I am afraid I shall have to detain you for an hour after school as punishment,” Vernier said.Some boys raised their hands to say they were to play in a soccer match.“I don't care,” Vernier said, as he left to feth his things from the main building.Kojo got up, feeling he must speak the truth, but Bandele spoke ahead.“Basu was here first before any of the class,” he said firmly.“I did not break the thermometer, sir,” he replied.
“Well, if you did not, someone did. We shall continue with the detention,” Vernier announced.Then the boys turned to Basu. They threw books at him. Books, corks, boxes of matches rainedon Basu. He bent his head and shielded his face with his bent arm.“I did not do it, I swear I did not do it. Stop it you fellows,” he moaned over and over again. Asmall cut had appeared on his temple and he was bleeding.Kojo groped for something bulky enough to throw at Basu and picked up the Bible.“Stop it,” Vernier shouted through the open doorway. “Stop it, you hooligans, you beasts.”They all became quiet and shamefacedly put down what they were going to throw. Basu wascrying quietly, his thin body shaking.“Go home , all of you, go home. I am ashamed of you.” His black face shone with anger. “Youare an utter disgrace of your nation and to your race.”They crept away, quietly, uneasily, avoiding each other's eyes.Vernier started dressing Basus's wounds, put Basu's bandaged head against his waist coat anddried the boy's tears with his handkerchief, gently patting his shaking shoulders.“It wouldn't have been so bad if I had done it, sir,” he mumbled, “but I did not do it. I swear toGod I did not.”“Hush, hush. As you grow older.” Vernier advised, “you will learn that men are punished notalways for what they do, but often for what people think they will do, or for what they are. Remember that and you will find it easier to forgive them. To thine own self be true!” Vernier held up his fist in amock dramatic gesture, quoting from the Shakespeare examination, declaiming to the dripping taps andempty benches and still afternoon, to make Basu laugh.Basu dried his eyes and smiled warmly and replied: “And it shall follow as the night, the day.”Hamlet, Act One, Scene Three, Polonius to Laertes.”There's a good chap. First class, Grade One. I shall give you a lift home.”Kojo and Bandele walked down the road together.“The fuss they made over a silly old thermometer,” Bandele began. Basu did not do it, of course,” Bandele said.The next day, Kojo got to school early. He told Bandele he was going to confess.He sought Abu.“I broke the thermometer yesterday,” Kojo said in a businesslike manner.“Well, I never!” Abu said. “What do you think you will gain by this? Basu broke it. He came to

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